3 Best Hoverboards for Sale on Amazon Right Now (2021)

3 Best Hoverboards for Sale on Amazon Right Now

Hoverboards have received lots of bad press recently in the media which caused this product to almost be taken off the shelves.  People started talking about this when certain governmental instances around the world try to regulate everything around the product after a few incidents happened. But it all changed now, as safe and great hoverboards for sale on Amazon are now available.

Best Hoverboards for Sale on Amazon Reviewed

Below our favorite picks of hoverboards that we have tested and reviewed that are the best and safest on the market right now.

#1 Swagtron

Recommended for children under 17

Hoverboard For Sale On Amazon
SWAGTRON T1 Hoverboard – Price: $249.99 – Get it via Amazon

This entry-level model is great for kids and people looking to hover for fun and travel short distances. This is by far the best hoverboard for sale on Amazon you will find, that goes for under 400 US$. Even if think you’ve found a similar one for cheaper, we wouldn’t recommend buying it, as there might still be a few Chinese knockoffs on the market. This one is the real thing, comes with a full warranty and as a premium made a battery for greater safety. Don’t risk it all to save a couple bucks on these products as you can still find great hoverboards for sale on Amazon that are not cheap and well made.



This is one of the hoverboards on the market right now that goes up to 10 km/h (8mp/h).  This might not be ideal for adults, but it’s a great thing if you are looking to buy a hoverboard for sale on Amazon for children.


This one really rides with ease, and as a smooth acceleration which makes it easier to control.  It’s also really malleable and turns really well on all surfaces.  If you have a kid and are looking for something safe, this is the model for you.


Above-average 6 hour battery.  This Hoverboard fully charges under 60 minutes which is great, since you don’t have to wait overnight to use it. It comes with a battery indicator that makes (loud) noise when the battery is running out.


This company offers a 1-year full warranty. Meaning that if for any reason, your motor board or any other pieces break, they’ll work with you to replace whatever is broken. This company also has a customer service department.

#2 TOMOLOO Hoverboard

Best Hoverboards For Sale
TOMOLOO Hoverboard – Get it via Amazon


This by far is the best hoverboard you will find on the market at this price. TOMOLOO is a known company in the industry and has a great reputation.  Trust us, they have lived to the expectation with this model. Rarely have we used a hoverboard this smooth. At the moment, this is clearly the best hoverboard for sale on Amazon you will find.  So you are looking for a top of the line product, at a decent price, don’t look any further, this model is the one for you!



This hoverboard is great for anyone that is looking for a way to go faster and have fun. This model can reach speeds up to 7.4 mp/h.  This is ideal for grown kids and adults as it offers a much better feel and will actually take you from point A to point B much faster.


This innovative model features a 0-degree turning radius and gyroscopic self-balancing technology that offers a smoother feel and almost makes you feel as if you were actually hovering. This model reacts much better to your every movement, as it’s much more sensitive. For the price, it’s absolutely impossible to find a better product, that feels as good and reacts as well as this one.


This product comes with a Lithium-ion battery which is one of the best on the market. For all you people that have seen videos of Hoverboards catching fire, they clearly didn’t have this type of battery.  These are built to last.

#3 Hover-1 Titan

Recommended for all hoverboard lovers

Original Monster Wheel For Sale On Amazon Hoverboard
Hover-1 Titan – Get it via Amazon

The Ferrari of Hoverboards has arrived! Hover-1 just put on the market this one of a kind product, and it’s the talk of the town in the industry. It’s quite impressive all the progress when it comes to touch and feel that have been made to this version. The board is made bigger, and offer more space for the foot, the feel is smoother and it’s probably the lightest on the market right now.



This one is a bit faster than the other models as it goes up to 6,3mp/h.  It has been said that it can be modified to reach speeds ranging close to the 10mp/h.  We obviously don’t recommend it, as your board won’t be under warranty afterward, but let’s just say that it’s doable …


The uniqueness of this product really comes from the feel of it when you’re on it. The new technology that InMotion came up with offers a zero degree turning radius. In simple French, this means that even at full speed, the hoverboard will react extremely well if you need to make a sharp turn.  It can also go up 30° hills, which is not true for all models.

This is by far the best model for you if you are looking for a hoverboard to roam the streets.


Offers decent battery life as you can travel for up to 12 miles on a single charge.  It also offers a premium quality battery that won’t catch on fire or break at any given time.


This model comes with the full coverage warranty offered by Amazon.

Hoverboard Prices and Cost

Now, before we go any further, let’s take a minute to discuss the price you should expect to pay for a hoverboard. The hoverboard price depends on a lot of things, the main reasons are speed, size, and Bluetooth feature.  The Bluetooth feature is not a deal maker but it’s definitely a cool feature to have.  The most expensive hoverboards have built-in, wireless, speakers. So you can safely listen to your music while you’re roaming the streets.  The reason the manufacturers added this feature is because it is illegal to ride on bicycles (and eventually hoverboards) with headphones.

Most Affordable

Most hoverboards currently sell on Amazon for around 120 US$. At that price you get a basic one, that does not offer decent stability and speed. A point you need to consider if you’re a man is that many of these basic ones only support 220 lbs. (about 100kg). Now if you are looking for a mid-range product, expect to pay around 200$. For this price, you get a bigger hoverboard, with better components.  The battery life is usually about equal to the cheaper ones, the major difference is that the full charge takes roughly around 60 minutes. Which is quite fast for a product this big.

