What is the best skateboard helmet for me?

the best scateboard helmet

You and your kids  should always ware skateboard helmet, regards what activity you do, anyway. Skateboarding is an excellent activity. Also there is no doubt it is extreme sport activity and dangerous “when you don’t have the qualifying skills to perform the activity it will likely result with an injury”,

Especially for kids, as they get to do exercise and enjoy themselves with other kids out there.

Why you should use skateboard helmet?

This extreme sport activity is only safe when you are in the right gear, since it is not safe in case of any impact. Especially if you want to avoid brain damage/injury and save your health first of all. And one of the gears you and your kids need to have is a skateboard helmet. People doing skateboarding, even pros wear a helmet because they know they are protected.

Not every other helmet you can use to skate. Different sports have a unique helmet and so do skating. You need specific skateboard helmets, and in this article, we have picked some top rated skateboard helmets on the market. You only need one that matches your taste and preference.

Let’s go through some factors to consider when buying a skateboard helmet.

How to choose a good skateboard helmet

best skateboard helmet

Whether you are a veteran or a beginner in skateboarding, you will always need to have helmet on. Helmets are essential when you are trying new tricks and skills. It is in this process that you can part ways with a bit of tumble. With the helmet on, you have no worries since the suitable helmet will do its job. But the criteria people use to choose the correct helmet still remains a daunting task. This is why we want to let you know how to choose the right helmet. Consider the following factors.


Whenever you are purchasing a helmet, it is vital to check whether it will fit your head. Check the age limit or measure your head’s circumference and compare it to the helmet chart. A well-fitting helmet will give you the optimal protection in case of anything.


Another factor to consider is the ventilation of the helmet you choose. Do you think of picking the non-reflective and dark-colored helmet? The well-ventilated helmet will serve you better. Darker materials tend to be on heat, which may feel uncomfortable if you skate in the sun. In such a case, you need to go for the helmet to enhance breathability for the comfort all through.


Styles revolve around colors, taste, preference, and some like bright and bold colors. Others want a helmet that would match their skateboard, or you can go even further you can match your skate shoes. Decide whether you want it matte or glossy. How you like the ventilation to be, the color of the strap, and buckle before purchasing. This would save the disappointment after that.


After settling for your choice styles, it is now time to check the mechanism of the straps. Check for the wiggle room available in case you have anything to do with it. Also, check how the straps loosen and tightens. The options are always two, either a slider or dial. Such helmets tend to last long, and they are easier to use.

Certified Skateboard Helmets

Get the approved helmet by the relevant regulatory bodies. You need to make sure your helmet meets the outline guidelines by the CPSC. CPSC subjects helmets through a test. They take material and structure to an impact they would have to experience during a crash. A helmet indicating approval shows they will act when needed.

Specific Info

Check and learn how to read “ heads up + helmeted = safer play! “ table in 3 easy steps in the bottom section.   

After considering these factors, you can go ahead to choose the correct helmet.

Certified skateboard helmets

It has been mentioned above, “ you only need one” scroll trough to check some of our picks as the best skateboard helmets available for 2021. 

Retrospec CM-1 Bicycle / Skateboard Helmet for Adult Commuter, Bike, Skate

retrospec best skateboard helmet

You Can Get It ’ via  AMAZON

Retrospect CM-1 skateboard helmet seems more than safe. It is sturdy and a bit heavier than the standard bicycle helmet. You feel confident and will be fine in the event of an accident. This helmet also comes with alternative pads on the inside. The pads are helpful to anyone who needs to make it a little bit more comfortable.

It can wick away sweat, stench, and bacteria with interior padding technology. It keeps you dry and free from irritation. It also has two sets of inner pads with different thicknesses to customize your comfort and fit.

The retrospect CM-1 helmet has complied with US CPSC rules and regulations. It’s ultra-light and breezy. It has eight vents to ensure there is enough ventilation as you move. This helmet has a formed ABS shell with EPS foam for shock and impact absorption.

It is available in different colors to give a chance to match your skateboard. We recommended it for riders above fourteen years.

You can always find this helmet in three different sizes that include small measuring between 51- 55 cm, medium measuring between 55-59 cm and large measuring 59-63 cm.

Features – Pros and cons – Retrospect CM-1 skateboard helmet

  • Classic design for total protection
  • Ultra-light and breezy
  • US CPSC compliant
  • Dew collector
  • Approved for bike, skate, ski. CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, STM F2040-11/ASTM F1446, EN 1077, EN 1078.


  • CPSC,EN,ASTM certified for safety
  • Ventilation is nice
  • ABS shell and the EPS foam make it ideal
  • Multisport
  • Available in different colors


  • Lacks soft pads in the strap

Outdoor Master Skateboard Cycling Helmet

outdoor master skateboard helmet

You Can Get It ’ via  AMAZON

Outdoor Master skateboard cycling helmet is one of the safest and (used by some pro skaters) skateboard helmets out there. It fits well and is comfortable. The dial adjuster works pretty fine in tuning the fit well. The right and well-designed straps fit and stay in the right place even when at high speeds.

