27 Rollerblades for Women and Men – Buying Guide (2021)

39 Rollerblades for Women and Men Comprehensive Guide [2019]

The selection of Rollerblades currently on the market is composed of various types and styles. Roller skates can be used for fitness and street racing, just recreational, or for hockey and other sports.

Before buying a pair, you should consider which type of sport you are going to use your rollerblades for. In order to make the right decision, you must then set a budget for it. Then it is important to look at the materials, wheels, and bindings.

These essential parts of inline skate anatomy are what separate poor quality skates from professional sets.

Be sure to try on your rollerblades and see if they fit comfortably on you as not all rollerblades fit the same on your feet. Don’t forget to buy some safety gear in order to avoid any injuries and then you’re good to go with any of the top-quality products below.

Guys, jump immediately to the best rollerblades for men down the page. Or if you want to learn about the history of Inline Skating, or Inline Skating techniques, jump even further down!

Best Rollerblades for Women

Below is a selection of our favorite rollerblades for women, tested and reviewed by our team at TheSkateboarder. We hope you find what you’re looking for.

5th Element Women’s Inline Skates

5th element womens inline skates

[amazon fields=”B00CAPVUFC” value=”button”]

The 5th Element Women’s Inline Skates are very stylish and have an extremely solid construction. The frame is made of aluminum chassis so that you won’t get tired quickly. The Soft Boot makes this ride very comfortable, and it is very stable because it has a strap, laces, and a buckle.

This one is a favorite, with a 4.5 rating, for an all-around skater who is looking for an affordable price and good product.

LIKU Women’s Pro Skates

bladerunner womens pro skates

[amazon fields=”B072K7T566″ value=”button”]

The LIKUWomen’s Pro Skates is the best all-purpose rollerblades for the ladies. It can fit comfortably and is made of high-quality materials. You can quickly replace the parts because they are very easy to find. The quality of the skate is very high and is worth the price.

Bladerunner Rollerblades For Girls

Rollerblades For Girls

[amazon fields=”B073MG1R2W” value=”button”]

The Bladerunner by Rollerblade Phoenix has a soft boot. It has Stability Plus to give you excellent support. The frame has the ability to absorb the vibration on the road. It can also lessen the center of gravity for a smooth ride.

High Bounce Women’s Rollerblades

k2 Skate womens inline skates

[amazon fields=”B01H3VN3HA” value=”button”]

This pair of inline skates use the original High Bounce soft boot. They can provide you more support because they have a Stability Plus cuff. The frame is made of die-cast aluminum which has the ability to provide more power and stability on the road.

The traditional lacing can permit you to customize its fit.

K2 Women’s Fitness

k2 womens fitness inline skates

[amazon fields=”B07GTCHG8F” value=”button”]

These skates are made using the original K2 soft boot to give you more comfort. They can provide you maximum support because it has Stability Plus cuff. The frame is made of die-cast aluminum which has the ability to give you more stability on the road.

The wheels are 80mm/80A. The ABEC 5 bearings provide control, stability, and maneuverability.

Linear Women’s Roller Skates

linear womens roller skates

[amazon fields=”B009T5IVEY” value=”button”]

The new 2021 Linear blades are soft, comfortable, and made of high-quality materials. The wheels are made of pure urethane. There are sizes for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Mongoose Girls Rollerblades

mongoose girls rollerblades

[amazon fields=”B01DWMUHP0″ value=”button”]

These Girls Skates from Mongoose are for beginners and younger skaters. In just one push of the button, you can adjust the size of the skate which is perfect for young people that are still growing.

They are very comfortable and offers excellent performance. They use double straps for more security.

Roces Women’s Fitness Skates

roces womens fitness skates

[amazon fields=”B07T2B7Z3D” value=”button”]

The Roces Women’s Fitness Rollerblades are made of high-quality glass fiber. They have excellent closure because it uses lacing, straps, and a buckle. They feature ABEC 5 bearings. The spacers and the rocker washers are all made of aluminum.

Rollerblades Women’s Roller Skates

rollerblade womens roller skates

[amazon fields=”B07G2J8QKC” value=”button”]

Zetrablade are known to provide value and high quality. If you are a novice, the Zetrablade can take you to the next level. They are simple and very easy to use with more stability and comfort than other models. They have 80mm wheels that are great for outdoor conditions.

Rollerblades Women’s Spark Skate

rollerblade womens spark skate

[amazon fields=”B07W53PMZB” value=”button”]

Women’s Spark Skate is a high-quality skate. It is durable and gives you more support. An excellent fitness skate for the ladies that are looking for a workout.  The 80mm 82A wheels provide you with high precision. The SG5 bearings can last longer on the outdoors.

Women’s Spitfire

Rollerblades Amazon

[amazon fields=”B015NIQD68″ value=”button”]

Roller Derby Women’s has a soft boot and uses triple buckle for its closure.  With the use of a push-button, you can quickly adjust its size.  The frame is made of reinforced nylon.  It uses 76mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings.

