8 Best Value Full Suspension Mountain Bikes and Their Benefits (2021)

best full suspension mountain bikes for cheap

If you’re looking to step up your game on trails and improve your mountain bike riding, full suspension mountain bikes are a good way to go.

Below we’ve gathered information on the best value full suspension mountain bikes that are on the market today, and given in-depth reviews to help you make a decision which is best for you.

Mountain bikes are different from, say, BMX’s in that they are built for hardcore trails and uneven terrain. They’re also one of the quickest ways to summit a mountain that has good trails for bikes!

They’re ideal if you want to throw it on a bike rack, and go camping and riding for a weekend in national parks.

We’ve included some cheap full suspension bikes for those on a budget, as well as some more technical bikes for those who want to splash out.

Full Suspension Mountain Bike Product Reviews

So let’s dive right in. Below are our picks for the top 8 full suspension mountain bikes currently on the market.

Please have a read, and let us know what you think!

1. Gravity Bicycles Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

[amazon fields=”B08DVCJCW3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”gravity full suspension” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B08DVCJCW3″ value=”button”]

FrameHydroformed Aluminum
Wheels26-Inch Double Wall Alloy
Weight42 lbs
BrakesTektro Novela Disc

Gravity have done a great job with their new-ish full suspension mountain bike.

The rear and front disc brakes are especially good. With a single pivot technology, we found it really comfortable to ride and easier pedaling.

The rear adjustable coil-over cartridge shock is giving more ease in riding small bumps on trails.

The Shimano drivetrain allows you to shift 2 gears at a time when going to a harder gear. If you are doing your own cable maintenance, Shimano has easier access to the cable housing and is simpler to work on.

The Tektro disc brakes are also very very good and responsive, meaning an overall safer ride.

For all these reasons we definitely classify this bike as the best all-round full suspension mountain bike. The only downside is the price tag!

2. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike

Best Full Suspension Bike Under $1500

schwinn traxion full suspension mountain bike 1

[amazon fields=”B06XWYS3NN” value=”button”]

Frame18-Inch/Medium Aluminum Frame
Wheels29-Inch Wheels
Weight49 lbs
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes

This bike is great value for under $1500. We also would probably consider it the best full suspension mountain bike for riding on trails, especially downhill!

The 29″ Schwinn Traxion feels like it’s ready for the trails as soon as it pops out of the box.

The aluminium dual suspension frame and powerful trademark Schwinn suspension fork make for incredibly reliable construction on this bike.

The handling is very smooth for such a large bike, and the reliable mechanical disk brakes mean stopping is always smooth, crisp and efficient.

3. Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Best Full Suspension Bike for Under $1000

northwoods aluminium full suspension mountain bike 1

[amazon fields=”B008B2N1KK” value=”button”]

FrameAluminum Frame with 50mm Steel Crown Fork
Wheels26″ Alloy Rims
Weight42 lbs
BrakesMechanical Disc Brakes

Are you looking for a budget full suspension mountain bike, but something that still retains incredible high quality? If so, then a Northwoods bike may be the way to go.

This aluminium full suspension mountain bike is rugged and built for tough, muddy trails.

It’s got an 18-inch, dual suspension, lightweight alloy frame and can take a lot of abuse when you’re bombing it down hills.

The 21-speed micto shift twist is also an added bonus. The Shimano rear derailleur also ensures you have the right gear when moving up tough hills.

The Northwoods Z265 is basically a car with two wheels, it’s so comfy and great for exploring the countryside, as well as trails.

4. Mongoose Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Best Entry Level Full Suspension Bike

mongoose full suspension mountain bikes 1

[amazon fields=”B00XJIQM34″ value=”button”]

FrameAluminum suspension frame
Weight42 lbs
BrakesAlloy front & rear disc brakes

With Mongoose full suspension mountain bikes you have an interesting situation.

They’re cheap, and actually surprisingly good quality.

