19 Best Skateboard Logos Pictures of All Times

19 Best Skateboard Logos Pictures of All Times

The logos of skateboarding brands happen to be some of the great icons that in fact represent many companies internationally. Skateboarding and skateboard brands has evolved and been altered over many years and skateboard logos have also evolved alongside.

Below you will see these are skateboard logos from companies that have established great symbolic meaning within the skateboarding community. Therefore, you might want to pay attention to the symbolism in each of the brands’ logos and what message they might deliver to others and oneself.

There are images on the bottom of every skateboard unique to each person’s personal interest, personality, and kind of designs one prefers.  Each brand designs its own line from apparel, shoes, boards,  self-balancing scooters and wheels. Below are the Top 18 Most Awesome Skateboard Logos of all time.

The Top 18 Most Awesome Skateboard Logos

1. Obey

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This was designed by a famous graffiti artist, Shepard Fairey.

2. Wild Things


Blockhead has a great team of designers as well as creative graphics for each board.

3. Volcom

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Volcom® is a brand that signifies the creative youth culture and spirit.

4. Vans


Vans don’t design skateboard in particular.  However, they did create the first-ever skateboard shoe.  Just as Vans kicks have a timeless effect, so does it’s Off the Wall skateboard logo.

5. Spitfire


A simple and tough logo successfully appreciated outside skateboarding.

6. Santa Cruz


Created way prior to when computers had become the standard method of logos, gives us another timeless logo that has a solid and authentic effect.

7. Santa Cruz Hand Scream


This was created by Jim Phillips during the early 80s. This image signifies a huge skateboarding era.

8. Powell Peralta


Powell Peralta is definitely one of the best skateboard logos out there. This has everything a skateboard logo must have: compact,  identification, playfulness and power.

9. Plan B


Plan B certainly had one of the most modern design teams in skateboarding during the early 90s. Its logo design can be easily determined and not easy to forget.

10. Grind

Originally posted by Thomas Scambler

11. Fallen


Fallen is another shoe company for skateboarders. The fallen logo has two F’s that were facing back to back. This two F’s simply mean Fallen Footwear.

12. Etnies


Etnies is a great lifestyle brand for skateboarding, surfing as well as BMX.  Founded in 1986, Etnies is the first skateboarder-owned action sports apparel and footwear company-operated internationally.

13. Element


Element is a dynamic, open-minded, lifestyle brand. Without a doubt, it is one of the most famous skateboard logos as well as surfwear manufacturers, providing high-quality skateboards every year.

14. DC


The DC logo represents the famous DC shoes. They are an action-sport shoe company, provides a line of clothes and many other accessories.

15. Blind

Originally posted by skateboard.about.com

This logo shows expertly drawn skulls, swords, and talons.

15. Black Label

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Black Label a skateboarding company that has been started by an owner named John Lucero, during the year 1990.

16. Alva


This logo is a legacy of Tony Alva.

18. 101


The above logo is simple and powerful.  101 consists of an amazing graphic design team and it did not take long for 101 to become a historically related-brand within the skateboarding community.

19. Skate n Live

Girl Skateboard Logo

This is a great skateboard logo for girls who love to skate.

Skateboarder’s Top 18 Most Awesome Skateboard Logos,  one might see different valuable factors within each of the skateboard logos individually. Some more powerful and meaningful compared to others, but these are the skateboard logo icons that have already come to symbolize the skateboarding community internationally in several different ways.

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