Women’s Rollerblades Macroblade

womens rollerblades macroblade

[amazon fields=”B07GTH9FT9″ value=”button”]

The Women’s Macroblade Rollerblades are the best selling skates. They have the most valuable features that can improve stability and performance. They have an aluminum frame, 84mm 85A wheels and SG7 bearings for long-lasting performance on the outdoors.

We recommend these for the hard-core rollerblader that is looking for performance and durability.

Rollerblades Bladerunner Pro 80

rollerblade bladerunner pro 80

[amazon fields=”B01780QKSU” value=”button”]

The Bladerunner Pro 80 is durable. This modern and stylish pair of skates use a padded liner for more comfort. The 80mm wheels and the ABEC 5 bearings can let you roll smoothly on the road.

Best Rollerblades for Men

Here are the best selection of men’s rollerblades that have been tested, taken apart, put back together, and tested again, for endurance, speed, and comfort.

Zetrablade Rollerblades

Rollerblades For Kids

[amazon fields=”B07G31LC2W” value=”button”]

The Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s Inline Skates use 82mm 78A wheels with ABEC7 bearings to provide you with a smooth ride that lasts longer outside. The frame is made of aluminum. They can securely lock your feet in with their laces, straps, and buckle.

K2 Men’s F.I.T X Pro

k2 rollerblades mens F.I.T X Pro

[amazon fields=”B07X98CJJN” value=”button”]

The K2 Men’s F.I.T X Pro has a soft boot and uses Stability Plus cuff. The wheels are 84mm-80mm 80a while the bearings are ILQ-5. It is using a K2 Speed Lacing. Fitness Hi-Lo technology can give you more stability and maneuverability.

This one is among the favorites for men looking for a fast, reliable and affordable skate.

K2 Men’s Fatty Pro

k2 rollerblades mens fatty pro

[amazon fields=”B01M4MJN9P” value=”button”]

The K2 Men’s Fatty Pro uses the original K2 soft boot. The Aggressive cuff provides more gaps and several boot tricks. The aggressive frame features spacers for a customizable configuration. The frame allows you to grind on all types of rails.

It has 55/80a wheels and ABEC 8 bearings. This skate is perfect for stunts on the street and skating in vert or ramp.

K2 Rollerblades Men’s Kinetic 78

k2 rollerblades mens kinetic78

[amazon fields=”B075VKSX1W” value=”button”]

The K2 Men’s Kinetic 78 has original K2 Softboot. Stability Plus gives you more support while removing skate weight. It provides versatility to a wide variety of skaters. It has 78mm 80a wheels and ABEC bearings.

K2 Men’s VO2 80 Boa

k2 skate mens VO2 90 boa

[amazon fields=”B07HQJ5CTC” value=”button”]

The K2 Rollerblades Men’s VO2 80 Boa has an original K2 Soft boot. It uses the VO2.2 frame and Vortech frame. The wheels are 90mm 80a while the bearings are ILQ-9 Classic Plus. The Boa Closure system also provides more security to whoever wears them.

Rollerblade Men’s RBXL Fitness Skate

rollerblade mens maxxum90

[amazon fields=”B075919VZF” value=”button”]

Men’s RBXL Fitness Skate is an original and genuine Rollerblade skate. The first skate ever created to specifically address big feet. With a size range starting at US 14 and going all the way to 17.5 the XL is a supportive all-purpose skate for recreational and fitness use.

Rollerblades Men’s Maxxum 100 Skate

rollerblade mens maxxum 100 skate

[amazon fields=”B00LGYEGA4″ value=”button”]

The Men’s Maxxum 100 Skate is a high-quality skate with more speed, control, and support than many other skates. You can be assured of a comfortable fit due to its molded and vented shell. It uses RB Hydrogen 100mm-90mm 85a wheels and SG9 bearings.

One of the fastest rollerblades of this past winter, and great to practice your ice-skating or skiing in the summer.

Rollerblades Men’s RBXL Fitness 

rollerblade mens rbxl fitness

[amazon fields=”B0758W45FT” value=”button”]

The Men’s RBXL Fitness Rollerblades have the biggest volume out of all the skates that are available on the market. They are perfect for big men with larger feet. They use strong 90mm 84a wheels and SG7 bearings. The aluminum frame is perfect for its XL boot.

The trusty, strong frames of these skates make them a perfect contender for larger guys who want something that will last them a good couple of years!

LIKU Rollerblades

rollerblade mens twister 80

[amazon fields=”B072MRZDN7″ value=”button”]

The LIKU Rollerblades are your typical ‘do it all’ skates. They have the ability to do various styles of skating. They use 80mm 85a wheels and SG7 bearings. The frame is made from aircraft aluminum.