No, you won’t get as nice a ride down trails as you do with our other full suspension mountain bikes. But, you will save your pennies.

For this reason, we think Mongoose bikes are ideal as a gift, or if you’re looking for a budget full suspension bike.

The bike pictured above comes with an aluminium suspension frame and 21-speed twist shifters. It’s great for going down trails and even better for peacful bike rides through forests, or whatever it is you like to do.

But, like I said, this bike is definitely better as a budget option.

5. Kingttu Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

[amazon fields=”B07BGXLTJH” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”kingttu dual suspension mountain bikes” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B07BGXLTJH” value=”button”]

FrameSolid Steel Frame
Weight35 lbs
BrakesDisc Brakes

This Kingttu Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is light and portable to bring anywhere. It’s got an aluminum steel frame – strong and lightweight.

The 21-speed front and rear derailleur and shifter are very reliable for shifting. The shifters on the handlebars work well even for lower grade components.

It’s also very easy to assemble, and based on the price, is great value for money.

6. Eurobike Steel Foldable Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Best All Round Full Suspension Bike

[amazon fields=”B07P1QKJKB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”Eurobike Mountain Bike” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B07P1QKJKB” value=”button”]

Frame16.5″ Steel Foldable Frame
Wheels27.5″ wheels
Weight35 lbs
BrakesBoli Disc Brake

This foldable full suspension mountain bike from Eurobike is great for cruising down the street and it is surprisingly comfortable. The frame is the best part of this bike. It is very sturdy for a folding bike.

The brakes and suspension are really top-notch and very smooth, meaning that you get a flawless ride over dirt and rugged trails.

This is perfect for the price and the body very eye appealing. It’s an overall good looking bike!

7. Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

diamondback full suspension mountain bike for sale 1

[amazon fields=”B07QJQHT2Y” value=”button”]

Weight42 lbs
BrakesShimano XT M8000 hydraulic disc brakes

Another contender from Diamondback, the Release 3 is up there with some of the best full suspension mountain bikes on the market today.

Excellent for trails and general biking/commuting, the Release 3 features a level link design equal to 130mm of efficient yet supple rear suspension.

The Maxle dropout adds even more solidity to the hydro formed aluminium frame. This basically just means that it can handle a lot of abuse on the trail. So, don’t be shy about taking this on some jumps!

THe KS LEV dropper post with a Southpaw remote also improves manoeuvrability on tough descents.

Like many other Diamondback mountain bikes, the Release 3 also features powerful Shumano XT M8000 hydraulic disc brakes. These are always a good choice.

8. Diamondback Bicycles Release 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

diamondback realease 3

[amazon fields=”B07VPR51ZJ” value=”button”]

Frame Aluminum
Weight42 lbs
BrakesShimano XT M8000 hydraulic disc brakes

Although quite similar to the Release 3, the Diamondback Release 1 full suspension mountain bike comes with a smaller pricetag. For this reason, and for its excellent value for money, we thought we’d include it as well.

With level link design just like the Release 3, the Release 1 features astounding suspension quality and comfort for the price.

It’s also got plenty of gearing for tackling steep climbs thanks to the Eagle 11-50T, single-ring drivetrain.

Although not quite so great for trails and uneven terrain as the Release 3, for the price, we can’t really complain.

We therefore recommend this bike for those looking for a budget full suspension mountain bike.

What are Full Suspension Mountain Bikes?

A full suspension mountain bike features both a suspension fork at the front, and a rear shock. This makes them very different from ordinairy hardtail mountain bikes, which only have a suspension fork.

best full suspension bikes 1

The type of suspension used by a mountain bike will define the bike’s control, traction and comfort. This ultimately determines how enjoyable it is to ride.

Important, right? Read below to find out more.

Full Suspension Benefits

Generally, there are 9 important full suspension mountain bike benefits:


Full suspension mountain bikes are almost always heavier because of the added rear shock. They also normally contain extra tubes and pivots which, unavoidable, add a lot of weight.

