19 Kickass Dirt Bike for Sale for Kids and Adults in 2021

Dirt Jump Bike

To the ordinary eye, it can be difficult to distinguish the various motorcycles you see on the road, parking lot, or on the television. Take for example the common motorcycle you see on the streets, how does it differ from a dirt bike? For starters, while these motorcycles both have two-wheels it has varying design, structure, and components. 

Dirt Bike Images

Furthermore, the typical street motorcycle is made from metal and comes with a substantial design. Dirt bikes, on the other hand, are normally built from hard plastics and with minimal metal. A closer look also at the tires, you will discover that the ordinary motorcycle has smooth and wide tires that provide consistency on the road. Meanwhile, dirt bike tires are slender and come with nobs and treads for a stronger grip.

What is the Difference between a Pit Bike and a Dirt Bike?

Dirt Bike Photos

Now, if you have come across a pit bike, you will notice that this bike looks similar to a dirt bike. One can say that the pit bike is the small version of a full-scale dirt bike. Aside from the frame, pit bikes have large handlebars while dirt bike handlebars are proportioned with its heavier frame. 

The tires likewise of a dirt bike have rubber on its external surface which allows it to properly maneuver on rocky terrains, dirt, sand or even mud. Pit bikes, on one hand, do not have rubber on their tires. When it comes to maintenance, dirt bikes need periodic upkeep for optimal performance, while pit bikes require minimal servicing. In terms of price, pit bikes are more affordable compared to dirt bikes which are on the expensive side.

Dirt Bike Price

How Much is a Dirt Bike?

Basically, there are brand new bikes in the market right now that you can roughly purchase at $300 to $1000. Of course, if you prefer branded ones the price can hike up to approximately $2000 t0 $10, 000.

How Much Does a Kid Dirt Bike Cost?

In the meantime, you can find affordable dirt bikes for kids starting at $100 to $1000. Then again, if you favor branded products expect to spend at a price of $1000 to $7000.

The Best Dirt Bikes for Sale

To give you an idea of the various bikes you can find in the market, here is our round-up of the 19 kick ass dirt bike for sale.

Razor MX350

Dirt Bikes For Sale
Razor MX350 Electric Dirt Motocross Bike – Get it via Amazon

A powerful electric dirt bike, the Razor MX350 is suitable for riders 13 years old and up. This formidable bike can hold weight up to 140 pounds. It delivers a top speed of 14 mph, big knobby tires, and flexible handlebars.

Razor Dirt SX500 McGrath

Electric Dirt Bike
Razor Dirt SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike – Get it via Amazon

Next on our list, is a bike named after the famous motocross rider Jeremy McGrath. The Razor Dirt SX500 McGrath is a product that received rave reviews on Amazon. Ideal for riders 14 years old and above, this bike can carry riders with a maximum weight of 175 pounds. It features a top speed of 15 mph, dual suspension, and huge pneumatic knobby tires.

Toxozers 49cc 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Bike

50Cc Dirt Bike
Toxozers 49cc 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Motorcross Bike – Get it via Amazon

Although many parents are hesitant to let their kids ride on a dirt bike, however, this sport can be an exciting way to introduce your child to an outdoor adventure. Instead of spending hours staring at a tablet or a phone, let them experience riding a great beginner bike like the Toxozers 49cc 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Motorcross Bike. This product showcases a fuel-efficient 2-stroke engine, 25 mph top speed, and is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved.

Icebear 125cc Bike

125Cc Dirt Bike
Icebear 125cc Motorcross Bike – Get it via Amazon

Meanwhile, this Icebear 125cc Motorcross Bike is suitable for both dirt biking or trail riding. It is a 4 stroke, 125 CC dirt bike with a 4-speed manual clutch.

Apollo 250cc Bike

250Cc Dirt Bike
Apollo 250cc Bike – Get it via Amazon

If you are looking for a 250CC bike, check out this Apollo Bike. Though the brand is not popular compared to others, this 4 stroke bike offers a top speed of 70 mph. Aside from that, you’ll be happy to know that the company has remarkable customer service.

Razor MX650

Dirt Bike Helmet
Razor MX650 Electric Bike – Get it via Amazon

The Razor MX650 Electric Bike boasts of steel construction that can hold weight up to 220 pounds. It offers a top speed of 17 mph, chain-driven motor, and even comes with a full-face helmet.

DR-X HoolShot 2-Stroke Off-Road Bike

Dirt Bike Cheap
DR-X HoolShot 2-Stroke Off-Road Bike – Get it via Amazon

Notably, the DR-X HoolShot is a low-priced dirt bike perfect for beginners. It can hold up weight up to 128 lbs., built with excellent materials that can withstand tough scenarios, and compatible with riders 13 years old and above.

