11 Best New eMopeds for Sale in 2021 [Reviews]

best new emopeds for teens

The best new  emopeds for teens and adults you can buy.In this read, we will walk you through the various elements of a moped and also have a detailed look at some of the best electric mopeds available out there today.

Talk about economical innovations and you can’t leave a ‘moped’ behind. From the classic version that used to have bicycle pedals, to the modern-day motor-powered electric rides that you see on the roads – these two-wheelers have been helping people to get from point A to point B in one of the most economical ways. 

Commute has long been a major expense and a recurrent problem across the globe – be it the developed, developing or the under-developed world. For this, different time eras have witnessed different types of innovations in the transport industry. 

So let’s get on with.. 

What is a Moped? 

what is a moped

Before we dive into the details, let’s first discuss the basics of a moped. 

The word ‘moped’ is a combination of the words ‘motor’ and ‘pedal’ – clearly indicating the two main elements of this type of vehicle. So, in layman’s terms, a moped is a two-wheel vehicle that comes with a pedal, as well as a motor that is usually not above 50cc. 

How Does It Differ from a Scooter?

With so many model variations, technological advancements and innovations taking place in the transport industry, it is quite hard to differentiate between a moped and a scooter these days. Moreover, these two terms are quite often used interchangeably, which doesn’t help either.

The most visible difference between a moped and a scooter used to be the pedals. Why do we say ‘used to be’? That’s because classic versions of mopeds used to have the pedals. The modern-day mopeds may or may not have the pedals.

Another difference is the engine size. Mopeds generally have an engine of no more than 50cc, whereas scooters start from 50cc and go up to 750cc or even more than that.

Let us now review the best emopeds or as recently Moped-Style eBikes that are available out there.

Are these the new siblings of the classic mopeds?

Our Top Pick  – Ben Buckler Super73 S2-E

the best new emopeds

Considered as one of the top legal electric bikes out there today, the Super73 S2-E gives you performance, durability and stability – all at once. With a sturdy overall design, this bike leads the modern-day, electric bikes and is currently the one of the two models that Ben Buckler ships to the US.

The Power You Need

The Super73 S2-E is equipped with a Gen 3 motor that generates a peak output of up to 2000 watts. Not many electric bikes of its class can produce that much power while maintaining optimum stability and control.

Optimum Battery Performance

With a 960 watt battery, this bike can ride around 32km of distance (19.9 miles) on a single charge if you’re running on throttle-only mode and around 120km (74.5 miles), if you’re using the ECO pedal mode. This is one of the highest battery times as compared to other brands and models in this range.

State-of-the-art Suspension System

The Super73 S2-E comes with a fully adjustable air spring suspension fork. Combined with an aircraft-grade alloy frame, it helps to give increased stability and control over uneven surfaces and doesn’t give up on you under harsh weather conditions.

Key Highlights

  • Gen 3 Motor (up to 2000 watt output)
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • 960 Watt-hours Battery
  • Monochrome LCD Display
  • Weight: 33kg with Battery

Ben Buckler SUPER73 RX-E

Super RX moped style eBike

The Super73 RX-E is an extreme performance e-bike by Ben Buckler, considered to be one of the most powerful electric bikes in the market today. And the best part is that even with its high performance features, it is still a street-legal e-bike that doesn’t require a license or registration.

(RX-E is an Australian version of the global RX that is sold in the US)

Powerful Motor and Battery

This beast comes with a Gen 3 motor that is capable of producing max output of 2000 Watt. It gives a top speed of around 28 mph on unlimited mode (with throttle).

As far as the battery is concerned, it is equipped with a 960 watt-hours battery that can give you  a range of 40+ miles on throttle mode and around 75 miles on ECO mode.

Smart Features

The Super73 RX-E comes with a lot of smart features that includes iOS and Android compatible mobile apps, a monochromatic LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation system, and over-the-air updates for latest software upgrades.