But, if you’re willing to spend more, you can find a bike which is both light and supportive. These bikes are often made with specialist materials with extreme sports athletes in mind.

For example, you might need a lighter bike if you plan on doing a lot of hills. If this is the case, you might actually be better off with a hardtail mountain bike.

But, if you want a more enjoyable and comfortable ride overall, then full suspension is always the way to go.


Fans of full suspension mountain bikes will always tell you full suspension is more fun.

We think they love the traction and comfort you can only really get when you ahve effective rear suspension.

mountain biking fun

But, this does really depend on the type of riding you plan on doing.

Full suspension mountain bikes come into their own on tricky and uneven trails. Yes, they certainly make these more fun, however they don’t always make much of a difference on smooth trails or road.


Full suspension mountain bikes generally come with a pretty hefty price tag.

However, there is still a huge range in price between all full suspension mountain bikes. If you look through our article, you will see some bikes for sale for at little as $400!

This is crazy cheap for full suspension, and we recommend something more substantial. However, it’s good to know that if you’re looking for a budget full suspension mountain bike, there are options out there.


Full suspension mountain bikes often come with more components, and this sometimes means quite high maintenance costs. However, when you’re spending this much, it means that the materials are quite reliable.

mountain bike parts diagram

It does mean, however, that you sometimes need to go to a specialist rather than fixing your bike yourself.


Terrain is, of course, a massive reason to invest in a full suspension mountain bike.

That is, the type of terrain you will be riding is very important.

mountain biking terrain

Full suspension mountain bikes essentially offer much better traction and handling on uneven surfaces and terrain. Besides, they also offer better handling, meaning you’re just going to have a much better time on tough terrain to handle.

Downhill Riding

If you love bombing it down hills then full suspension is definitely the way to go. These types of mountain bikes feel much more comfortable on steep, difficult and technical descents.

This type of riding is more dangerous than other styles, so it’s important to invest in something which will keep you safe.


Suspension basically helps to give the bike you’re riding, most importantly its wheels, much better traction on technical routes and trails.

This will make riding corners, steep climbs on hills, and descents much more controlled and easy. This is especially true on muddy, rocky and root-filled sections.

They are basically much easier to handle than other bikes.


Comfort is also a major benefit of full suspension mountain bikes.

Rear suspension is great for absorbing bumps as you go along. This means that you can ride for longer, and ultimately enjoy it more.


You’ll find that with full suspension you will be able to push yourself a lot more with speed. The extra suspension will absorb bumps in the road and you will become more streamlines.

The only downside is going up hills with full suspension, as these bikes can sometimes be heavier than hardtail.

What are Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Used For?

Full suspension mountain bikes are generally used for riding on extremely technical trails and for downhill riding.

full suspension mountain bikes benefits 1

Basically, anything more heavy duty than your average mountain biking enthusiast might go for.

The dual suspension makes for a much smoother ride on uneven surfaces.

The same goes for riding downhill, any impact you might sustain is cushioned by the frontal suspension fork and rear suspension.

This all warrants spending a little extra for your own safety and comfort.

Conclusion: Is Full Suspension Worth It?

So, which full suspension mountain bike do you think is the best for you?

The answer totally depends on what you’re going to be using it for, your price range, and style.

Choose one of these bikes if you want to get the best quality and safety for your mountain bike adventures, or if you’re wanting to boost your performance on trails.

Be aware, you might spend a bit more on bikes like these. However, we think its totally worth it. These full suspension mountain bikes are worth every penny, and their supportive suspension technologies make everything you do when riding easier.

They are also great for riding technical trails. They are incredibly supportive on uneven terrain, and we found that they performed much better than hardtail mountain bikes on technical trails and rough terrain.

We also found them extremely comfortable, so if comfort when mountain biking is your thing, then this is a no-brainier.

With that, which mountain bike do you think is the best value for your money? Let us know in the comments which bikes your like to hit the dirt with?

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