11 Best Ski Mask and Half Face Ski Masks Reviewed

best ski mask and half face mask balaclava

A ski mask, also known as a balaclava, is a protective cloth for the head and the face.  It has holes for the nose, eyes, and mouth.  There are various ways of wearing a ski mask.  Sometimes only the eyes, mouth, and nose or the whole face are exposed.  It can also be rolled over and turned into a hat to semi-protect the head (mainly from cold weather).  You can also fold it down to your neck and use it as a collar.

Ski masks are typically used in order to provide warmth and safety.  

Generally, it is used as a protective gear for outdoor winter sports so as to provide protection on the face and maintain the warmth.  You need a ski mask when you are skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling.

They are very important especially when you are snowboarding in colder temperature.  Do you prefer a thinner material or a thicker one? Here, we have something for everyone.  Be sure that you are protected by one of these excellent choices for a ski mask.  Here are 11 top models of ski masks that are available in the market today.  They have high quality and high performance and works best for people of all generation.  Most of all they are unbelievably cheap!

Best Ski Mask Reviews

best ski mask

Here you will find our reviews on the best full-face ski masks.

1. Compressionz Ski Mask

Compressionz Ski Mask

On the top of our list is the Compressionz Ski Mask.  It is made from high-performance fabric which can keep you warm in cold temperature and keeps you cool in hot temperatures.  It is perfect for any outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, motorcycling, and others.  

You can wear it in a lot of ways such as under the helmet, open or closed mask. It can protect you from any kind of element.  It can keep you dry and comfortable all the time. It is breathable and keeps its shape after several washes.  It has flexible mobility with less skin irritation.  It is made of moisture-wicking material that can dry up quickly and will not stick to your skin.

This item has the best testimonials from satisfied customers who have used this ski mask.  This is not too thin nor too thick. This is the best protection when you’re sliding down a slope.  It has a superior rating on quality, style, and fit.

Available Colors: Black, White

2. Rock Bros Ski Mask

[amazon fields=”B0814NZ338″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”Rock Bros Ski Mask” image_align=”center”]

The Rock Bros Ski Mask is our second choice.  This ski mask is made from a high-quality premium material. It has an extra layer that can lessen the coldness. It is a fully breathable ski mask. It can pull away from the sweat and moisture from the skin. It is available in one size but fits most individuals.

It can provide comfort and protection on different outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, running, trekking, and others. It can be worn underneath any helmet or hat. It will not irritate your skin. You can also wear it as a closed or open balaclava, neck gaiter, and other styles. It comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Available Color: Black

3. Seirus Innovation Cool Ski Mask

Seirus Innovation Cool Ski Mask

The Seirus Innovation cool is our third choice. Ultra Clava is a mask made of tri-laminate fabric to keep your head dry and warm.    

This is a three-in-one piece and includes a mask, hood, and a clava. large central breathing holes for extra ventilation and fits excellent with goggles. You can wear it in three ways: neck gaiter only; face shield/neck gaiter; or full hood. It can provide warmth and protection in the coldest conditions.

Available Color: Black

4. Decky Snowboard Mask

Decky Snowboard Mask

The Decky Snowboard Mask is our fourth choice. This ski mask is made of 100% Acrylic. It is braided knitting with a hole for visibility. This item is imported and has a snug fit. This is a long braided knit beanie cap that provides protection for the face and head during the cold weather.

This ski mask offers the best comfort and fit.  There are a lot of colors to choose from.  You can also buy a jacket that can match this mask. If you are looking for functionality and style then this is the best pick.

Available Colors: Heather Grey, Black, Heather Charcoal, White, Navy, Royal, Red

5. Leegoal Ski Mask For Sale

Leegoal Ski Mask For Sale

The Leegoal Ski Mask is our fifth choice.  This is a high-quality mask in double layers. It is a full-face cover winter ski mask and a beanie hat. It is perfect for cycling, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It is designed for ultimate protection against bitter-cold conditions.

You can wrap it comfortably around your neck for coverage. It can also be worn as a two-ply scarf. This is the ideal protection from cold. It is comfortable, soft and warm. It can keep your head and face areas protected. It is suitable for women and men of all generations. It is made of 95% Micro-Polyester and 5 % Lycra.