Key Highlights

  • Gen 3 Motor (2000 watt peak capacity)
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Fully Adjustable Suspension Mechanism
  • Magura Braking System
  • Battery: 960 watt-hours (21700 cells)
  • BDGR All-terrain Tires
  • Comfortable Seat

Scorpion X – Electric Moped-Style Bike

ScorpionX Black best emoped design

The all-new Scorpion X is another great emoped, delivery personnel or those who want to use a cheap, yet comfortable means of transport for work. A 750W Bafang motor, 52V battery and a 56T-11T transmission for pedalling makes it one of the better e-bikes that are available in the market today.

Comfortable Ride at a Decent Price

The Scorpion X might not compare with the best e-bikes within its class, however, keeping into consideration the price tag it comes with, it is indeed a very good option to go for. The range, speed, power and weight capacity certainly make this model highly competitive and gives you true value for money.

Key Highlights

  • 750W RetroBlade Motor (1800W at peak)
  • 52V/15Ah Battery
  • Range of up to 55 miles
  • Top Speed of up to 28mph
  • Torque & Cadence Sensors
  • Weight Capacity of 275lbs (around 125kg)

HyperScorpion – Electric Moped-Style Bike

ebike moped style

If you’re in the market to buy a nice electric moped with pedals, the HyperScorpion by Juiced Bikes will surpass your expectations in more than one way. As compared to the Scorpion X that we just reviewed, this one gives you more power, range and speed with a slightly higher price tag as well.

With a powerful 1000W motor that is capable of generating a top speed of up to 30 mph, this electric moped gives you a smooth and safe ride along with optimum performance and fun at the same time!

Speed, Control, Performance, Safety – What Else Do You Need?

That’s right, the HyperScorpion is an all-in-one electric moped. With a strong RetroBlade motor, a 52V battery and advanced LCD display, turn signals and integrated brake light, this is undoubtedly a complete, all-purpose electric moped.

Optional Packages

You can get two optional packages for the HyperScorpion – a passenger kit and a phone mount with charger. Both these optional features can come in quite handy, depending on your use and overall requirements.

Key Highlights

  • 1000W Motor (up to 1800W at peak)
  • 52V 19.2Ah Battery
  • Tektro Hydraulic Braking System
  • Puncture Resistant Tires
  • USB Port for Phone Charging
  • Pedal Assist
  • Right and Left Safety Mirrors and Fenders Included

Emove Roadrunner

If you’re looking to keep things extra economical, the Emove Roadrunner is a perfect option for you. For everyday commutes where you want to save up money or time on public transport, this is a nice electric scooter to go for.

Compact & Smart Design

The reason why this scooter proves to be one of the more economical options is because of its lightweight and ergonomic overall design. A low, sleek body with all the basic comfort that you’d expect in this class of electric scooters, the Emove Roadrunner wouldn’t disappoint you at all! 

Ride Long on a Single Charge

With a 48 V (26Ah) battery, you can ride for as long as 100 miles on a single swap and around 50 miles per swappable battery. Moreover, swapping batteries doesn’t require any technical knowhow at all. It’ll just take you no more than 10 seconds to swap the battery.

No Compromise on Safety

Yes it’s cheaper as far as the price is concerned, but in no way it compromises on the basic safety features such as anti-glare LCD display for speed visibility regardless of outside light, or the ABS braking that avoids wheel-lock when brakes are applied that could possibly result in skidding.

Key Features

  • 48V 26.1Ah Battery (12 hours per battery charge time)
  • Up to 100 miles range
  • Top Speed up to 35mph (56.3kmph)
  • Xtech Hydraulic Brakes
  • Weight 55lbs

Orca Mark-1 Ergonomic E-Scooter

electric moped

Are you someone who loves to ride his or her bicycle? Well, if you are then this one is another great option for you. With a smooth but powerful 48V 240W motor, this electric scooter can carry a payload of up to 260 lbs (around 120kg).