DR-X Holeshot-X 

Dirt Bike For Cheap
DR-X Holeshot-X 50cc Fully Automatic Pit Bike – Get it via Amazon

Don’t let the small size fool you. The DR-X Holeshot-X 50cc Fully Automatic Pit Bike is small but with its 50CC engine it can bring you anywhere you want to go! This dirt bike has a top speed of 24.9 mph, can carry weight up to 160 lbs., and is durable to handle tricky situations.

Coolster QG-210

70Cc Dirt Bikes
Coolster QG-210 70cc Bike – Get it via Amazon

On one hand, the Coolster QG-210 is a 70CC dirt bike that provides a maximum speed of 34 mph. It is a 4 stroke, single-cylinder bike suitable for youth and adults.

Burromax Electric Mini Pocket Bike

[amazon fields=”B071JPQ741″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”mini pocket dirt bike ” image_align=”center”]

Indeed, the Burromax Electric Mini Pocket Bike is one fancy bike fitting for riders 6 years old and above. With its top speed of 14 mph and a 250W motor, make this bike a very smooth ride that screams fun.

49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Off-Road Bike

kids mini dirt bike
49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Off-Road Bike – Get it via Amazon

With its sleek design, this 49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Off-Road Bike is ideal for both male and female riders! It delivers a quick pull start and solid rear shock suspension.

Razor MX400

Dirt Bike Cheap For Sale
Razor MX400 Electric Bike – Get it via Amazon

At an affordable price of $341.95, the Razor MX400 Electric Bike will fulfill any dirt bike riders dream! This bike is compatible with riders 13 years old and above comes with flexible handlebars, and provides a top speed of 14 mph.

Tao DB10

A Dirt Bike
Tao Bike DB10 – Get it via Amazon

Perfect for day adventure is the Tao Bike DB10. This bike received good reviews on Amazon. It is a 4-stroke, gas-powered, single-cylinder, and automatic dirt bike.

Powersports 49cc-250cc Dirtbike Motorcycle

Dirt Bike 250
Powersports 49cc-250cc Dirtbike Motorcycle – Get it via Amazon

Here is another cool dirt bike suitable for kids and adults. Ride this Powersports 49cc-250cc Dirtbike Motorcycle in parks and trails and for sure you’ll capture the attention of others!

Fit Right 40cc Mini Dirt Bike

[amazon fields=”B08JWCG4KW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Dirt Bike For Sale Near Me” image_align=”center”]

One of the great ways to start your kid with dirt bikes is to get them this electric Fit Right 40CC Mini Dirt Bike. It can hold up to 160 lbs., has a fully automatic chain drive transmission, and a sturdy metal tube steel frame for extra stability that makes this the ideal trail kids dirt bike for any teen rider.

Coolster 70cc Semi-Automatic Gas Bike

Dirt Bike Gas
Coolster 70cc Semi-Automatic Gas Bike – Get it via Amazon

In case you are not an expert builder, do not worry because the Coolster 70cc Semi-Automatic Gas Bike will be delivered 90% assembled at your doorstep. Those searching for a beginner pit bike will find the gas-powered Coolster Dirt Bike dependable at a reasonable price.

XtremepowerUS 2-Stroke Gas Power Off-Road Bike

Dirt Bike 2 Stroke
XtremepowerUS 2-Stroke Gas Power Off-Road Bike – Get it via Amazon

Particularly, the XtremepowerUS 2-Stroke Gas Power Off-Road bike is a product that is simple to assemble. It is a 2-stroke, 49CC gas bike that is constructed with sturdy materials.

Dirt Bike for Kids

Find the best (and safest) dirt bikes for kids to get started learning on a young age.

Best Choice Kids Bike w/ Training Wheels

Dirt Bikes For Kids Electric
Best Choice Kids Bike w/ Training Wheels – Get it via Amazon

With smartphones and tablets dominating kids’ and toddlers’ attention nowadays, why not let them have fun outside with the Best Choice Kids Bike with Training Wheels? This bike delivers a speed of 2 mph and features simple to operate controls. It likewise includes training wheels to guarantee your kid’s security.

Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R 

Dirt Bike For Kids For Sale
Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R Bike – Get it via Amazon

Alternately, kids will enjoy riding this Best Ride On Cars Honda CRF250R Bike. This bike for kids includes training wheels, realistic sounds, and stylish design.

Kids Bike Sports Safety Pads

Dirt Bike Gear For Kids
Kids Bike Sports Safety Pads – Get it via Amazon

Professional dirt bike riders wear protective gear when they go for a ride. It shouldn’t be different with kids whether they are riding just for fun or doing it as a competitive sport.

