15 Best E-Bikes currently on the Market Reviewed (2021)

15 Top E Bike Picks Reviewed 2018

It goes without saying that an e-bike is fast becoming a popular mode of transportation. There are even reports in 2016 which documents the sales of this type of bike enormously escalating. If you are one of those not yet familiar with electric bikes, it is a typical bike powered by a battery to help in pedaling.

In particular, the e-bike is also known as “pedelecs”. You simply ride on the bike, propel with the pedal and a compact motor operates to give your ride a boost. With this remarkable bike, cruising on hills or rough terrains is easy even if you are loaded with a backpack. To emphasize, it is the same as basically riding your regular bike that you can regulate your own speed, however, with e-bikes it has a battery that provides you with power and speed.

How Much are Electric Bikes?

For that exact reason, it doesn’t come as a surprise then that the value of an electric bike is steeper than your common motorless beach cruiser or folding bikes. On the other hand, if you are a car owner, owning an e-bike will allow you to save on gas and the frequent wear and tear of tires.

Although the cost will depend on your location, however, expect to shell out approximately $600 for a regular decent e-bike. Then again, if you are aiming for superior quality prices range from $1500 and can go up to $5000.

Best E-bike Reviews

To guide you in your search for an electric bike, here is our compilation of the 10 top e-bike picks. From an electric bike tailored for your daily commute, off-road e-bike, or even an electric mountain bike, we are supplying you with the best bikes available now in the market.

1. Spark Electric Bike

Electric Bike
Spark Electric Bike – Price: $625.99 – Get it via Amazon

If you are contemplating on purchasing an e-bike for your daily commute to work, the Spark Electric Bike is one of your optimal selection. Showcasing a 360-degree lighting system that can supply you with broad lighting, this handy feature is best when you are caught working late at work or if you just feel like doing a little night cycling.

2. Rattan Off-Road Electric Dirtbike

[amazon fields=”B08JCF1YFP” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Electric Dirt Bike” image_align=”center”]

Next on our list is the Rattan Off-Road Electric Bicycle which is the best companion for rough terrains. With a powerful 750W motor and the long lasting 13Ah Li-ion battery, LM/LF makes sure you will have plenty of fun riding it everyday. Its I-PAS Technology helps the motor to be more efficient and saving. You will not find a better deal on a high-performance low-cost ebike anywhere than this.

3. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Electric Mountain Bike
Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike – Price: $615.99 – Get it via Amazon

In the meantime, if you are on the hunt for an electric bike you can rely on for your daily transportation and the occasional trail biking then this e mountain bike is what you are searching for. You can ride it to work with the pedal-assist or opt to do some trail biking for your workout.

4. Cyclamatic Power Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Mountain Bike Reviewed
Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike – Price: $649.99 – Get it via Amazon

Otherwise, if you are a serious rider searching for a decent priced electric mountain bike but with exceptional performance, then what you are looking for is the Cyclamatic Power Plus e-bike. If you are the type who loves the challenge of riding inclines even with the incessant downpour, this bike for sure can keep you company with its fully sealed battery. Furthermore, it has 21-speed Shimano gear for a steady ride and is compatible for individuals 5′ 4″ up.

5. 6-speed Electronic Sporting Bike

Electric Bike Review
Nakto 6-speed Electronic Sporting Bike – Price: $599.99 – Get it via Amazon

In case you are in need of a compact bike that you can readily fold and ride then you need to see the Nakto 6-speed Electronic Sporting Bike. When using this bike, you have the option to ride it with no pedal assist or with limited pedal electric support to reinforce your efforts. Moreover, it includes a saddle height adjustment feature which allows users to look for that certain level they can comfortably ride.

6. Nakto Adult Electric Bicycles

[amazon fields=”B07JC95B6K” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”adult electric trike” image_align=”center”]

Notably, the Adult Electric Trike suits women and senior citizens. You can simply run errands, walk your dog at the park, or just go out for your regular exercise. As shown above, it has baskets that can conveniently carry your goods or belongings.