Rollerblades Men’s Zetrablade

rollerblade mens zetrablade

[amazon fields=”B07G31LC2W” value=”button”]

The Rollerblades Men’s Zetrablade can take a beginner to the next level. They are the top brand of skates which can guarantee you high quality and more value.

They are a great pair of skates for outdoors because they have SG5 bearings and 80mm wheels. They’re a simple design are are very easy to use.

Roller Derby AERIO Q 60 Men’s

roller derby AERIO Q 60 mens rollerblades

[amazon fields=”B07DYH7HW7″ value=”button”]

The Roller Derby AERIO Q 60 Men’s have a Soft boot design. They have comfortable padding and a secure locking system. They are made of aluminum tri-coil, and have 80mm wheels to provide you more speed.

Roller Derby Men’s V500 Rollerblades

Roller Derby Mens V500 Rollerblades

[amazon fields=”B075K5FGHT” value=”button”]

The Roller Derby Men’s V500 use the soft boot system and triple buckle system. They have comfortable padding and push-button adjustment. The frame is made of reinforced nylon. The bearings are ABEC 7 and the wheels are 76 mm urethane.

Bladerunner Rollerblades

rollerblades for sale

[amazon fields=”B073MC6KLB” value=”button”]

The Bladerunner by Rollerblade are an all-purpose recreational skate. They are made of high-quality materials and the components can be replaced immediately because they are easy to find.

The Difference Between Rollerblading and Inline Skating

The terms ‘rollerblading’ and ‘inline skating’ seem to get thrown around a lot, often interchangeably. We thought we’d clear up the difference for you, and explain a bit of the history.

Rollerblading vs Inline Skates

To be honest, the difference is: there is no difference. Just like with Ripstiks and Waveboards, one term is a specific brand, whilst the other is a more generic term.

rollerblades for men

Inline Skating is the more generic term for the sport. On the other hand, rollerblading really comes from people referring to the popular brand Rollerblade.

The History of Inline Skating

The history of roller and inline roller skates. is generally overlooked because of the much greater success of Rollerblade.

Inline Skates probably go all the way back to 1743 when a performer mentioned skates in a London show. The true, source, however, has been forgotten. mention of this invention didn’t appear again until 1760, when John Joseph Merlin invented a set of skates with a simple line of metal wheels.

rollerblades for women with reviews

In the 1800’s, people carried on experimenting with this invention. The first Inline Skate would then be patented in 1819. Then, in 1863, a design with two axles (roller skates), would be invented.

The 1900’s saw many improvements. However, it wasn’t until Brennan and Scott Olson established Ole’s Innovative Sports, the brand that would later become known as Rollerblade.

Their goal was to create and market a set of inline skates which didn’t feature a break, so as to be used by athletes training for hockey and ice skating who needed to most extremely fast.

This brings us to the modern conception of Rollerblades and Inline Skates. We are left with a product designed for extreme sport athletes, with many variations for more amateur and young audiences.

Best Rollerblade/Inline Skating Technique

If you are interested in skating and putting your long-practiced skills out there, check out this compilation of the best performance on rollerblades over the past years. Here’s an awesome video to get even more inspired!

One of the hardest things about rollerblading or inline skating is building feet and ankle strength. You need to be able to put a lot of pressure on these parts of your body in order to improve at the sport.

This video below contains some handy exercises for getting this strength early on.

There are also numerous physical befits of Inline Skating. Inline Skating is technically a form of anaerobic exercise. It helps strengthen your muscle whilst also toning your entire body. Your muscles in your lower body and abdomen get an especially good workout!

To be air, even your upper body gets a workout when skating around, that’s what we’ve found, at least. It’s also important that you maintain good posture when skating, which leads to may physical benefits. The entire body will see the benefits of Inline Skating.

If you really want to get good at Inline Skating, it’s good to browse Youtube, looking for videos which explain the more general techniques of Inline Skating as a beginner. Once you begin to master some simple techniques, you will be able to more freely play around, and improve at your own pace.

This video below, for example, will help you master the techniques of rolling and stooping, and overall improve your control whilst Inline Skating.

Other than that just remember that, as with any other sport, the best way to improve is just practice. So once you’ve invested in a pair of skates, get outside and start rolling around.

Final Thoughts on Rollerblades

Rollerblades are very fun to ride and great to work out. It is ideal for men and women of all ages. In fact, they can even make you feel younger. Learning to ride the rollerblades may take time especially if you are still a beginner.

The most important thing is you must have patience. If you are having a hard time learning to ride these skates then you can also try riding the self-balancing scooter or Heelies.

rollerblades for men and women

Hopefully, this article has helped you make the decision of which rollerblades to buy. With so much choice out there on the market it can be difficult knowing which are the best rollerblades or inline skates for you. That’s why we’ve tried to review something for everyone!

After you’ve found the right pair for you, let us know what you think of our rating!

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