The venting is admirable, especially when at speed. This brings about an enjoyable rise without any strains. The material used to make the Outdoor Master skateboard cycling helmet is of high quality. The size of the protection material is bigger enough to offer you protection. It is priced and affordable when compared to other helmets. But it feels a bit heavier.

This skate helmet is also ASTM, and CPSC certified. It offers both comfort and impact resistance. It guarantees you a safe and comfortable ride. The shock-absorbing EPS inside layer, the ABS shell, is responsible for that.

It is available in three different sizes. You will get it in a small size, medium and large. It accommodates every kid regardless of the head size.

Outdoor Master skateboard cycling helmet is the best helmet. It has over seven thousand reviews online. This means people are buying it at a high rate, and it is serving them well.

Features – Pros and cons – Outdoor Master skateboard cycling helmet

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Multi-sport helmet
  • Double adjustments
  • Extra removable lining
  • Nice ventilation system
  • Unique profile design
  • Weighs 13.86 ounces
  • Recommended for five years kids and above


  • Nice and comfortable design
  • One year limited warranty
  • Low Profile design
  • Stylish matte colors
  • Removable inner lining


  • No con rereported so far

JBM Skateboard Helmet

jbm skateboard helmet

You Can Get It ’ via  AMAZON

People use JBM skateboard helmets in different skating activities. It plays a significant role in protecting your head. The helmet has the anti-shock function and EPS foam to offer protection. Its shell is of good quality, rugged, and lasts long.

This skateboard helmet comes with adjustable straps for a better fit. There is no need to worry about pressure. The lightweight material has proved to cause no stress.

Skating with a JBM helmet feels much better and more confident to perform well. When you check approval for use, you get it right. It comes with both the CPSC and the ASTM certification for bikes and skateboards.

This helmet has simple holes designed to help in ventilation. It is a decent skate helmet and we recommend it to beginners. JBM skateboard helmet is available in three different sizes. The small size measures between 18.12″, medium size measures 19.7″-22.8″, and large measures 20.9″-23.3″.

Features – Pros and cons – JBM skateboard helmet

  • Impact resistance
  • Multi-sport helmet
  • Adjustable straps for a better fit
  • US regulation compliant
  • Unisex
  • EPS inner material
  • Available in different colors and sizes


  • Effective impact resistance
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Ventilation to at least keep you cool
  • Ideal for different sports
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable, safe and secure
  • Great value for money


  • Adjustable straps may last for a short time

Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver Helmet

triple eight the certified sweatsaver helmet

You Can Get It ’ via  AMAZON

Triple eight certified Sweatsaver helmet is a dual-certified helmet. You will find that it sells for a super reasonable price. It has a washable, plush, and sweat-wicking fabric. This makes this helmet comfortable and ensures sweat is out of your eye.

The US CPSC and the ASTM approved it for skating and biking, and other sports activities. You will get to save space in storing one helmet serving you in several sports activities.

Tony Hawk, one of the best pro skaters, wears this helmet, which gives you a guarantee it’s a superb one. If you desire to go pro – Check the ( Tony Hawk Signature Edition helmet ) from Triple Eight. It has some brilliant colors and fits well. Adjustable straps let you adjust it to the desired fit.

It can prevent you from sustaining advanced injuries. Also, it has certified EPS protection foam that absorbs high impacts. This helmet comes with a soft terry cloth fabric cover and pads. They offer an inch-free helmet to pull the sweat away. You can remove the liner and wash it from time to time to keep the stinking sweat behind.

This helmet is available in four different sizes as follows. Extra small/small measuring 51.0 cm- 54.0 cm. Small/medium measuring 53.0-57.0 cm. Large/ extra large measuring 57.0cm-60.0cm and Extra-large/ extra large measuring 60.0cm-63.0cm. The four different sizes ensure everybody gets the right size.

Features – Pros and cons – Triple Eight certified sweatsaver helmet

  • A certified sweatsaver
  • It comes with removable, washable sweatsaver liners.
  • Compliant with the US.CPSC and the ASTM
  • Multi-sport gear
  • Vents for airflow
  • Available in different sizes
  • Lightweight


  • Dual certified
  • Simple adjustable straps
  • Ideal for long journeys
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Washable and removable liners
  • Comfy and safe


  • Lacks visor for extra protection

KAMUGO Kids Adjustable Helmet

kamugo kids skate helmet

You Can Get It ’ via  AMAZON

Kamugo kids’ skate helmet is the ideal helmet for your kids. Apart from that, it is the Best skateboard helmet brand for kids’ helmets,  offers a reasonable price for your money. It is worth every buck you pay. If you have children or a child ranging between three to ten years, the Kamugo helmet is the ideal tool for them. This helmet is perfect for skating, surfing, rollerblading, riding bikes, and scooter riding.

