9 Best Cruiser Skateboards For Sale With Reviews and Guide (2021)

best cruiser skateboards for sale

In this article, we’ll show you the best cruiser skateboards for sale on the market today. We’ll also let you in on our cruiser skateboard complete buying guide. We’ll show you how a choose a cruiser, ride a cruiser, and maintain it!

It you’re looking for an easy skateboard to ride from a reliable skateboard brand, or something to commute with that will fit in your backpack, then you’ve come to the right place. Cruiser skateboards will tick these boxes, and many more.

The best cruiser skateboards are fairly long (barring mini cruisers), easy to grip on, very stable, and their soft wheels absorb bumps in the road. This make them an extremely comfortable ride!

Much like learning how to surf, learning how to cruise can be a very relaxing experience.

These boards are not so much for tricks. They’re for cruising, commuting and taking a relaxing skate about town.

They’re also very portable, fitting in a skate backpack most of the time.

Below are the definite best cruiser choices.

Cruiser Skateboard Product Reviews: Best Picks

With that, let’s jump right into our reviews of the best cruiser skateboards around nowadays.

1. Kryptonics Super Fat Cruiser

kryptonics cruiser skateboard
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Specs & Features

Length30.5 Inch
Width9.75-in. super wide shape
DeckDurable 8-ply maple wood deck
ABEC RatingCarbon steel ABEC-5 bearings
Wheels65mm x 51mm poured polyurethane wheels

Cruiser Review

This complete skateboard comes at the top of our list. As a good all round board with a thick, wide shape, this board is an excellent cruiser for beginners

Its also got excellent control and easy breaking, with a single kicktail and a very smooth ride.

This cruiser is recommended for ages 8 years and older, and will support a weight up to 220 lbs.

Kryptonics are a pretty friendly face on the skateboarding scene. They pioneered the polyurethane wheel, and their original designs have shaped the entire industry.

2. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

retrospec zed bamboo longboard cruiser skateboard
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Specs & Features

DeckBamboo & Canadian Maple
ABEC RatingABEC-7 Bearings

Cruiser Review

This artisan longboard cruiser is made from sustainably sources bamboo and canadian maple!

Its got a proper ruggest and lightweight design, with reactive and smooth riding for cruising around with precision.

Its designed with Los Angeles in mind, with a distinct Californiasn vibe.

It’s also extremely durable, which helps make it last longer than some other boards.

In the words of the manufacturers, Restrospec:

“Mid century surf culture was more than just sand and bikinis. Their boards were durable, their training was intense, and if you’re going to rig anything together in a backyard and take it to the streets – you’ve gotta be tough. We craft our boards in that same vein. Durable, intense, and tough, with notes of vintage vibes and classic charm.”

3. DIYUSI Cruiser Complete Canadian Maple

best skateboard cruiser for sale
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Specs & Features

DeckCanadian Maple 8 Layers
ABEC RatingABEC-9 High-speed precision bearings
Wheels2.1″ x 1.26″

Cruiser Review

Relatively new on the skate scene, DIYUSI have got off to a great start with this incredibly high quality board with good value-for-money.

With great quality, solid wheels, and impact resistant trucks and deck, this cruiser is basically made for easy, smooth riding.

It’s also really waterproof, and used anti-skidding technologies to prevent accidents in the rain!

It’s good at bearing heavy loads, supporting riders weighing up to 220 lbs.

No assembly is required, and it’s suitable for any skill level, making it a really great, affordable board.

The manufacturers say it can be used for tricks such as 360’s and OL action.

4. LMAI 27″ Bamboo Wood Cruiser

lmai bamboo wood cruiser skateboard 1
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Specs & Features

Deck7 Ply Super Flex Bamboo and Canadian Maple
ABEC RatingABEC-5 Bearings
Wheels62mm x51mm LMAI “monster” series black frosted wheels

Cruiser Review

Made from sustainable flex bamboo and Canadian maple, this board is ideal for those looking for a nice, honest, American-made cruiser.

Its got high rebound bushings for a smooth ride and stylish black frosted wheels.

It’s also incredibly quiet, we noticed, whilst the wheels are still relatively fast-spinning.

5. GLOBE HG Stubby Cruiser Complete Skateboard

No products found. No products found.

Specs & Features

DeckResin-7 hard rock Maple
ABEC RatingABEC-7 Bearings
Wheels2.1″ x 1.26″

Cruiser Review

This is a great, clean, cheap cruiser skateboard for anyone looking to invest in a GLOBE cruiser.