7. Schwinn Sycamore Mountain Electric Bike

electric mountain bike
Schwinn Sycamore Mountain Electric Bike – Price: $2049 – Get it via Amazon

The Schwinn brand has been producing bicycles for over a decade. It’s no wonder then that the manufacturer came up with an all-around electric bike. You can ride this particular bike around your town, trails, or purely a bike path. It showcases a handlebar-mounted display that informs you details such as battery life, assistance level, and MPH. Similarly, you have an option of five levels of assistance to choose from which you can regulate with a thumb controller located at the handlebar.

8. Onway All-Terrain Electric Bike

Best Electric E Bycicle
Onway All-Terrain Electric Bike – Price: $1799 – Get it via Amazon

This Onway All- Terrain e-bike is already 90% assembled upon delivery. At the same time, it boasts of a 6061 aluminum alloy frame and a charging period of 4 to 6 hours. You can ride this bike for your regular commute, short trips, and yes you can even use it during winter months.

9. Tomasar Power Electric Bike

Electric Bike Amazon
Tomasar Power Electric Bike – Price: $679.99 – Get it via Amazon

A bike with two modes, the Tomasar Electric bike includes an electric and assisted mode. The electric model will help you save energy while the assisted mode allows you to last on longer trips. Although constructed of durable aluminum, this folding e-bike can be easily stored.

10. Bamboo Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycle For Sale
Bamboo Electric Bicycle – Price: $4579.51 – Get it via Etsy

Ride comfortably with the Bamboo Electric Bicycle. This model is safe to use on public roads since it is legally compliant. Likewise, you will also have a pleasant cruise going around the city with its relaxed ergonomic position.

11. Nakto Electric Bicycle

Ebike Amazon
Nakto Electric Sporting Bicycle – Get it via Amazon

Brakes are a significant component of any bike. Thus, the Nakto Electric Bicycle makes sure it provides you with an excellent brake and gear shift system. Your safety is secure with its front and rear brake, plus its 6-speed Shimano Transmission System. Do you normally ride at night? Nakto resolves this issue by including a bright LED headlamp compatible for night riding.

12. Folding Electronic Bike

lightweight electronic bike
Secutronic Chopper Electronic Bike – Get it via Amazon

Most electric bikes look the same, however, if you are searching for something laid-back and unique then consider the folding e-bike. It is a model-fitting for both men and women riders and provides a sturdy aluminum alloy frame.

13. Electronic Mountain Fat Bike

[amazon fields=”B08MPZB2SP” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”fat tire electric bike” image_align=”center”]

Riders who weigh less than 260 pounds will absolutely have an amazing experience with this electric mountain bike from Ecotric. Its frame provides powerful power to a bicycle, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 26 MPH. Just choose from its two available modes: Walk assist and Pedal assist and you are definitely on your way.

14. High-Speed Electric Bicycle

Giant E Bikes 2018
Nakto Fat Tire High-Speed Electric Bicycle – Get it via Amazon

In detail, this high-speed electric bicycle from Nakto incorporates 3 riding modes. The first one is the purely electric mode wherein the throttle is activated. Next, is the power-assisted mode where it uses a new high-end assist system to support your ride. And lastly is the bicycle mode, wherein you’re still pedaling but with less effort. Obviously, with its fat tires, you can be sure your ride will be smooth and stable.

15. Merax Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Mountain Bike 2018
Merax Aluminum Electric Mountain Bike – Get it via Amazon

All in all the Merax Aluminum Electric Bike is your dependable ride either you use it for city travel or rough bumpy trips. It features a Shimano 7-speed gear and quality line disc brakes for your secured riding experience.

Converting your Bike to an E-bike

For the most part, if you have a mechanical bike in good working condition but considering converting to an electric bike, the good news is you don’t need to purchase a completely new e-bike.

The market currently offers a variety of electric bike conversion kits such as a front, rear-wheel kit, or a conversion kit with a battery. See to it though that you research first the type of kit that is compatible with your bike or you’ll end up wasting your top dollar on a product you cannot use.

