13 Best Skate Shoes to Skateboard in Style in 2021

best skate shoes

What shoes are good for skateboarding? It’s a common question we’ve been trying to respond to every other day. Even the best skaters in the world keep asking. Well, the best skate shoes are crucial. They protect you against injuries in case of anything we least expect to happen. They have specific designs and for well-known purposes like to help control the board and reduce the effects of an impact. 

Designs are different as manufacturers are different. But standards and other basic formalities are constant. This is why skateboarding shoes are multipurpose. You can use them in other sports activities, like, electric scooters  , ripstiks , electric skateboards .

But how do you know the best skateboard brands or shoes? It has always been a challenge to decide upon the best skate shoes. The current market is full of counterfeit skateboard shoe sellers.

best shoes for skateboarding

When skateboarding with poorly made shoes, there can be an immense impact under your foot. Sometimes it causes injuries on your arch, ankle, or even on the heel. This is why you need the best skateboarding shoes. They are meant purposely to prevent you from such injuries.

With that in mind, every skater wants to have such shoes to look modern and fashionable. The ones we have reviewed are in fashion and trendy. So there is no need to get worried.

Additionally, we also need durable and long-lasting footwear. The different manufacturers have invented distinct styles, designs, looks, pros, and trends. We want to go with what has been around for a long while, avoiding non-brands choices. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 13 best skate shoes to skateboard in style in 2021. You only need to read through and see what pleases you.

Best Skateboard Shoes and Brands

What Are The Best Shoes For Skateboarding?

1. Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor

converse chuck taylor

Are Converse shoes good for skateboarding? Converse unisex adult Chuck Taylor is one of the best shoes for skating. You can’t fall that easy as the rubber sole increases friction between it and the skateboard. It is the favorite shoe for many. The shaft measures a high top from the arch, and the platform measuring one inch makes it admirable. We recommend converse for the skaters because it has medial eyelets for airflow.

There’s greatest air circulation with converse. The Ortholite insole will cushion you from the effect of an impact. And provide comfort and enhancing performance during skating. The price ranges from $42 to $169, making it affordable to everyone. Converse sells at a low price but still gives the greatest performance and style.

2. Nike Sb Shane Men’s Skate Shoe

Nike SB skate shoe

Nike Sb Shane men skate shoe can perform on the skateboard and the streets. It can expand in all directions with an Auxetic shape between the middle sole and outer sole. Through the expansion, it enhances the board feel while offering a consistent flick. You can lace it using the traditional eye stays or the Ghillie loops to enhance its durability. The foam sock liner with the zoom air unit guarantees safety while cushioning you from any impact.

Skaters love the design and the comfort that comes with the shoe. From the low-key pricked ventilation system at the toe to the two lacing choices, to the no break insole, you can’t get wrong by buying Nike Sb Shane for skating. One big con about this shoe is the price. The least price is $105, but that’s not a con if you consider the quality and durability of what you are buying.

3. DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoe

DC Court Graffik skate shoe

DC men’s casual skate shoe is 100% leather with a rubber sole. It comes in handy when you need increased friction between it and the skateboard. Even the less experienced skaters have tried several tricks. And all they are saying is that it’s a freaking fine shoe. We recommend them especially for skateboarding and other sports like the surf. They are durable regardless of the abuse you subject them to.

DC skate shoes are ideal for people who experience foot sweating. It has ventilation holes for the greatest hair circulations. You may feel a bit heavier if you have been wearing small ones, but you will get used and become comfortable. They have foam padded collar and tongue to give you comfort and support. Considering the prices of other brands, DC casual skate shoes are affordable. The prices range from $49 to $147.

4. NIKE SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

nike sb check solarsoft canvas

Would you like to bring some extra energy during your skating sessions? Nike SB solar soft canvas shoes are the right deal. Avoid frequent buying of the skate shoe that is non-economical by getting this shoe. The extended vamp stitching prolongs its life together with the rubber sole. The two are responsible for the durability and traction of this shoe. Solar soft sock liner should get you cushioned against impacts while providing comfort. Nike has always prioritized the client’s safety. The flex-wrap design lends for the flexibility needed in skating. The support offered by the high-density foam collar is something worth mentioning.