Highest Quality

The highest hoverboard price we have come around is 230$. It offers top of the line materials, LED lights, and a better battery. For those of you who are still concerned about the battery, this specific 230$ hoverboard offers off-road tires that are made to last. Now that you know what to expect in terms of the product price and quality, you will find below a list with reviews of the 3 best hoverboards for sale on Amazon right now.

Do Hoverboards really Hover?

Obviously, they don’t, as you’ve probably seen in the picture they have two wheels. Some companies currently work on “real hoverboards“, but trust us, we’ve read a lot about these and we’re quite far from Marty Mcfly’s skateboard!

The hoverboard is simply the common name used for this device, which could, in fact, be called something like an electric scooter, a self-balancing scooter, or a motorized transporter (?). No matter how you want to call it, the facts remain the same, it’s a great toy to own, and it will definitely take you from point A to B much faster than if you simply walk. Walking is so 2015 anyway.

For the purpose of this article, let’s just pretend that they are hoverboards … trust us, if someone comes up with something that actually hovers, we’ll be the first one to jump on the product and we’ll gladly rewrite every article !!! But for now, we’ll just go forward and present you with the best hoverboards for sale on Amazon right now, and keep dreaming of the day we’ll all be able to fly on skateboards.

Learn how to hoverboard

Getting used to riding a hoverboard takes a few minutes. We definitely recommend you try this for the first with someone around to hold on.  The first time you can on this thing, it will feel anything but intuitive.

If you getting on this thing for the first time and are alone at home, you should definitely wear a helmet. You might have seen what happened to Mike Tyson, this can happen to any of us when trying a new sport. Don’t think you’ll be better than anyone else, please use with safety. Once you get the feel of it, they are extremely fun to ride and will eventually feel like riding a bike, you just think about it.

Mini Segway Board Riding Instructions
How to Ride a Hoverboard

Getting on your hoverboard

Gently put one foot on. The hoverboard will turn as you put your weight on it. Don’t hesitate, and get on it! Make sure you stand straight, don’t bend the knees, and keep your weight in the middle of the board.

Go Forward

First, you have to find your balance, this is the hardest part.  Once you did, all you have to do to go forward is to lean a just little bit to the front. Put some pressure on your toe fingers and let it ride.

Go backward

Easy, once you figure out how to go forward, you’ll get the feel, all you’ll have to do is tilt a bit to the back. It will move by itself.


Turning is a bit tricky the first time, as when you put your weight on the right foot, the hover will turn left and vice versa.


Getting Off

Do not EVER jump off the hoverboard, this is simple physic. You will most probably fell awkwardly and injured yourself. Do not either get off by going forward. If you do so you will put weight on the board and it will go forward at full speed, hit you in the ankle and throw you to the ground.

The way to get off is to stand still, find your balance, and go off from the back, one foot at the time. Don’t mess around with this part as it’s the main reason why people fall when hoverboarding, as you can see for yourself in this hilarious hoverboard fail movie.

Amazon Policy Update for Hoverboards

The reason such problems happened was due to the fact that ALL of these hoverboards were knockoffs from China that were bought on Amazon. These products were made from faulty batteries and weak components that could easily break and cause a fire. Since these terrible incidents happened, Amazon changed all the rules and now only sale hoverboard from certified American brands.

Now that everything is settled, and that such accidents won’t happen again, customers can now buy hoverboards with a peace of mind. Resellers learn their lesson and now provide much more reliable and safer products.  Amazon has been at the forefront of the war against knockoffs and now spots false resellers extremely fast protecting consumers from buying terrible products.

Pay for High-quality Hoverboards

Now here’s the twist, like you probably already guessed; price went up a bit.  Before you could easily get a hoverboard for around 300 US$. Now that these products are only sold by legitimate companies that use top of the line components, hoverboard prices went a bit up, but at what cost. By paying a little bit more, you are now sure to buy a product that offers a lifetime warranty and won’t catch on fire.  If you ask us, that’s definitely worth the extra bucks you will pay.

Hoverboard for Sale

Choosing your Hoverboard

After receiving many emails from readers asking us about our latest articles, we decided to answer all the questions in this article. We looked at all the different models and emailed the different suppliers to make sure we would only feature legitimate ones. Don’t be fooled by the look of the hoverboard, Chinese manufacturers are extremely good at reproducing products and make them look like the original one.

Since we don’t want you to fall into a trap and end up buying a bad hoverboard and see yourself or your children get injured, we have come up with this short but clear list with reviews of the 3 best hoverboards for sale on Amazon that you can find below if you keep reading.

Buying a Hoverboard

Until a few months ago, the market was full of poorly built and dangerous hoverboards. It’s definitely a good thing that Amazon finally looked into it and changed the regulations, both for product quality insurance and for YOUR own safety. We know a lot of our readers were bothered by the fact that all hoverboards looked pretty much the same and that the most expensive ones didn’t have a special look to make them stand out and easier to recognize when buying.

And that’s the exact reason why we made this shortlist, so you could find great hoverboards for sale on Amazon without worrying if you were getting a good, bad or ugly product.  All the ones featured in this article have been hand-picked by our staff at The Skateboarder especially for our client’s need and safety. What are your thoughts?

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