14 Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

14 Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Once you have mastered the basics of skateboarding, like the balance, pushing, turning , stopping and definitely falling, then it is the perfect time to start learning a couple of new skateboard tricks. A movement performed while riding a skateboard. Their difficulty vary on each of them, so it depends how far you are willing  to extend yourself, or maybe even invent one like Rodney Mullen invented the first flip trick and more, the kickflip, known originally as the “magic flip”. The sky is the limit.

The practice is very important when it comes to getting to know new skateboard tricks. Just don’t give up and you will get them down in time. Make sure to use the right skateboard wheels for your tricks. These are generally the basic skateboard tricks, and are also a reliable starting point in case you are new to skateboarding, or perhaps even if you have been skating for some time, and are in search of what should be done next!

Additionally, some skaters result in skipping whole kinds of basic skateboard tricks – that is actually OK, however, if you wish to be a rounded skater, and not lose each single game of SKATEBOARDING just because you never figured out to truck stand, for instance, then this list is a wonderful place to obtain some ideas for important aspects to understand!

If you want to learn the best way to achieve skateboard tricks which will shock and certainly amaze your friends, your answers are right here. Now without further ado, the first skateboard trick for beginners.

Skateboard Tricks

1. Ollie


A trick wherein the skater kicks the tail of the skateboard downwards while jumping to make the skateboard pop into the air.

2. Ollie North


This trick is an ollie that has been taking the front foot out on the mid-air.

3. Nollie


An opposite of ollie, where the skateboarder pushes the nose od the skateboard down with the use of a front foot and the back foot in a backward direction was slid to achieve a lift-off from the ground.

4. No Comply


The skater using his back knee will pop the skateboard into the air while he will plant his front foot on the ground for a moment.

5. Heel Flip


An aerial skateboarding trick in which the skater kicks out on its front and flip the board 360 degrees on the skateboard’s axis.

6. Inward Heel Flip


A flip trick in which the skateboard rotates around its vertical and horizontal axis simultaneously.

7. Kick Flip

Kickflip is an action performed in skateboarding where the skater flips the skateboard 360° around its vertical (or both vertical/horizontal) axis, by flicking the corner of the deck towards the rider. The deck spins counter-clockwise when viewed from the back.

kickflip skateboard trick

8.  Grinds

Originally posted by Rocky Lubbers

This trick involves a skater sliding along an object with the use of skateboard trucks rather than its wheels.

9. Blunt Fakie


A trick for mini pipe where in a skateboard goes all the way up to the coping, and then rest for a short time with the use of the back trucks.

10. Board Slide

Originally posted by thrashermagazine.com

This skateboard trick is performed by riding up to the rail or any that you can slide with your toes and chest facing the object.

11. Fakie Big Spin


This skateboard trick is a combination of big spin along with a kick flip in a fakie position.

12. Fakie Heel FLip


For this skateboard trick, you must know how to do a heelflip in a regular stance and must know how to ride fakie.

13. Frontside Pop Shove it


To do this trick, you need to scoop forwards your backfoot and it rotates in the opposite direction as you pop it.

14. Axle Stall


To perform this trick, with the right amount of speed, ride up the mini ramp and as you are near in the top turn backside and set the axles on the coping. After this, pause and as you lean back into the ramp, turn your lead shoulder and ride away.

There you have it, 14 Skateboard Tricks for Beginners. Whenever you seem like you’re missing a piece in the puzzle, due to the fact that you’re required to work so difficult to achieve simple tricks and certainly you’re being exhausted that you’re not achieving better outcomes already, you’re not on your own. The vast majority of beginner skateboarders give it up before they at any point attain their full potential. If you realize the strategies of skateboarding though, you can surely turn into a better skateboarder just about overnight. Challenge yourself and find out just how many of these skateboarding tricks or various other tricks you’ll be able to learn. If you are not yet ready to do these tricks then you might want to do finger skateboarding or play skateboard games online.

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