It is affordable, and you can get it on Amazon with prices ranging from $64 to $190. One of the best selling points of this shoe is the canvas upper. It’s strengthened in the relevant areas for lightweight durability and impact protection. Skaters adopted Nike shoes in the ’80s for durable materials and an essential flat sole. But, Nike didn’t start making shoes designed for skateboarding until 1996. Their first attempt failed. A successful skate shoe line didn’t start until 2002. The Nike SB represents the company’s attempt to rebrand its line of skate shoes to a modern audience. These shoes match enough to rival even more established skate shoe brands such as Vans or Element.

5. Supra Unisex-Adult Stacks Ii Skate Shoe

supra skate shoes

Supra is one of the best skate shoes brands. Make your regular skating sessions count. People consider Supra unisex adult skate shoes as the trendy low-top skate shoe. The lightweight design and cup sole offers excellent traction, and the board feel without compromising its performance. Skaters have always recommended it following its comfort and the way it holds up well.

Apart from skating, you can wear them when attending to other activities like daily work. Super unisex skate shoe is affordable and available on Amazon with a price tag ranging from $33 to $44. Like Vans, Supra was found and branded in California, USA. They are constructed for skaters by skaters. It started as an underground idea shared by a discrete few, and blew up after 2006.

6. Lakai Men’s Griffin Skate Shoe

lakai skate shoes

According to the report by skaters using the Lakai griffin shoes, it is durable and holds up well. Even after several months of engagement. It’s comfortable, with many agreeing that the fit and sizing are perfect for skating. It features high-quality construction and an excellent board feel. The two help in improving control and impact protection.

The board feel, grip feel, and color schemes are what skaters love most above everything else in this skate shoes. The only downside is the non-removable sole and the thin pads together with the tongue and collar. It’s affordable and costs only $64.

Rick Howard (Lakai Founder) Skate Footage

Lakai are another relatively new, California based company. Lakai was founded in 1999 when Mike Carroll and Rick Howard both decided to leave DC Shoes and start their own brand of skate shoes. Created by professional skateboarders, these shoes are a great choice.

7. Adidas Men’s Matchbreak Super Sneakers Shoes – Red

adidas skate shoe

You can’t term Adidas as a stranger in matters taking silhouette and re-engineering it. Adidas Matchbreak metallic is the most durable skate shoe. It features an inside-out construction design. If all you want is the greatest comfort and performance, this is what this skateboard shoe offers. It features an inside seamless feel liner and foxing tape that gives a significant leg up. Price is pocket friendly and affordable by many.

It is available at different prices ranging from $57 to $129. You can get them in different colors, including white, golden metallic, brick, and red. It has won the hearts of many skateboarders. The unique ventilation of mesh lining helps for breathability. The eyelets prevent lace wear and tear. The Geofit technology has matched with the modern demands of the skateboard industry.

8. Vans Unisex Classic Slip-On

vans scate shoes

People have praised the Vans unisex classic slip-on shoe. Others wonder: are Vans good for skating? They offer enough traction and board feel with its rubber sole. Vans skate shoes have given you another style to smile. They have a stylish design that would make you stand out from your skating crew. We appreciate the effortless slip-on feature and, of course, the reliability and consistency. It is pretty straightforward and less time-consuming to wear.

The design didn’t give it arch support, but it will give you superb comfort, traction, and board feel. Leave alone skating; you can also attend any other occasion with it and still kill it. They are one of the most affordable shoes, and you don’t need to break your bank account to have them. With as little as $57 to$120, you can give yourself a shoe that would be multi-occasion wear. Vans Skate Shoes were created in 1966 by two American brothers Paul and James Van Doren. Since then, Vans has become one of the most famous skate shoes globally, and for good reasons. Vans are super reliable, with good cushioning, and are unlikely to fall apart.

9. Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Sneaker

adidas scate shoe

Adidas credibility as a brand is incomparable. The brand produces simple, fashionable, and quality products. Their products look beautiful with the three-strip design. Seeley sneaker is made with materials combined to give the skater a thrilling experience. You’ll not wear it during the skating sessions only. You can also wear it when attending other daily duties like school and office. With the rubber sole, it will give you enough traction and board feel. It let you control the board in any direction without getting worried.