4 Must-Have E-Bike Conversion Kit

Below our favorite kits to turn your regular bike into an e-bike yourself DIY at home. We’d love to hear from you how’d it go with converting your bike to an e-bike in the comments below!

Rear Wheel Electric Bike Conversion Kit

When it comes to the Rear Wheel e-bike kit, the AW Conversion package is definitely worth looking into. It provides you with a 48V and 1000W motor, plus it allows for a max speed of 48 km/hr. Can you see yourself taking trips or running errands with that fast? On a side note though, it doesn’t include the battery and charger. For that, you will have to purchase it separately.

E Bike Kit
AW Rear Wheel E-bike Conversion Kit – Price: $249.95 – Get it via Amazon

Bafang 8fun Mid Drive Electric Motor Kit with Battery

Meanwhile, if you are not in favor of the Rear Wheel Kit, another option for you is the Mid Drive Electric Motor Kit. Compared to the Rear Wheel, the  Mid Drive Kit means you will be placing the motor in the midsection of your bike. The materials are also lightweight and waterproof. It will reduce the added load to your bicycle and the waterproof feature permits you to ride in any weather condition. While this alternative is highly recommended, however, the price is on the expensive side.

E Bike Kit With Battery
Bafang 8fun Mid Drhttps://amzn.to/2OutSm1ive Electric Motor Kit – Price: $847 – Get it via Amazon

Pinty E-bike Conversion Kit

The Pinty Conversion Kit includes a straightforward instruction that will enable you to assemble your bike in roughly an hour. In choosing this conversion kit, the ideal batteries to purchase are Lithium, Lead Acid, or NiMH. Additionally, it has a motor rotation of 470 RPM which gives you the speed advantage of 30MPH. Though it received great reviews, one of its setbacks is that you have to separately purchase the battery and disc brake.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Pinty E-bike Conversion Kit – Price: $179.99 – Get it via Amazon

Megabrand Front Wheel E-bike Conversion Kit

Last on our list is the Front Wheel Conversion Kit. It delivers a brushless 48V 1000W motor permitting you to enjoy a top speed of 45 – 48 Km/h. The kit includes a motor controller, motorized wheel, speed throttle, and a power brake lever. Unfortunately, though the reviews are good, the instruction that comes with it is on the technical side and may be difficult for some to understand.

Electric Bike Kit
Megabrand Front Wheel E-bike Conversion Kit – Price: $259.08 – Get it via Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Bikes

Do you need a license for riding an Electric Bike?

This will depend on your state or location and the type of electric bike you purchased. As an example, in California, its law doesn’t require a license for class 1, 2, or 3 users. It is best then to check your state electric bicycle laws to be able to comply with the rules and regulations. With regards to the different types of electric bikes, here are the following classifications:
Class 1 – These are the low-speed pedal-assisted e-bikes.  It is likewise a bike that gives assistance when the user is pedaling. Pedal assistance ceases upon reaching 20 miles per hour.
Class 2 – Categorized as throttle-assisted e-bikes. These bikes have a motor that only propels it. Like the class 1 bikes, it stops assistance when reaching 20 miles per hour.
Class 3 – These types of bikes are speed pedal-assisted. It also offers motor assistance when the user is pedaling, however, it only stops upon reaching 28 miles per hour.

How fast does an E-bike go?

In general, electric bike motors can ordinarily have a maximum of 500W and support up to 20 miles per hour. For pedelecs, as mentioned earlier, there are motors that can assist up to 45 km/h.

How do E-bikes work?

Given the above points, keep in mind that the four main components of an electric bike are the robust frame and spokes, batteries, motor, and brakes. While it has an electric motor, it doesn’t necessarily substitute human power but just reinforces it. As a result, challenging slopes, hills, or terrain are tolerable to ride and you can travel without exhausting yourself too much.

Presently, the electric bike industry is continuously growing. Having said that, state legislatures will most likely persist with defining a standard e-bike law. Nonetheless, keep in mind to study the different features an electric bike has to offer before making your purchase. In case you’re leaning toward the electric bike conversion kit, remember to assess the right kit suitable for your bike.

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