We really can’t recommend GLOBE enough as a brand, and we generally love everything they do.

This cruiser is made from hard rock maple with 10″ wrapped slant trucks, a mellow concave, and a kicktail.

All this makes for a lovely ride when you’re cruising down hills or just commuting to work.

6. Fireball x Arbor Downhill Cruiser

No products found. No products found.

Specs & Features

ABEC RatingDragon RACE bearings
WheelsFireball Tinder 60mm 81a Wheels

Cruiser Review

This mini cruiser comes fully assembled, it’s really responsive when cruising, and is ideal for short distances if you want something to use right out of the box

The Fireball is extremely lightweight and compact, with a fully functioning kick tail and excellent wheel bite and grip.

7. The Quest Cruiser Skateboard

the quest super cruiser bamboo
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Specs & Features

Deck7 ply Super-Flex bamboo and Hardwood Maple deck
ABEC RatingABEC-5 Bearings

Cruiser Review

This new cruiser skateboard (more akin to a longboard than a mini) is one of QUESTS most elagant designs.

It’s been carefully shaped and constructed out of cold climate maple, and this board generally performs really well cruising around the great outdoors.

We recommend this board for any level of skater. We loved using it to bomb down hills, and just for commuting to work every day.

Like we said, this board is somewhere between a longboard and a more typical ‘mini cruiser’. If you want to know more about the difference, click here.

8. Globe Chromantic Complete Skateboard

No products found. No products found.

Specs & Features

DeckResin -7
ABEC RatingABEC-7 Bearings

Cruiser Review

Another excellent contender from GLOBE, this Chromantic medium-length surf-inspired swallow-tail cruiser features excelled resin construction, and some of the best quality trucks and bearings on the market.

Known as ‘Revenge Alpha II trucks’, these bad boys are normally only used on models.

They’re excellent for providing the support and grounding a chromantic skateboard requires for making your ride comfortable.

GLOBE’s trademark cruiser wheels also make an appearance again.

They’re great for cruising about, whether you’re heading to work or just cruising down the promenade at your local beach!

9. The Globe Stubby Mini Cruiser Skateboard

globe stubby mini cruiser skateboard
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Specs & Features

DeckWalnut + resin 7 hard rock Maple
ABEC RatingABEC-7 Bearings

Cruiser Review

You’re probably wondering, why have they features GLOBE boards so many times…?

Well, it’s because we like them, and we write these articles so it’s our choice.

These boards are all designed in California, by skaters and surfers who know what they’re talking about at every stage of the manufacturing process.

So yeah, they make pretty decent cruisers.

This one has an excellent walnut resin construction, with the typical mellow concave and kicktail.

However, one customer did not that the grip-tape can run out pretty quickly on this cruiser.

How to Choose a Cruiser Skateboard: Complete Guide

Below we’ve assembled a complete and definitive buying guide for choosing, buying and riding your new cruiser skateboard.

First up, how to choose a cruiser?

We recommend you have a look at brands, decks, size, wheels and bearings when choosing your board.

If you research and check all of these, you can’t go wrong.

Best Cruiser Brands

Brands are super important when choosing your cruiser board. Different brands are better at different things, and your brand also has to fit your style, of course.


Restrospec are basically a really cool outdoor-gear focused brand. Established in 2009 by Ely Khakshouri, these guys have stayed true to their original outdoor enthusiasm.

There niche line of cruiser skateboards focus on trying to create the perfect board. Something which balances innovation, quality and performance.


Quest are a really well known brand when it comes to cruiser skateboards. Riders can generally pick up a pretty cheap cruiser if they shop with Quest.

Quest normally feature some really cool styles on their cruisers as well, with some extra features compared to other manufacturers.


Magneto are some of the oldest manufacturers in the skating industry, with other 50 years of experience and a wide range of products.

Despite this, they still remain innovative to this day, and are always releasing new lines of merchandise.


globe cruiser brands

Named for their global and expansive outlook, GLOBE was estbalished in the 1980’s and continues this day to produce quality skating gear.

With a vast crew of skaters, surfers and snowboarders working hard to create innovating products, we can’t think of any brand better for making your cruiser board than GLOBE.

Size: Mini, Classic, Penny Cruiser or Longboard?

You have to ask yourself a couple of questions about size when choosing your cruiser board.

Some boards are really small, known as mini cruisers.

Others are much more like a longboard.

Some classic boards are somewhere in between these two.

Other, very small boards are known as penny cruisers.

Try consider your requirements. If you’re pretty short with small feet, a mini cruiser is probably enough.