The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic suede, known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. You can get it in different colors, including black, scarlet, and grey. Almost every other person can afford to buy with the lowest price being $21 and the highest being $ 144. The low price has nothing to do with the quality and its stand at the far top over other shoes. Adidas is new to the world of skate shoes. Yet, using new technology and superb design, even this brand is a good contender for your new skate shoes!

10. Etnies Men’s Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe, Women 2

etnies scate shoes

Etnies kingpin skateboarding shoe is the best skate shoe for wide feet. It borrowed the design aspiration from the Etnies fader. The upper cover is solid and perforated to ensure the greatest breathability. It reduces warmth and sweat and, in return, maintains fresh air without any odor. Over the years, Etnies kingpin skateboard shoe has provided support. The heavy-duty padding on the collar and tongue ensures that the shoe fits well. You also got the freedom to adjust the laces to your liking. Etnies has considerable experience. The brand has been producing high-quality sport-related products, among them being skating shoes.

Quality has never been an issue with the brand, and we can’t argue about it. They have maintained the quality of their shoes. Their vision is to remain the most acknowledged producer in matters of sports products. With as little as $57 and up to $133, you get the shoe that will make your skateboarding experience remarkable. The Etnies brand was launched in 1986. Professional skateboarder Pierre André Sénizergues worked on designing these classic skate shoes. Etnies continues to sponsor professional skateboarders and in 2003 opened their own skate park in Lake Forest, California.

11. VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High

best vans skate shoes

Do you need special shoes for skateboarding? Vans SK8-HI unisex casual high skating shoe is popular, and you don’t need to be a skater to have heard of it. The brand creates outstanding design by combining durability, comfort, and performance aspects. The board feel, and the traction is something worth admiring. The LuxLiner and wattle control enhances the performance, durability, and traction.

The padding that comes with the design makes it compact without compromising comfort. The outer upper cover is made of suede that is durable and resistant to wear. It will take you time to notice any sign of wearing but of course with the proper care. The combination of the suede cover and the cup-sole means everything in it. A major con about this shoe is the exaggerated price. Few people are willing to part with $128 for it. Considering the level of performance and general shoe quality, it’s overpriced.

12. Emerica Men’s Wino G6 Slip-on Skate Shoe

emerica skate shoe

Making products like G6 slip-on skate shoes is what happens when a brand listens to the audience. There have been demands for a wino skate, and no doubt, there you have it. It is built after borrowing the design aspirations from the original wino. Nothing has changed but enhanced durability, comfort, and performance. It is made in the USA with a rubber sole for enhanced board feel and traction needed every other time you’re skating.

With the two-wrapped foxing and the foam insole, you get comfort and impact protection. The general design of this shoe makes it ideal for excellent foot support that comes with the flat shoe. One thing lacking in this shoe is the ventilation for breathability. We tend to believe the light upper cover reduces warmth and temperatures. Wino G6 slip-on skate shoe is available on Amazon with prices ranging from $32 to $140.

13. New Balance Men’s All Coasts 210 V1 Sneaker

nb skate shoes

Keep it cool with the New Balance Men’s All coasts210 sneaker. It’s built out of inspirations from the pro court models. Among the fantastic features includes the timeless silhouette. This is incomparable and the style that keeps your casual look at par. The canvas upper will definitely offer comfort, fit, feel, and a clean look. Featuring a herringbone vulcanized sole; it enhances durability and traction for stability. Its sole offers reliable board feel and provides impact protection.

It is available in different colors to give you a chance to match it with any of your favorite skate gears. Consider it as your multifunctional shoes. Apart from the skating, you can still dress in it and attend any other function and still stand out. The fresh foam and lace closure design offers you a secure fit and comfortable feel. It is astonishing following its low price that ranges from $20 to $125 and still offers exemplary performance. That sounds great, right?

best skate shoes

What to Look for in Skate Shoes

When heading out to buy a pair of skate shoes, it’s important to know what you’re actually looking for.

In our view, the three most important things are style (how they look, and what function they serve), cushioning (how good they are at protecting your feet and ankles when moving) and durability (how long they will last and how much abuse they can handle).


