5 Best Bike Trailers on Sale Reviewed

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We live in an age where a lot of people now prefer riding a bike as a means of their transportation. All of a sudden, you see folks with their hybrid bikes navigating the streets or wandering in town. For parents with kids, they can easily balance their love for biking and parenthood by using bike trailers. Not convinced with the perks of this bicycle instrument? Continue to read this blog as we introduce you with this great innovation. We will be covering popular brands such as Instep Bicycle trailers to more affordable ones.

Quick Bike Trailers Overview

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Best Bike Trailers for Different Uses Reviewed

Indeed, a bicycle trailer is a handy wheeled vehicle. These trailers can be simply hitched to your road bike or cruiser bike and you can ride it while your child sits in the cart. Apart from carrying kids, other uses of bike trailers are for transporting cargoes and pets.

1) Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer

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2) Instep Two Child Bicycle Trailer

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3) Aosom Elite II Cargo Bike Trailer

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4) Schwinn Rascal Pet Bicycle Trailer

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5) Burley Design Travoy Bike Trailer

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How to Use Bike Trailers

As shown above, trailers are convenient and handy equipment to own. It will allow you to simultaneously run errands, transport kids or cargos while riding on a bicycle. While this nifty and lightweight product that you attach to your bike provides several functions, some brands are also collapsible, so you can readily store it. Learn more about this great product by reading below the frequently asked questions on bike trailers.

What is the best bike trailer?

Bike Trailer For Kids

Presently there is a myriad of bike trailers available in the market. It will be tough to choose one product and declare it the best one since the feature you need can be different from what the other person requires. Thus, to pick out the ideal trailer for you here are a few things you can consider before making that purchase.


Prior to shopping for your trailer, make sure that you already planned your budget. While of course, the top of the line model comes with specialized features, however, know that there are budget priced products with good quality. Evaluate all your options and see to it that you stick to your budget.

Type of Activity

How are you planning to use your bicycle trailer? Are you planning to run or take your kid on a biking trip? You need to weigh in your activity because some trailer frameworks are designed for long trips while others are not suitable for this. Likewise, there are brands that permit you to convert your trailer to a jogging stroller minus your bicycle. With this in mind, it is crucial to know how you intend to use your trailer.


Another valuable factor to consider is size. Are you going to transport two children or just one child? Truly, the single-seated bike trailer is a sleek and compact option, but at the same time, it can be a little tight for your kid. In case your child is older, choose a double-seated bicycle trailer to provide him or her the much needed space.

Storing Capacity

Are you planning to bring your trailer while traveling? If your answer is yes, see to it that the dimensions of the product you are eyeing will make traveling smooth and comfortable for you. There are lots of bicycle trailers now that are quick to assemble and fold which will be convenient during a trip.

Are bike trailers safe?

Bike Trailer

We all know that nowadays bike riding security is highly practiced with most areas designating a pathway exclusively for bicycles. As a result, riders are provided extra precaution when biking. Even so, what happens when a biker has a carriage attached to it? Are bicycle trailers safe?

This question has resulted in several people voicing out conflicting opinion on the matter. There are those that are concerned about the modest height of the trailer that some fear can contribute to an accident because other motorists may fail to see it. Others, however, argue that users of bicycle trailers showcase an orange flag that normally reaches seven feet high that can help avoid an incident.

What is the best bike trailer for a child?

Whether you are transporting children or just a child, it is best to ensure that they are comfortable while riding the bike trailer. You can guarantee a smooth ride when your trailer passenger has enough room to move.

A good example of this is our bicycle trailer top choice. The Burley Bee is a roomy trailer perfect for growing children. Since your kids will be wearing helmets, you need to provide a sufficient area for them to move and this product delivers it. Additionally, it also boasts of a lightweight framework which will make cycling uphill easier for you. Furthermore, it is sturdy and water resistant which is beneficial during sudden weather changes.

When can a baby ride in a bike trailer?

Bike Trailer Child

Many parents are asking, how old should a child be to ride in a bike trailer? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a child who is 12 months old can ride a trailer. See to it though that your child is capable of firmly seating on his or her own.

Does my child need a helmet in a bike trailer?

Again, per the AAP, make sure to reiterate to your child that in bicycle riding the policy is “no helmet, no bike ride”. To emphasize this rule, always wear a helmet as well to show your kid that you too follow the said policy.

Bike Trailer Children

In case you are currently on the market for a helmet, consider products that passed the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Snell, and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety standards.

Moreover, the League of American Bicyclists advises that when you purchase your child’s helmet make sure your kid is with you so that a retailer or distributor can provide you with the right helmet size. Remember that a proper helmet should not be unsteady on the head. It also must have adjustable straps so that it perfectly fits your kid.

If it happens that the helmet is easily removed when you turn or move it, then it means it’s not tailored for your child.

What age can babies go on a bike seat?

As mentioned earlier, whether you are situating your child in a bike seat or trailer it is best that the kid must be 12 months old. At this age, your kid can steadily hold up their neck and head on their own.

With bike seats, these are positioned either in front or behind a cyclist. It is advisable that you opt for the rear-mounted type which will not disrupt your bike steering and pedaling.

How much weight can a bike trailer hold?

The maximum weight a trailer can hold varies per product. You will find bike trailer models that can transport two children, while there are those that can only carry one. In general, its weight limit is between 85 to 125 pounds.

Some may say this is too high considering these are only kids, however, when you go past the limit you are compromising the trailer’s framework.

DIY Bike Trailer

While we have provided you earlier with a variety of quality products, of course, this will still mean spending a considerable amount of money. One way you can save your top dollar is to build your own trailer. Watch this short video and learn how you can make your own bicycle trailer.

Taking everything into consideration, there are numerous rewards in owning bike trailers. As stated earlier, parents with kids will be able to spend time with their children while enjoying the outdoors. This is likewise a fantastic way for parents to work out and stay active. Besides that, biking with your kids is a greener alternative to driving a vehicle. Not only are you preserving the environment, but you are also saving gasoline money as well. On one hand, if the trailers don’t work out, another option for you are child bike seats.

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