But, if you’re really tall with larger feet, you might prefer something between a cruiser and a longboard.

If you want to play it safe, get yourself a board between 32-42″. For kids, look for something 28-32″.

Always look at relevant reviews and size guides to find out more about the product.

Cruiser Decks

Cruiser skateboard decks come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. It’s obviously important to get something that fits right for you, but its also really important to get something which fits your style.

Some decks have really cool and interesting patterns, so always have a look at your choices before you buy!

cruiser decks 1

Some people even like to get a deck separately and make their own cruiser skateboard.

Like most skateboard decks, cruiser decks are made of glue and wood (hopefully maple). Others can be made of composites, aluminium, nylon, plexiglas, fiberglass, foam, and many other artificial materials.

We’ve even heard of some people who like to put normal skateboard wheels on a cruiser deck?

Cruiser Wheels

Wheels are the most important thing when considering the overall performance of your cruiser.

They’re the only thing between the deck and the ground, so it’s important to consider a few things about the wheels before you buy.


The diameter of your wheels, for instance, is an important thing to check out before you buy.

Cruisers generally have much bigger wheels than normal skateboards, this improves speed and balance, and makes cruiser skateboards much easier to ride.

We recommended that you choose wheels with a diameter of 60 to 65mm.


Hardness when is comes to skateboard wheels is generally referred to as a durometer.

This scale goes from a 1 to 100 rating: the higher the number, the harder the wheel.

The wheels on a cruiser skateboard normally fall between 80 and 90a. They are softer than most normal skateboards. This helps them absorb impact. Honestly, we found the cruisers reviewed in this article so comfortable. We could hardly believe our feet.


Not all skateboard wheels have the same shape. In fact, they can vary a lot between boards.

With cruisers, wheels normally have a wide round outer lip. This gives the wheels better grip on different surfaces.

Look out for this when buying, and make sure the wheels on your cruiser are never rigid and narrow.

Cruiser Trucks

Trucks are the T-shapes metal frame you will find under the deck of your cruiser. The wheels are attached to the trucks with the bearings.

The parts of trucks include the axle, hanger, kingpin and bushing.

Cruiser Bearings

If you really want to get into the performance of your cruiser, check out bearings. Bearings attach the wheels from inside the circle, and are mounted on the axles.

Bearing size is determined by the axle and wheel.

Bearings make the wheels roll smoothly. For crusing, this is obviously super important.

This is a quick guide on how to change cruiser skateboard bearings.

Cruiser Tricks

Unfortunately for you, tricks are a bit of a no-go when it comes to being a beginner on a cruiser skateboards.

However, if you’re already an advanced level skater, and can perform tricks on a normal skateboard, it’s possible to do many of the same tricks on a cruiser.

Wear the right skate shoes, and give some of these a go.

How to Ride a Cruiser Skateboard

To be fair, the video below is designed to show you how to ride a penny board, but much of the technique is exactly the same!

Riding a cruiser skateboard has a bit of a learning curve.

However, once you get the hang of it, the fun and function is endless.

You can commute, save fuel, and generally just hop around anywhere with your new cruiser.

The Best Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners

It can be really hard choosing a board as a beginner. For a start, you know nothing about skating, and second, there’s just so much on the market nowadays.

But don’t worry, we got you covered!

If you’re looking for a nice, cheap cruiser as a beginner, then we can’t recommend the Landyachtz Dinghy enough.

landyachtz dingy cruiser skateboard 1
No products found.

This board is light, portable, has top notch components, and has a super-stylish deck. It’s been really well-reviewed and comes in a very accessible form for beginners.

Longboard vs Cruiser?

We find a lot of people have the same question: what actually is the difference between a longboard and a cruiser?

Lots of boards have cruiser and longboard in the same name, so it can get really confusing.

Basically, longboards are longer (obviously) and are more useful for bombing hills and carving.

Cruisers are more for beginners, commuters, and those looking to have a bit of fun.

Final Thoughts on Cruiser Skateboard: Should I Buy One?

The question remains: Is this the right type of board for you?

Basically, do you like cruising on a comfortable board, and generally just having fun?

If so, then a cruiser could definitely be for you.

We totally loved testing all of these cruisers. They’re really comfy to ride, fit our form pretty well, and you can easily input your style into your riding experience.

The only thing we can think of is that maybe if you’re looking to do more tricks, you could be better off with a normal skateboard.

On the other hand, if you want something even more fast and commuter-focused, then go for an electric skateboard.

But, if you want a cheap, fun board to cruise around on, a cruiser skateboard is definitely the way to go.

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