Perfect Electric Scooter for Teens

The Orca Mark-1 is a good choice for teens or young adults for daily commute, as it offers both speed and safety at a pretty decent price. College going teens do not have to worry about catching a bus or a train, as this easy-to-ride electric scooter will solve commute-related problems.

Optimum Agility & Mobility 

Sometimes we think that buying a low-priced vehicle might compromise on a lot of basic stuff, but not with this electric scooter. The Orca Mark-1 offers great speed, control, stability and safety at a market competitive price.

Moreover, with bright front and rear lights, anti-theft system and 12” pneumatic tires, this scooter covers all the basic items that you might have as a checklist for buying your next electric scooter.

Key Highlights

  • 48V Brushless Geared Motor
  • UL 2272 10.4 AH Battery (charge time 5-7 hours)
  • Top Speed 18 mph
  • 20 miles range
  • Disc Brakes

FIIDO Electric Scooter with Suspension

electric scooters for teenagers

The FIIDO electric scooter is an efficient, low-cost and compact ride that offers great versatility and comfort at a decent price. This scooter is perfect for daily grocery, food or package delivery or any other daily household activity that requires you to travel.

Ample Storage Compartments

One of the best features of this scooter is its storage areas. It has a front and a rear storage basket that can come in quite handy if you are traveling with a lot of items that can’t be adjusted in your backpack.

If you’re out in the market looking for that all-purpose electric scooter this should be somewhere in your list of top 5!

The Suspension System that You Need

Riding a moped, or any two-wheel vehicle, for longer hours can cause physical fatigue. However, that stress can be reduced to a huge extent if your vehicle has the right suspension system.

The FIIDO electric scooter does! With front and rear suspensions, riding on this scooter even for longer durations doesn’t physically exhaust you as compared to other scooters without a suspension.

Key Highlights

  • 18 miles Range
  • Speed upto 15 mph
  • Easily Foldable Handlebars
  • Q1S Suspension Mechanism
  • Front and Rear Storage Areas

Electric rides that will take you fast forward

best new escooters

Electric scooters for those who are more comfortable to stand while riding , these escooters have the power and ability to deliver the same joy as riding  emoped , and they fall in to the group of Economical Ecofriendly Transportation.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ Electric Scooter

WolfWarrior electric scooter

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a foldable, powerful machine that falls under the category of ‘electric scooter road legal’ and can easily take you from one point to another, under varying weather or road conditions, too.

The design, the power, reliability and dependability – it combines all basic elements of an electric ride in quite a smart way.

Reliability & Dependability

We just mentioned these two words above and now we’ll tell you why we associated these words with this piece of machine – mainly because of the range and speed it offers in its class of electric scooters.

When it’s being run at its max speed, it gives you around 40 miles of distance. And if you’re riding on economy mode, it gives you around 70 miles. Not to forget, with its 11” pneumatic tubeless tires, front hydraulic braking system and a comfortable deck, this scooter is very safe and an absolute joy to ride!

Steep Surfaces? Not a Problem!

Not a lot of electric scooters have sufficient power to climb on steep surfaces. But not this one. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+, with a rider having a weight of up to 165 lbs, can climb on steep surfaces or hills of up to 30 degrees, which is quite a lot as compared to other electric scooters available out there today.

Key Highlights

  • Range: 42 miles (turbo mode), 70 miles (eco mode)
  • Motor: 2x 1200W base (5400W peak)
  • 60V 35Ah Battery (2100 watt-hour)
  • Front LED headlights/sidelights, Rear Brake LED lights and Ground Effect Lights
  • LCD Display
  • Folded/Unfolded Length – 58” x 11” x 19” (folded), 48” (unfolded)

Kaabo Wolf King

Might not be the cheapest of electric rides in the market today, but definitely one of the toughest of scooters that you can get your hands on! The amount of power and acceleration that it generates along with it’s supreme road grip and control makes it stand out from its competitors.

