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Skateboarder Nash Taking Photos of James

Welcome to the Active Thrills community! We, Nash and I, are the owners and authors of this special platform. We are so thrilled to say that this is definitely running actively to continue sharing all information and knowledge that we have about skateboarding, extreme sports, and gadgets in order to reach more and more people all over the world.

Active Thrills is a place where skateboarding turns into art. We provide you with stunning images, awesome pictures, and videos, inspiration, and review of everything about the topics mentioned above. We are here to help people by striving to create a place for everything you need to know about the life of a skateboarder, an adventurer, and a techie buff. For questions, please visit our contact page.


Skateboarder James and Nash

JAMES HADEN (skateboarder and extreme sports enthusiast)

The Active Thrills community started because of one thing: a need to do something out of the ordinary. Since college, both Nash and I love to skateboard on the streets as our bonding, even when it’s already dark. Having the same eagerness for it makes us the best of friends, and we never get tired of it. Then, out of nowhere, the time came that I wanted something new – a project, a new hobby or anything that can add color to the same cycle. That curiosity led me to realize that my best friend Nash has an eye for photography and videos. This marked the beginning of turning our hobby of skateboarding and photo sessions into even something better – a collaboration. I thought, “If Nash is so good at taking photos and is really a techie guy, and I’m into skateboarding, why don’t we do something about?” I was glad that Nash didn’t doubt the idea.

This is the start of the Active Thrills blog and its unceasing adventure of getting in touch with its readers who also find those exhilarating.

Being an avid reader, my constant inquisitive mind has also led to expanding the content of the blog – from skateboarding to various kinds of exciting recreational activities such as snowboarding, diving, hiking, biking, and the like. Nash would always hunt for topics about gadgets and cameras while I gather even cheats, tricks, and helpful tips for pursuing leisure.

Skateboarder James Haden

NASH GIBSON (photo hobbyist and gadget geek)

I have always loved skateboarding with my bestie James. Whenever we are together, just lending his ears when I talk about the best GoPro alternative cameras, or even when we literally talk about anything. James would always support me whenever we endlessly have photo walk sessions – I just really love the capturing the motion effect as my subject! Even before, I had this feeling that I know that this passion will lead me somewhere – I just didn’t know how or where I would start. To my astonishment, little did I know that our little adventures almost every night and conversations will turn into a bigger endeavor: writing articles about skateboarding and eventually, adding more topics as a result of our ever growing curiosity and interest in the world of skateboarding, sports, and technology.  We are so happy to share all this stuff on our blog, and we are grateful to enrich other people’s insights.

This is just the beginning of something that we really want to divulge in. As we want to improve the contents and topics for our blog, it would be really helpful to send us your suggestions and comments.  We take pride to be given the opportunity to write and reach you through this blog. Although we love to spread stuff, we also want to hear your ideas and anything that you want to share.

Skateboarder Nash Taking Photos of James

The Active Thrills community will always try to continue to be your #1 go-to place for the current updates about your favorite extreme sport, any gadgets you want to try, and even reviews of products you want to consider buying. Stay tuned for more posts!

Sending you cheers and lots of energy, 

James and Nash

Owners and Authors of Active Thrills