Dirt Bike Videos

Watch this awesome short video showing dirt bikes in action!

Can You Drive a Dirt Bike on the Street?

Based on federal laws, dirt bikes are illegal on the road unless you already converted it to a street-legal vehicle. The requirements differ from state to state thus, we highly advise that you verify the road laws in your particular location. Having said that, below are a few of the motorcycle regulations in the “Federal Minimum Requirement”:

  • Tires must be Department of Transportation (DOT) sanctioned
  • Headlights should also be (DOT) authorized and must have high and low functionalities
  • One rearview mirror, however, there are a few states that stipulates two
  • Horn, take note that there are some states that impose electric horns

Do You Need a License to Drive a Dirt Bike?

As previously mentioned, motorcycle road provisions change from state to state. Nevertheless, one standard norm with all states is the need for a motorcycle license. Normally, an individual will need the following: motorcycle license, permit, and endorsement. Again, you can determine all of this by checking the state-specific provisions where you reside.

What Do I Need to Drive a Dirt Bike?

To ensure your own or your kid’s safety while riding a dirt bike, see to it that you have the following:

Dirt Bike Gear

Dirt Bike Gear
Motocross Full Body Armor Protector – Price: $49.99 – Get it via Amazon

The first thing to remember when riding dirt bikes or any motorcycle is to put on your gear to guarantee your protection.

You can purchase a used dirt bike or a second-hand one for your beginner bike. However, when it comes to gears we highly recommend buying new ones to ensure its quality.

Check out the cool Motocross Full body armor on the right! Tried and tested, this armor can guaranty protection and safety while riding.

Dirt Bike Helmet

Best Dirt Bike Helmet
YM-915 Off-Road Dirt Bike Helmet – Price: $79.99 – Get it via Amazon

Keep in mind that dirt bike helmet is built differently from an ordinary motorcycle or street bike headgear. Tried this helmet and it absolutely gives more protection than regular helmets.

This particular helmet offers more airflow to the rider who is applying extra energy compared to other regular riders.

Aside from that, you will notice that these helmets also have elongated chin protection for your added security. Do you want to capture stunning images while you are on the move? You can likewise opt for helmet cameras to catch spectacular images.


Dirt Bike Boots
O’Neal Men’s Rider Boots – Price: $107.97 – Get it via Amazon

There are a few things to remember when selecting your dirt bike boots. In selecting your dirt bike boots, make sure you pick out the one that can endure all types of weather.

Also, take the size into consideration. Is the rider boots the right fit for you? Aside from that, does it provide flexibility? You need that extra flexible boots when riding.

It doesn’t need to be branded with an over-the-top price, at the moment there are budget-friendly boots that are likewise durable.


Dirt Bike Gas
No-Spill Gas Can – Price: $24.95 – Get it via Amazon

Ordinarily, a dirt bike tank can hold roughly 2 gallons of gas.

Although, there will still be instances that you will need to refuel. In those cases, one of the needed items of a bike rider is a gas container.

This No-spill gas can is an absolute must-have.

You never wanna get stuck somewhere and you certainly never wanna miss a great long ride with your dirt bike! It is always better to have a spare gas to use.

Biking Goggles

Dirt Bike Googles
ENKEEO Dirt Bike Motorcycle Goggles – Price: $14.99 – Get it via Amazon

A dirt bike goggle is essential to any rider. Without it, tree branches, bugs, rocks, or sand can get into your eyes.

There are a lot of goggles available in the market right now with various features such as anti-fog, tear-off/roll-off goggles, Plutonite lens, and UVA/UVC/UVB protected.

Nonetheless, always remember to choose the product that you are comfortable with and the one that provides the features you need.

Selecting your Dirt Bike

Essentially, while we have shown above versatile products you can rely on, still, there are a few aspects you must look into before you decide to purchase the right dirt bike for you. In selecting your motorbike, determine your exact weight and height. Of course, in picking your bike you need to choose the one that you can comfortably ride and control. Besides that, make sure that the weight of the bike isn’t overwhelming for you that you can’t even lift it on your own.

Moreover, evaluate the type of bike you need, do you want a two-stroke or a four-stroke dirt bike? To emphasize, four-stroke bikes deliver steady and less vibrating power, while two-strokes though comparatively lightweight can be tough to control. Lastly, know and stick to your budget.

Are you dirty enough for these types of bikes?

If it’s your first time to buy an off-road bike, you can likewise consider buying a used model to help you get into the sport without breaking your bank account. In either case, whatever product you choose the most important part is the experience you will gain while riding. And to help you capture breathtaking footages of your dirt bike adventure here are the best drone cameras to check out!

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