It is durable and long-lasting because of the material used. The material is hard to reduce the probability of breaking in the event of any impact. This helmet features a ventilation lining to reduce extra pressure, especially for kids.

It has extra adjustable straps and Velcro closures for a comfortable fit. You can find it in two different sizes. Small size with a head circumference ranging from 48-54 cm. Medium size with a head circumference ranging from 54- 58 cm. The  helmet is available in nine different colors. This gives room to select one that pleases your kids.

Features – Pros and cons – Kamugo kids’ skate helmet

  • Heavy-duty construction design
  • Premium kid’s protection
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Good ventilation system
  • Ideal for kids between the ages of 3 to 10


  • Lots of options for color
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Hard- shell for premium protection
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • The design may not be for every kid
  • Straps breaks easily

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

You Can Get It ’ via  AMAZON

Customers are terming it as the top-tier helmet for comfort, weight, and size. It is one of the expensive helmets but worth the price. On your first time coming into contact with this helmet, you can see that it’s meant for skating. It is a low-profile helmet and one of the thinnest you can have while keeping protected like never before.

CPSC and ASTM approved it for bicycles and skating for riders aged five years and above.

If you find your kids are resistant to wearing helmet, show them the need. Show them the “Get Used To It” an example of well-known skaters like Mike Vallely, who stressed the importance of wearing skateboard helmet on your head. We also think it’s a no brainer.

You will find this helmet in three different sizes, including Extra small with a head circumference ranging from 48-54 cm. Small/medium with a circumference ranging from 55-58 cm. Large/extra large with a head circumference ranging from 59-61cm

It has two different sets of removable, moisture-wicking sweatsaver fit padding. It has an adjustable fit and chin strap with side release buckle for a customized fit.

Features – Pros and cons – Triple Eight dual certified bike and skateboard helmet

  • Dual certified
  • Compliant with CPSC and the ASTM standards
  • Perfect for biking, skating, scooting, BMX, roller derby, and commuting
  • Available in three different sizes


  • Available in some pretty nice colors
  • Classic design
  • Available in different sizes
  • It comes with a sweat saver liner
  • Durable and long-lasting shell


  • Might experience challenges with sizing

Flybar Skateboard Helmet

Flybar Skateboard Helmet

You Can Get It ’ via  AMAZON

If you are among the high-speed skaters, this is the perfect skate helmet for you. You can also use it in other sports like rollerblades. It has a robust ABS outer shell and EPS foam lining, making it resistant to unexpected shock and impacts.

One of the great features is that this helmet is available in different colors. Also, you can have your custom design or matte finish single-colored helmet.

Flybar skateboard helmet is available in three different sizes and comes with a quick-release chin strap and a spin dial knob for a customized fit. This helmet features twelve vents. Some vents are at the back and on top to reduce external pressure, especially in hot places.

Features – Pros and cons – Flybar skateboard helmet

  • Strong ABS shell and EPS foam inner lining
  • Available in different colors
  • Adjustable fit
  • Heavy-duty built design
  • Available in three sizes


  • Ventilating system for better airflow
  • Plain or printed design option
  • Absorbs shock and impact
  • Adjustable pads for a customized fit


  • Straps may wear out in no time
  • Plastic shell quality not the best

We have included this picks to save you time on research and hassle, finding the right one for you. It is not a rocket science to choose, considering the factors and the info we have sum up. We hope it helps. If it helps just shoot us a your experience or suggestion in the comments section at the bottom, or if you like same more info go ahead pop the question we are happy to help that’s all we do. 

best skateboard helmet

Note: Nothing is perfect, we all know that, same goes to products.

I still think It is not cool wearing a helmet.

skateboard helmet

It is the right time to make up your mind ,and update your mind set regards protecting your body parts especially protecting your head from nasty injuries.

If you ask me, You know what is not cool?  having your brains flaying out of your skull that’s not cool at all.

Check Andy’s  story. ( we recommend )!

I always wear a helmet when I skate. No matter what I’m skating

It takes away the danger, one of the main pulls of skateboarding

Andy Anderson

Watch the video you will get it.

Originally posted by: KING 5.com

Folks’ let’s be wise, use helmets, “ Ride save and Skate on ”.

Questions you may have

Why am I wearing a helmet?

To protect your head, simple as is, “get used to it”.

Why do I need a skateboard helmet?

State law says a person less than eighteen years should have a helmet when riding a skateboard. But skateboarders ignored this law. A skateboard helmet is a multi-impact piece of headgear. They are generally meant to protect your head in case of any impact.

Do Pro skaters wear a helmet?

We have mentioned few above in the article some of the Pro Skaters urging the need of wearing the helmet while skating, consider their experience, and we support them all the way up for that.

The skate must go on!

the skate must go on

Cool or not, Your safety and health must not be questioned. Be safe and skate on, happy hunting for protection and equipment if you are interested for more info about skateboarding equipment check the  Street Sports Gear and Equipment/section.

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