Camping Mattresses and Sleeping Pads buying guide

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It’s another important think to add to your camping equipment list, Camping mattresses and sleeping pads are some of the camping essentials.

Everyone, especially kids, wants to go camping as this poses a great time to interact, adventure, and above all, study nature and natural resources.

They will enjoy camping and help you do different duties, including setting up the tents and watching over young ones. Children are not the only ones who find camping entertaining.

Adults find it enjoyable, especially when you are there as a whole family- parents, and children. It is actually one of the precious times you happen to be together after busy days, weeks, and months of working and doing other things in life. However, this is not possible until you check must have camping gear on your list, and one of the equipment is the camping mat for kids, adults and car sleeping pads. It is essential to have a comfortable rest at the campsite, but not every camp will have mats.

Best Camping Mattresses and sleeping pads jpg

It would be a good idea to go with yours to avoid related inconveniences. We have cross-examined several of them, and compiled a list of the best camping mat for adults, kids and the car camping mattress to make your work easier. However, before we jump to that list, let’s familiarize ourselves with what we need to consider when buying camping mats.

Factors to consider when buying a Camping Mat and Sleeping Pad

Construction And Design

Where you are going for the camp and means of transport will influence the construction and design of the camping mattress you choose. For instance, if you will be using a car right from home to the campsite, you’ll definitely not bother about the camping mat’s construction and design. But if you will be walking to the camp or hike, you need to go for the camping mat that is easy to use and carry around and most probably the self-inflating mattress.

Resistant Value

Suppose you are going to a camp in a place that will have sharp objects. How likely to get pierced is the camp mattress or sleeping pad you want to choose? Such are vital questions you should ask yourself before you buy. Going for the poor quality camping mats would cause hard time after getting pierced. Therefore, go for the camping mat that is not likely to get pierced or damaged by even the sharpest objects.

 Inflation And Deflation Rate

You don’t have the whole time at the campsite. Besides, most of the time, you will be tired by the end of the day. You need to have as much time to rest as possible. This is only possible if you can do simple things like getting a camping mat or sleeping pad that is self-inflating and easy to deflate in the morning. Look for those that take as less than thirty seconds to inflate.

Look For The Correct Size

How tall you are, and the general body sizes are also factors you should consider. Don’t be surprised to find that some of your body parts are hanging off the mat or pad you chose because you didn’t consider your size while buying. It is crucial to put your body size into consideration to avoid frustration while already in the camp. This will automatically spoil your camping mood, which is not good at all. So ensure you compare your body size against a camp mat or sleeping pad of your choice to get the right one.

Essential camping gear

1 . Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo | Folding Camp Cot and Air Bed with Side Tables and Battery Operated Pump

coleman camping cot air mattress

2. WELLAX UltraThick FlexFoam Sleeping Pad – Self-Inflating 3 Inches Camping Mat for Backpacking, Traveling and Hiking – 3inch Thickness for Better Stability & Support

sleeping pad camping mat

3. Coleman Air Mattress | Double-High Support Rest Air Bed for Indoor or Outdoor Use

camping air mattress indor outdoor use

Kids sleeping mats and pads

4. Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Royal Blue

5. Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers [4-Sided] | Portable Toddler Bed for Kids | Toddler Air Mattress | Kids Air Mattress – Navy Blue

Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

6. Waterproof Memory Foam Roll Up Mattress for Camping – Most Comfortable Foldable Floor Mattress – Portable Foam Sleeping Pad with Travel Straps – 75”x 36”x 3” Twin Mat Pad Bed Roll

Roll Up Mattress for Camping

Car camping essentials

7. QDH SUV Air Mattress-Thickened Car Bed Back Seat Mattress-Portable Car Mattress for Vehicle Cushion Air Bed Inflatable Mattress with Air-Pump-Camping Blow Up Mattress for car (SUV air Mattress)

SUV Air Mattress

Frequently asked questions

Are air mattresses suitable for camping?

They are ideal for sleeping purposes and the best compared to spending a night in a sleeping bag. Finicky slippers may find them an absolutely essential requirement.

How can I make my camp mattress more comfortable?

It is possible to make your bed more comfortable by having some of the commonly used material like low-density flexible foams, among other material that can typically soften your bed.

Is it ok to sleep on an air mattress every night?

Air mattresses are perfect for camping, and they can also work when you decide to sleep on it every other night. In Fact, they are a cost-effective way to get beautiful sleep.

Are camp beds comfortable?

This type of bed offers great value and high comfort levels, provided you don’t roll too much or don’t like spreading out too much.


A fresh and relaxed body will always be productive and activate in whatever activity, and camping is not exceptional. You will need to rest in a comfortable place after a long day at the campsite for you to be active and productive the following day. This way, you need to carry the best camping mat with you for kids and other people in your company.

When buying a camping mattress, remember some of the things to consider for the best mat. Prioritize the comfort of your kids and family members but mind your budget. Although you should watch the budget, it is also worth noting that quality is better than quantity.

Being vigilant with the camping mat or sleeping pad you are purchasing would save your kids and other members the agony of buying the wrong and low-quality camping mat. You wouldn’t like to spend your precious money on low quality goods. So, ensure you check the vital factors before buying any camping mat.

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