Designed to Withstand Tough Conditions

The overall design and the craftsmanship for this scooter is, without a doubt, commendable. Even on a relatively bumpy surface or road, the zero-stem wobble of this scooter along with an high-grade aluminium frame helps maintain decent control.

Moreover, this scooter comes with built-in tubeless racing tires and as an optional package, you can get the off-road tires, too. So now you can choose the set of tires you want for your scooter depending on the surface you will be riding on.

Safety Always Comes First

At a price that could be considered in the mid-range, you would expect the scooter to have all the basic safety features – it sure does!

From the twin hydraulic suspension system and hydraulic brakes, to bright front beam lights, rear safety tail light and a gold-colored body that makes it easier for the scooter to be seen from a distance by other drivers – it is safe to say that the safety of this machine is unparalleled!

Key Highlights:

  • Dual 1500W Motors
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Weight: 105 lbs (46.5kg)
  • Speed up to 62mph
  • 72V High Performance Battery

Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter

DualtronStorm best electric scooter

Here comes the storm! That is right, the Dualtron Storm scooter is labelled as the ‘storm’ in the mid-to-high performance electric scooters. With a 6640W dual motor, this machine generates a lot of power and speed, along with optimum balance and control due to its sturdy, smartly-built frame.

Better Balance with a Wide Deck

One of the most standout features of this high-performance scooter is its wide deck that allows you to stand comfortably during your ride. This comfort results in lesser physical strain on your legs or back, more stability and a far better balance overall.

Also, being able to place both your feet side-by-side instead of front and back results in better reflexes in the event of an accident that can reduce the amount of injuries that you might get otherwise.

Some Cool Features that Make Your Ride Even Better

Features such as a dual charging port, a battery lock and a green backlit LCD display will make your ride even more comfortable, safe and fun. 

However, it is important for us to mention that with a price tag that is certainly on the higher side, one can argue about these features being somewhat expected and not a big deal anyway.

Key Highlights

  • 6640W Dual-hub Motor
  • Range up to 80 miles
  • 72V 31/5Ah Detachable Battery
  • Top Speed of 55mph
  • ABS Braking System
  • LCD Display
  • Dual Charging Ports

Emove Cruiser – 52W Long-range Electric Scooter

Cruiser Electric Scooter

We’re back with another Emove model, this time a cruiser electric scooter that is ideal for both short or long-range daily commutes. As far as pricing is concerned, this scooter falls somewhere in the mid-range – neither too cheap nor too expensive. 

Long Range Daily Commute

This cruiser was built for people who do not have time to recharge their scooter multiple times in a day. With up to 62 miles on a single full charge, you can go on with your everyday activities for days or even weeks (not even exaggerating!)

Premium Quality Tubeless Tires

This scooter uses car-grade, premium quality tubeless tires that results in added durability and road grip, and can withstand tougher surface conditions as compared to tires with inner tubes.

Key Highlights

  • Brushless DC 1000W Motor (max output: 1600W)
  • Top Speed of up to 30 mph
  • Range of up to 62 miles
  • Dual Suspension
  • IPX6 Water Resistance
  • Hybrid XTECH Hydraulic Braking System
  • Deck Size – 21” L, 10” W

We are going electric

Ever since the pandemic broke out globally, a lot of people have lost their jobs or have their salaries reduced to a huge extent. For many around the globe, it is not easy to commute on a car or even public transport mainly due to rising fuel and gas prices all around the world.

To counter this, electric means of transport have been seen as a solution in different markets and regions. Electric mopeds, e-bikes and scooters help to keep your commuting expense as low as possible, while benefiting the environment as they do not emit carbon or burn fossil fuels that have adverse environmental impacts.

Electric moped is and will remain an economical, reliable and smart way for daily commute. Get one today and enjoy the ride! 🙂

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