Types of eBikes for a Fully loaded Electric Ride

eBikes are continuing to gain popularity all over the world. Electric bicycles have been around for some time, people are now hailing them as the next wave of cycling technology.

Types of eBikes, such as commuter, moped style or fat tire eBikes, offer an affordable, environmentally friendly, fun, and efficient way to get around. Fulfilling the promise and potential of flattening hills, lightening the load, and extending distances, electric bicycles, such as city commuter electric bike, are a viable and affordable transportation choice for busy and active lifestyles that will not break the bank.

When it comes to choosing an electric bike, you’ve many designs and features to consider. Keep in mind that the best electric bike for you is the one that is designed for your specific riding needs, whether you are looking for a commuter model that hauls home the groceries or the best adventure eBike that can conquer rugged hills.

When looking for the most suitable e-bike the technology as well as sheer number of options can seem daunting and overwhelming, but by outlining the various electric bicycle types available we hope to make this process a bit simpler for you.

Let’s explore the different types of eBikes available in JUICED BIKES store, so you can make the right decision.

Ultimate Fat-Tire E-Bikes

There is no doubt that fat-tire eBikes are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after and popular styles of electric bike on the market, for good reason. From user-friendly and stable bike path cruisers to powerful bruisers designed for heavy off-road use, the best fat tire eBikes are having a bit of a moment right now. 

You will be happy to know that a fat-tire ebike, such as all-terrain fat-tire eBike, has the fantastic advantage of having four-inch to five-inch-wide fat tires. These tires have considerably more surface contact with the road, offering you enhanced stability and traction.

Check out some Fat Tire eBikes available in JUICED BIKES store

Rip Current – Electric Fat-Tire Bike


Speed: 28 MPH — 45+ Mile Range — 52V 15 Ah Battery

Rip Current S Step-Through NEW

Fat-Tire Step-Through Electric Bike


Speed: 28 MPH — 70+ Mile Range — 52V 19.2 Ah Battery

RipCurrent S

Electric Fat-Tire Bike


Speed: 28 MPH — 70+ Mile Range — 52V 19.2 Ah Battery


The places a fat-tire eBike can take you are nearly limitless: these bikes can traverse rocky roads, unpaved rail-trails, sandy beaches, snowy suburbs, mountain bike trails, and even urban jungles, depending on trail difficulty as well as your handling skills.

The best thing is that fat-tire electric bikes come in various frame styles and power levels and provide you with a wonderful combination of practicality, versatility, and excitement. Do not let their chunky tires and rugged looks fool you.

Note that fat bike tires tend to take the pressure notion to the extreme. While you may run 60+ psi for a road bike and 20+ psi for a mountain bike, remember that fat eBikes allow you to ride easily with as little as five to ten psi in your tires.


Fat-tire electric bikes have their disadvantages as well. This is why you should be fully aware of these before buying one. First, fat-tire electric bicycle are heavier and bulkier than their conventional counterparts. This is especially true when you use them as heavy-duty mountain bikes. Did you know that they can weigh anywhere between 60 and 80 lbs, compared to standard electric bicycles, which usually weigh 45t to 60 lbs.

As a result, electric fat-tire bikes are not suitable for mountain biking, mainly because they are much harder to handle. Secondly, the unique combination of the fat tire ebikes decreased tire pressure, relatively heavier frames, and rolling resistance make fat-tire electric bicycles feel slower and more sluggish than other types of bikes.  

Moped-Style Step-Through E-Bikes

moped style

You may have noticed that moped-style electric bikes are now everywhere as companies are rushing to launch fun-sized electric bikes reminiscent of the famous 1980s minibike craze. The best offer : motorbike-sized wheels, a sporty and comfy ride stance, and seating for two riders.

Moped-style eBikes are essentially regular electric bikes at the core except with a design and features closer to that of the classic moped. Also, these electric bikes usually have larger motors as well as full suspension that closely reflect the power of a scooter.

Moped style eBikes, such as Juiced Scorpion eBike, have become very popular as a mix of pedaled bikes and motor vehicles. These bikes simplify transit as they are compacter and you can readily drive them throughout the city.

Check out some Moped-Style eBikes available in JUICED BIKES store

Scorpion X

Electric Moped-Style Bike


best electric moped style design

Speed: 28 MPH — 55+ Mile Range — 52V 15Ah Battery

Hyper Scorpion

Electric Moped-Style Bike


Speed : 30+ MPH — 70+ Mile Range — 52V 19.2 Ah Battery

Delivery Moped style eBike

express delivery moped style ebike

This is the one we think is the best moped for teenager even the adults wouldn’t hold back! Great investment .

