10 Best GoPro Alternative Cameras Reviewed

10 Best GoPro Alternative Cameras Reviewed

Are you looking for a Go Pro or action cameras? Are you ready to spend extravagantly with just one camera? Hold your horses because you might consider these 10 best GoPro alternatives! They come in different brands and specifications but they sure can capture the moments you need whether on land or sea. They come in handy so you could bring them anywhere you go!

They can be attached to a surfboard, helmet, dashboards and floating hand grips. They could be even attached to camera drones and let them fly away to the sky for an amazing drone shot. The small size of the camera makes it more convenient when taking pictures or videos!

GoPro Alternative Cameras Reviewed

With the trend of these action cameras, everyone can take professional-like pictures and videos to capture every moment that they wish to cherish for a lifetime. Here are the best GoPro alternatives that we have tested, researched and reviewed by our team.

1. Sony Action Cam with Wi-Fi

Best GoPro Alternative Camera
Sony Action Camera with WIFI –  Get it via Amazon

This action cam is comparatively small, light, slim and only has a few buttons. Go Pro is square-shaped but the Sony action cam is long and wide. This action camera gives you 1080p capture with one single record or a stop button at the rear end, 4x slow-motion recording. It weighs 3.2 ounces and it gives 120 fps setting at 720p. It is not waterproof, but a shockproof or waterproof case and two adhesive mounts are already included in the box. It can take you to 197 feet on the depth of the sea once you have that case on.

2. Contour Roam2

Best GoPro Alternative
Contour Roam2 –  Get it via Amazon

This $124 to $165 action camera will leave you in awe. If you are looking for a waterproof camera, then the Contour Roam2 is the one for you. It weighs 5 ounces, full HD options for 1080p with 25 fps. One modern aspect of this camera is the laser beam that will help you determine the angle of your choice when capturing a scene. A rotating mount and profile mount comes with the box that gives the camera the ability to rotate 270 degrees. It has 170 – degree wide-angle lens that will give you pretty amazing wide shots.

3. Pentax Optio WG-3

Best GoPro Alternative Camera
Pentax Optio WG-3 –  Get it via Amazon

As we all know, Pentax has been long present in the camera-making industry. The Pentax Optio WG-3 comes in two options: the Pentax WG-3 standard underwater camera and the Pentax Optio WG-3 GPS. What’s great about this camera? It has 16 MP resolution, 1080p with approximately 30 fps movie resolution with sound and it weighs 8.2 ounces.

The best part? It is waterproof, shockproof, crushproof and freezeproof! How about that? You can also view the images in a larger size with the help of the magnifying icon, you can also navigate easily by pressing the next and previous buttons on the screen, or if you want to jump in other sections simply press the up and down button. It’s that easy!

4. TomTom Bandit

Best GoPro Alternative Camera
TomTom Bandit Action Camera –  Get it via Amazon

Now, this is not an ordinary action camera. Why? because compared to the usual editing, this camera has a shake-to-edit feature that can lure you into buying it. It is splashproof, 1080p video resolution and 16MP picture quality. Resolutions can be captured at Full HD 1080p and 720p with 60fps, and 720p has a 120fps option with 4x slow motion. It weighs 2.83 ounces.

Not only it gives you excellent video qualities, but it also turns them into movies too! Isn’t it amazing? It also has built-in sensors, GPS, and you can easily mount and position the camera.  The only downside is the weight. Its 190g weight makes it not too much of a handy gadget. But come to think of it, the features of this camera makes it easy for you to edit and upload pictures without a bustle.

5. Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition HD Camera

 Best GoPro Alternative Camera
Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition HD –  Get it via Amazon

This is one of the most good-looking cameras on the market with a weight of 4.08 ounces. It gives you 1080P High-Definition with 30 fps, the still image options come in 16MP, 5MP, and 3MP. The shockproof feature minimizes wind noises. This is one of the best selling professional action sports cameras offered by Polaroid! It is waterproof up to 30 ft, with 170 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens, plus it has a dual recording option.

With every HD file, it creates an even smaller file for efficient uploading and sharing. It has sharp and clear images on broad daylight and at night, it gives you a very good low-light image quality.

6. Xiaomi Yi Camera

[amazon fields=”B016EIGEGU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Best GoPro Alternative Camera” image_align=”center”]

An action camera that has quite a lot of features! Are you ready? Now, this action camera can capture 1080p video at different kinds of frames with 60 fps that are even higher than GoPro. It can also catch pictures in 16 megapixels. It can go underwater up to 131 ft without waterproof casing.

This action camera also has its own built-in timer for 3, 5 and 15 seconds. Another feature you’ll love is the Snapshot mode with VGA quality. Not bad, eh? Although unlike any other action cameras, this doesn’t include any amount when you buy one which makes it an additional expense for you but comes to think of it, it’s only worth $99.95.

7. Ricoh WG-30 with WIFI

Best GoPro Alternative Camera
Ricoh WG-30 –  Get it via Amazon

This camera can be immersed in the water until 39 ft. It has a WIFI connection, a 5x optical lens, and the same with other GoPro alternatives which have 16MP image capture. It also has Full HD 1080p video recording and has a light sensitivity of 6400 ISO and small LEDs for a brightened macro shot. It is waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and crushproof.

8. Garmin VIRB XE

Best GoPro Alternative Camera
Garmin VIRB XE –  Get it via Amazon

This 5.3 ounces action camera is for everyone who desires any adventure! You can be non-professional or professional, this camera is suitable for everyone! It provides 12MP that gives you excellent shots and videos. It provides 240fsp at 480p and 120fsp at 720p. It is waterproof to approximately 50 meters. It has stabilized recording features and Pro mode. The greatest fact is that it offers high support for storing a massive amount of data. Different types of mounts are available that will best suit your needs.

9. SJCAM SJ4000 Plus WIFI

Best Gopro Alternative Camera
SJCAM SJ4000 Plus WIFI – Get it via Amazon

SJCAM is one of the best GoPro alternatives. This camera comes with 1080p video recording, with a 12MP resolution that provides sharper images and videos. It is waterproof ready up to 30 meters and features a wide range of image resolution with 30fps to 60fps.  The battery runs up to 80 munites on a single charge. You can also easily download your snapshots for it is WIFI ready. It can store up to 32GB and it is already equipped with HDMI HD output! See what this little thing can do!

10. Ion Air Pro Wifi

Best GoPro Alternative Camera
Ion Air Pro Camera –  Get it via Amazon

The last but not definitely the least is the Ion Air Pro Wifi. What you’ll love about it is the fact that it is already waterproof up to 30 meters. It weighs 21.76 ounces.  It has 1080p and 720p video resolution at 30fps to 60fps. Record your HD video easily using the record slider plus you can capture pictures without stopping the video! Isn’t it wonderful?

Buying your Alternative GoPro

One of the best action cameras on the market is the Go Pro. Let’s face it, they have already built and established a reputation that they are unbeatable. That little box-shaped camera has features that are way expensive for some of us that’s why opted to give you alternatives. GoPro alternative cameras have featured the same as GoPro that comes at a more affordable price.

Alternative action cameras may not have the same quality as the GoPro but they too can offer great value when it comes to picture and video quality. Obviously, you have a good reason to look at some of the GoPro alternatives. We have a rapidly rising market for alternatives that we can surely get our hands on!

There are lots of other brands of action cameras that can be the best GoPro alternative. We can mention different types of different specifications but what is important is that you can purchase what’s best that can satisfy your needs. We hope that our list helped you trim down those options and we wish you a happy adventure with your GoPro alternative cameras! GoPro cameras can also be attached to sea scooters to capture the amazing world underwater.

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