Generally speaking, there are two different styles when it comes to skate shoes.

Vulcanized soles are more similar to casual shoes. They are slimmer, lighter and more flexible. However, they sacrifice their cushioning.

vulcanized vs cupsole skate shoe

Cup sole shoes on the other hand are much more protective of your feet. These are designed for skaters whow ill face more impact, performing harder tricks, and jumping from heights.


Next, we think it’s important to learn about cushioning. Most skate shoes come with a midsole made from EVA foam. This helps with impact when your foot or board hits the ground.

If you want a more durable midsole, go for PU foam as it may last longer than PU. It does come at a greater cost, though.

skate shoes on skateboard

Another thing to look out for is dual heel cushioning. This is often featured in vulcanized shoes to make up for their thinner soles. Another feature is a heel collar for added stability.


Finally, in order to get a product you’re happy with, it’s important to check out the durability of different items.

Lace guards, for instance, are a good feature which stops all of the impact from skating ruining your skate shoes.

The upper part of your shoe is obviously really important, so look out for the material on this part of your shoe to make sure its of good quality. Triple stitching and a gum rubber outer sole are also things to look out for.

Skate Shoes Style Guide

The question remains, what else can you wear with these type of shoes? We’ve compiled a helpful guide to give you tips on what else to wear with your brand new shoes!

Flannel Shirts

You’ve definitely seen skaters at every park rocking these shoes with a baggy checkered flannel shirt. Below are a couple we think are comfy, and look sick!

billabong mens furnace flannel shirt
Billabong Men’s Furnace Flannel – Get it via Amazon

This shirt from Billabong is super comfy, and pretty much goes with anything you can think of. Take your pick from the shoes above and rock them with this shirt!

volcom mens long sleeve shirt
Volcom Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt – Get it via Amazon

If you’re going for a bit more of a smart vibe then this Volcom shirt might be the way to go. Volcom are a super reliable and reputable brand and this shirt, like the Billabong one above, pretty much goes with anything.

billabong mens hoodie flannel
Billabong Men’s Baja Flannel – Get it via Amazon

This flannel is more of a hybrid between a shirt and a hoodie. You might be looking for something surfer-esque that will keep you warm at the skate park during your evening sesh, if so this one might be good for you!


These beanies are another item of clothing that are basically quintessential to skate attire. Below we’ve got two of our favorites, one for guys, and one for gals.

element mens skate beanie
Element Skate Beanie – Get it via Amazon

The element skate beanie is a really authentic and stylistic choice for keeping your head warm! Like most skate clothing, it goes with pretty much anything, and will look great if you match it with these element shoes.

brixton womens skate beanie hat 1
Brixton Women’s Skate Beanie- Get it via Amazon

This Brixton beanie is super comfy, and is baggy enough to get all your hair in no problems. It’s made of super comfy material and is great for keeping your head warm.

Skate Jumpers

Skate jumpers (nice warm jumpers from popular skating/surfing brands) are another great way to complete the look that you started by investing in the shoes in this article.

dc mens skate jumper
DC Skate Jumper – Get it via Amazon

This jumper from popular skate brand DC is suitable for guys and gals because of it’s comfy, extra-baggy material and design. Its reeeeeaaally comfy but it’s also fitted enough to not get in the way whilst skating.

thrasher skate jumper
Thrasher Skate Jumper – Get it via Amazon

Thrasher have always been a brand who produce insanely popular pieces of clothing every now and then. This jumper is one which you’ve probably seen around all the time at skate parks. You can get one for a damn affordable price on Amazon!

Get your Skate on

get your skate on

Every single skateboarder has their own unique style. Your feet and shoes, in general, suffer a lot! Especially if you are a skateboarder or longboarder. Selecting the right skate shoes is very critical and crucial. You need protection, comfort and if you want to go that extra mile, whatever is trending!

Find the balance between personal style and experience with skating to find the best skate shoe that suits your needs, whether it’s a self-balancing hoverboard or skateboard you’re riding!

If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, and you need something more functional, maybe check out our hiking boots article!

Otherwise, we just hope that everything in this article has been helpful and that we’ve covered all the bases. Happy skating!

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