Hyper Scorpion Express

Electric Delivery Bike


Speed : 30+ MPH — 70+ Mile Range — 52V 19.2 Ah Battery


Moped-style step-through electric bicycles often have extra seating space for another passenger. They also have sporty geometry and boast other characteristics, such as full suspension and unique moped-sized wheels

Additionally, there are even models with shock-absorbing fat tires and models that can match mopeds for speed using powerful motors with 1500 W of power.


However, these eBikes have a considerably bigger volume than regular electric bikes and don’t offer many health advantages associated with a bicycle. Also, they cannot handle all types of terrain.

Epic Adventure E-Bikes

epic adventure e bikes

Some riders are looking for a powerful and versatile electric bike for their cycling adventures, be it in the busy city or the mountains. Adventure eBikes are perfect electric bicycles for this job. Some of the best adventure eBikes feature a 7-speed gear shifter and up to three cycling modes. 

Every riding possibility and option can be yours with the extreme versatility of adventure eBikes. For example, electric eBikes offer a comfortable and smooth riding experience, even if you head off paved roads.

You can escape the city as well as the rat race with an adventure electric bike that can beat them all. These bikes are super comfortable and simple to get on and off, with powerful assistance.

Check out some Adventure eBikes available in JUICED BIKES store


Electric Adventure Bike


electric moped style bicycle

Speed: 28MPH — 45+ Mile Range — 52V 13 Ah Battery

HyperScrambler 2

Dual Battery E-Bike


dual buttery electric moped

Speed: 30+ MPH — 100+ Mile Range — 52V 19.2 Ah Battery


Adventure electric bikes have more than enough juice in order to power through any adventure, from cruises on biking trails to daily commutes. Some of these bikes have excellent features, such as an LED four-speed smart meter button if you would like to go full throttle.

You can breeze through the city, haul any load, and conquer any hill.  And you have the power to do it all – some eBikes have the 25 km/h speed assist for you at all times. This is why adventure electric bikes are intuitive and the best way to get from one point to another and everywhere in between.


Most adventure eBikes have huge batteries, which are very heavy. This increases the weight of the bike as well. Also, you may not get an excellent workout on them. With other types of eBikes, most of the work will likely come from your legs, and that keeps you healthy. These adventure eBikes may not give you a vigorous workout. And when carrying a passenger, it is difficult to pedal these electric bikes as they are heavy.

Top-Rated Commuter E-Bikes

The daily commute to work for an average individual can be a lot of different things. For example, it can be several miles spent in a vehicle every morning and evening or an hour or more on public transit a day. On the other hand, cycling to work can leave you worn out and even sweating. How can you solve this dilemma? You can get an electric bike!  

You should know that electric road bikes or commuter bikes cover any eBike ideal for road riding, like lightweight commuter bikes and racing bikes. Did you know that most electric bikes in this category are forward-leaning, have narrower saddles and tires, lack suspension, and have a greater emphasis on lightweight design?

Check out some Commuter E-Bikes from JUICED BIKES store

CrossCurrent X Step-Through

Ultimate Commuter Bike


Speed : 28 MPH — 65+Mile Range — 52V 15 Ah Battery

CrossCurrent S2

Electric Commuter E-Bike


city commuter electric bicycle

Speed: 28MPH — 65+ Mile Range — 52V 15 Ah Battery

CrossCurrent X

Ultimate Commuter Bike


commuter ebikes

Speed : 28 MPH — 80+ Mile Range — 52V 15 Ah Battery


The best eBike for long commute to work means you will not just get to work much quicker, but the powerful electrical motor assist means that you will expend less energy during commute and arrive dry, comfy, and ready for the day. Plus, using a commuter e-bike can save plenty of money compared to the high cost of driving your vehicle to work every day.

Also, the best eBike for commuting to work leverages advanced pedal-assist technologies and a top-quality component spec. They also boast a suspension fork in order to take the edge out of all those pesky potholes.


Some commuter eBikes have huge batteries and weigh 10 pounds, which makes it a big pain to take it with you for more security after you lock up the bike.

Final Thoughts

Electric bikes, such as commuter bikes, are becoming a significant part of the modern cycling industry. And in many parts of the world, eBikes account for up to 50 percent of new bikes sold. There is no doubt that eBikes are incredibly popular among casual riders, commuters, older riders, and people who ride for exercise.

When it comes to choosing between various eBikes types, such as adventure bikes, there is really no “correct” decision. You have to figure out what type of eBike works well for your needs and preferences. If you just have to commute to work every day, a commuter eBike is the obvious choice.

On the other hand, if you want an electric bike that allows you to go anywhere regardless of the weather conditions, a fat-tire eBike is definitely the best choice.

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