11 Best Smart & Functional Camping Tables (2021)

folding camping table review guide

Summer is just around the corner (at least somewhere in the world;). And as we all know, camping is a great activity to connect with nature and your loved ones. Instead of holding an electric gadget, children can help set-up the tents and sleeping bags, explore the outdoor life, get enough vitamin D, and exercise!

While this activity can be extremely exciting for the kids, it is likewise beneficial for adults especially if you have the right equipment with you. In particular, one of the key pieces of equipment to bring is a camping table.

Keep in mind that not all campsites have tables you can use. As a matter of fact, this equipment is essential if you need a place to hold your accessories, an area where you can enjoy your meal with your family, or it can also work as a stand for your books and drinks if you want to read at night near the campfire.

Best Camping Tables with Chairs

Now whether you are enjoying the outdoors with a small group or a huge one, here are our top picks for camping tables with chairs. For those who have already experienced camping, you all know it is better to sit on a chair rather than stay on the ground where you can accidentally sit near an anthill.

Aside from that, the chairs that typically come with these tables are lightweight, thus it will be easy for anyone to carry it anywhere.

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Portable Foldable Camping Tables

Owning a piece of portable camping equipment is important since this activity frequently involves hiking or walking. Likewise, there are camping sites that are not normally reachable by vehicles, hence, it is sensible to purchase dependable, handy, and easy to transport equipment.

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Camping Tables with Storage

Meanwhile, if you are planning to bring your compact camping stove and do some cooking, an outdoor table with storage is ideal for you. With the available compartments, you can use it for preparing and organizing meals, storing your utensils, or even just safekeeping of your dry food.

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Small Camping Tables

On the other hand, if you are solo camping or there are only two of you on your trip, then a small table is enough. This size is sufficient for one or two campers to use. Moreover, with its compact size not only is it convenient to carry it is also perfect for a little simple outdoor dining.

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How to choose a good Camping Table

Having seen all the best options the market can offer, it can be sometimes daunting to choose the one camping table suitable for your needs. To guide you in your search for the perfect outdoor equipment, consider the following factors before buying your new table:

Purpose of camping table

Before choosing your table, decide first on how you intend to use it. As you have seen earlier, there are camping tables designed for cooking, eating meals, recreational games, and gear storage. Although some tables can be used interchangeably, still, it is better to purchase one for its intended use.

Portability of camping table

Coleman Camping Table

Again, camping ordinarily involves hiking and walking. Some of the finest camping spots will involve hiking hundreds of feet before you can reach it. With that said, portability is a vital factor to consider. Check the specification of the table you are eyeing. If the listed weight is above 10 pounds, then that item is beyond the portable weight category.

Additionally, see to it that bag or sack that comes with the table has a shoulder strap. When you are carrying numerous gears, it will be beneficial to you if you can carry a few items on your shoulders to free up your hands. Lastly, when we talk about portability, it does not always pertain to how you can readily carry it.

Portability likewise applies to how your vehicle can efficiently transport your table. Since you will also be loading other camping gear, know that some larger tables do not fit well with compact cars.

Camping table material

Gci Outdoor Camping Table

Similar to purpose, camping tables are built from various materials. There are tables made of plastic, steel, and aluminum, however, take note though of the varying advantages and disadvantages of the material you are planning to buy.

While steel tables are sturdy, this material is a bit on the heavy side and considerably less portable. If you are aiming for a lightweight and portable product, then you must go with aluminum tables.

However, aluminum has a few drawbacks such as it bends or dents quickly upon direct heavy impact. On one hand, plastic camping tables are far more robust than their aluminum counterparts. This type of table is also simple to clean. Sadly, plastic tables are not flexible and do not fold down freely. In addition to that, this kind of table is also a little bit heavy thus limiting its portability.

Price of camping table

Truly, the best advice one can give when buying goods is to opt for quality over quantity. Rather than replacing your camping equipment every year, it is best to invest in quality items. Either way, people who buy bargain-priced camping gear and supplies will just end up spending more compared to those who invested in quality goods in the first place.

Camping Table Accessories to Consider Buying

By this time, you already know the fitting table to bring to your camping activity.  Of course, when it comes to the great outdoors it is advisable to be always prepared. That is why we round up three nifty camping tables accessories you can bring on your trip. First on our list is a table cloth for your camping table to keep the surface tidy.

Next are table cloth clamps, which will help keep your table cloth in place and prevent it from being blown by the wind. And third on our list are leg levelers, which will help level your table on a ragged surface common in camping sites.

Camping Tablecloth

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Tablecloth Clamps

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Table Leg Levelers

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To camp(ing) table or not?

For the most part, one can say there is no such thing as a perfect camping table. As we have pointed out earlier, before making any purchase determine first how you intend to use your table. Do you intend to use it for cooking, eating meals, for games, or placing your gears?

Once you have decided on its purpose and the type of table you need, you can next choose your preferred table material and set your budget. Surely, you will find low-priced camping equipment in the market, however, as we like to point out when it comes to buying goods make sure to prioritize quality over quantity.

Of course, with your hard-earned money, you will want to purchase goods with the best value. As a result, you will spend less, produce less waste, and eventually help preserve the environment where you will have fun camping.

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