37 Flippin Awesome Skateboarding Quotes for 2021

32 Flippin Awesome Skateboarding Quotes

Here you will find the more profound definitions that skateboarding may take – independence, imagination, devastation… and through these skateboarding quotes were also created.

Also known as perhaps one of the most awesome extreme sports, professional skateboarding takes pride in several disputes, such as vertical and basically street-style events.

Skateboarding signifies something different with regard to every person. Consider this – you could possibly represent riding a vert ramp, technical acts within the driveway, using a skateboard all around campus, bombing a slope which has immersed curves, slalom, skate park, or perhaps even something else you enjoy engaging in on a board which has wheels nailed towards the bottom.

Quotes and Sayings on Skateboarding

If there are games that give participants the freedom to do what they want, skateboarding tops that list. They have the freedom to either skate or hover away. If you’re feeling so low, we have compiled great quotes and sayings to have your spirit revived again. They should get you up and if not, have a look at the breathtaking quotes about best friendships.

1. Never lived to danger… but never felt safer.


Wherever you are, you will never know what is in store for you.

 2. Don’t look back…


All of us must look forward to the future because that’s what we all be going to.

3. ….you have to get started to be great.


You can’t be great at anything if you don’t even start doing it.

4. Two times in life: NOW and TOO LATE


In life, it’s whether you do it NOW or it will be TOO LATE.

5. Pursue things that capture your heart.


There are a lot of things that can attract us but there are only certain things that could really capture our hearts and that things are worth to be pursued.

6. Courage is facing your fears.


This skateboarding quote explains that all of us have fears, and being courageous is facing it.

7. Land on both feet.


Landing on both feet simply means be practical and realistic.

8. Skateboarding is not a crime.


It is because it’s a hobby and for skateboarders, it’s a way of life.

9. Feel the fear and do it anyway.


Fear is normal, go and do the things that you want!

10. Enjoy a simple life.


The best things in life are found in simple things.

11. Don’t take life so seriously.


Life is short, life and enjoys your life to the fullest.

12. Do what makes you happy.


Do the things that you love to do.

13. Live before you die.


You’ve got to make the most of your life.

14. Best memories come from craziest ideas.


Best memories come from doing things outside of the box.

15. Push don’t pollute.


Keep going without messing others.

16. Skateboarding, Skateboarding 🙂


What is skateboarding? Well, the skateboarding quotes above tells it all!

17. You only live once…


Live a meaningful life.

18. What comes easy, goes easy.

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This skateboarding quote means the easier you get something, the easier it can go out of your life.

19. Keep on pushin’!


Whatever will happen, move forward!

20. The true art is to skate well on amid surfaces.

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We are the one controlling our life, just do well in running it

21. Skateboarding is not a sport.


It is more than a sport, a great way of expressing ones selves.

22. Don’t depend on your happiness on others.

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Happiness is your own choice, not the choice of other people.

23. Never discourage anyone…


We don’t have the right to discourage others, especially if they are doing they’re best in what the are doing.

24. Don’t stop trying

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If you love something, nothing can stop you from trying again and again.

 25. Live, Love, Laugh, and Skateboard


This is what life of a skateboarder is all about.

26. Think Less. Live More. 

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Don’t overthink things, live your life with fewer worries.

27. Skate to create.


Skateboarding is also all about creating new things. Skateboarding Quotes give you the right inspiration.

28. Failure is a part of life…

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A skateboarding quote that simply explains that Failure is life’s learning lesson.

29. Every accomplishment start with…

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You cannot accomplish something if you didn’t start it.

30. Don’t tell me to grow up and out of it.


There are things that you still want to do even though it’s already not meant for you to do.

31. Be who you are….


Let other people love you for who you are.

32. Life is a lot like skateboarding.


What you can learn in skateboarding are the things that you will also learn in life.

There you have it, our Skateboarding Quotes and Sayings. Skateboarding isn’t just a sport, its a way of life. It’s a part of us and runs through our veins.  It is actually an entire independence to do whatever you want and just how you would like to. Life’s a skatepark, ride it!

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  1. A few gems, and many cringy quotes for the real skaters out there. That Ralph Waldo Emerson one is very nice though. Plenty of good quotes from actual skaters that should be on this list that sadly aren’t.

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