Available Color: Black

Best Half Face Ski Masks

Find the best half-faced ski masks here for winters that have a little less cold temperatures and keep that nice crispy winter wind on your face.

1. Mifulgoo Half Face Ski Mask

Mifulgoo Half Face Ski Mask

Mifulgoo Half Face is our top choice.  It is the best bundle.  It has a polyester neck warmer with added neoprene wind protection plus a seamless magic bandana!  The rounded neck panel can help the ski mask in lying flat on the chest. It is perfect for women and men.  It features breathing holes for better ventilation. It has more neck length so as to provide more coverage.  

It is a face mask and a neck warmer in one.  It is a quiet and soft mask that can block 93% of wind. It is available in one size only but fits most adults. Cozia Design Ski Mask provides the best protection against cold, wind, dust, sun, snow and other elements.

You can gain more confidence while you go are doing your favorite outdoor activities.  No more worries about the harsh weather conditions. Sometimes wearing a face mask is much better than wearing a balaclava when you are skiing.

2. Chaos Hats Chinook Micro Fleece

Chaos Hats Chinook Micro Fleece Neck Gaiter

Chaos Hats Chinook Micro Fleece is our second choice.  It is manufactured using 90% polyester fleece and a 10% windshield windproof fleece. This product is imported from China. It is a comfortable neck gaiter which features a four-way micro flex design that suits various face shapes and sizes.

It can be machine washed. It is durable and provides superior protection against the cold wind. It is perfect for all individuals including professional athletes. This face mask is waterproof and non-irritant. It is designed for people who are fond of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and others.

Available Color: Black

3. Zanheadgear Neoprene Skull

Zanheadgear Neoprene ski mask

Zanheadgear Neoprene Skull is our third choice.  This mask is made of neoprene material which is wind and water-resistant.  It can be worn under a helmet, goggles or by itself.  It has an adjustable hook and loop closure. It is available in one size only but it can fit most adults.  

It can be reversed to its solid black side.  This neoprene half face mask can cover your nose and lower face. This half face mask has a white skull face design on black neoprene. It is lined with black stretch nylon trim to provide warmth. It has a velcro closure which guarantees excellent fit with goggles, with or without a helmet.

Available Color: White/Black

Best Ski Masks for Kids

It is very important to keep your kid’s faces warm during skiing or snowboarding so that they enjoy themselves and keep wanting to go with you.

1. BlackStrap Kids Balaclava Hood

Blackstrap Kids Balaclava Hood

The BlackStrap Kids Balaclava Hood is our favorite choice.  It can provide superior warmth since it is manufactured from high-quality fleece fabric.  It has a double layer and thickened for more warmth.  This ski mask is windproof and dustproof.  It is very comfortable to wear making it perfect for outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding,  and other outdoor activities.  

It has a classic design to keep you warm and provide more ventilation.  It can keep your neck warm with its additional neck length and extra length in the front for better wind and cold protection.  This face mask can provide protection for your face, neck, and shoulder.  It is a multifunction mask that can be used as a full face cover mask, neck warmers or open balaclava.

Available Color: Black

2. Outdoor Research Kids Ski Mask

Outdoor Research Kids Ski Mask

Outdoor Research Kids is our second choice. It is made from nylon. It is soft and smooth. It features hood hinges at the back and flat seam construction. This face mask can protect your kids from chilly, winter conditions especially when they are outdoors. This product is manufactured in China. This is a super-smooth fleece face mask that feels soft and cozy against your kids’ skin.

Available Color: Black

3. HZTG M158 Children’s Ski Mask

Hztg M158 Childrens Ski Mask

HZTG M158 is our third choice. It is available in one size but can fit most 3-12 years old children. This product is imported and provides full coverage on the face and neck. It can keep your children’s face, nose, ears, and neck warm. It is the ideal protection for spring, fall, and winter.
Available Colors: Army Green, Black, Black Red, Dark Purple, Dark Purple2, Khaki, Khaki2, Light Grey, Light Purple, Pink, Pink2, Purple, Red, Rosered, Rosered2, Sapphire.

ski masks for entire family


A ski mask is a must during the winter.  It can protect your skin against dryness and redness.  Stay warm this winter by wearing balaclavas or ski masks.  Don’t let the winter season spoil the fun.  Enjoy your outdoor activities while wearing your ski mask and ski helmet. Which of these ski masks is your favorite?

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