21 Best Road Bikes for different Budgets Reviewed (2021)

Fastest Road Bikes

With so many types of bikes on the market today, can you really pick a road bike out of a crowd of bicycles?

To an average person, this can be tricky.

However, you can distinguish road bikes from cicycles because of their much slimmer tires, minus the lugs which then makes for much better grip and command of any surface.

While the mountain bike and road bike may look similar, a mountain bike on the other hand typically has 26 to 29-inch wheels and includes elevated lugs.

These lugs basically perform like teeth on the ground, supplying traction.

Meanwhile, road bikes ordinarily have slim 700-c wheels and tires which minimize resistance and add speed. Note that road bikes used for competitions are designed to reduce a rider’s time.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best road bikes of 2021. We’ve brought together something for everybody, and for any budget.

So let’s jump right in!

Road Bike under $4000

These next few road bikes are going to be some of the best on the market nowadays. For under $4000, you can pick up one of these.

1. Kestrel 5000 SL Ultegra 

Expensive Road Bikes

[amazon fields=”B0744K9F57″ value=”button”]

Why, you ask, is the Kestrel 5000 Road Bike priced at $3499.99?

This product is on the expensive side because it is made of premium grade KSL 800K carbon fiber.

As a result, you get a road bike that is lighter than most other bikes and with enhanced overall durability.

Designed with triathletes in mind, the Kestrel 5000 is engineered for long-distance triathlons with its narrower top tube resulting in a vertical riding position keeping your legs strong and healthy.


  • Extremely comfortable ride
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight
  • Professional standard road bike


  • On the expensive side

4 Road Bikes under $3000

These are a little more affordable than the first road bike, however still in that upper class of road bikes.

2. Schwinn Vantage F3

[amazon fields=”B07BDQPWS5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”Road Bikes For Men” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B07BDQPWS5″ value=”button”]

The Schwinn brand has an extensive record in the bicycle industry, thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it will come up with a product such as the Vantage Sport Hybrid Road Bike.

This road bike is suitable for various types of surface roads. You can even use it for an endurance ride from coast-to-coast.


  • Suitable for many road surfaces
  • Great for endurance riding
  • Professional standard road bike


  • Still relatively expensive (but it’s worth it!)

3. Tommaso Fascino Sport Performance Aluminum Road Bike

[amazon fields=”B07773ND9K” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”Light Road Bikes” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B07773ND9K” value=”button”]

Understandably, there are high-quality road bikes that you’ll need a mortgage just so you can afford it.

This is not the case with the Tommaso Fascino Sport Performance Aluminum Road Bike.

Priced much lower than the previous bikes on our list, it comes with many excellent road bike components.

Such a great find, don’t you think?


  • Relatively cheap for a high-quality road bike
  • Comes with all the bells and whistles


  • Not as good as some other Tommaso models


[amazon fields=”B07F67N24X” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”Road Bikes Specialized” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B07F67N24X” value=”button”]

Whether your objective in riding a road bike is for your leisure, to improve your weekend mileage, or to compete professionally the SAVADECK R8 700C enables you to start and operate your ride effectively, smooth shifting, and durable.

An enhanced version of SAVADECK Bicycles, this version includes a slimmer seat and a full aerodynamic profile.


  • Good all-round road bike
  • Competes well with other, more expensive Savadeck models


  • Doesn’t come with assembly
  • Pick-up only

5. Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo

Best Road Bikes 2018

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Another renowned brand in the bicycle industry is Diamondback.

While they are now offering various sorts of bicycles, this brand started it all with manufacturing BMX bikes.

One of its new ventures is the Diamondback Podium Haanjo Road Bike that is instantly ready to race!

Its features include Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, complete Shimano Ultrega component group, and Carbon Fiber frame.


  • Great for racing
  • Diamondback are a reliable brand
  • Excellent customer service


  • Pretty technical road bike

6 Road Bikes under $2000

This list has some more decently priced road bikes from under $2000, with great capabilities and a better nicer feeling to your wallet.

6. Raleigh Detour 2 Step Thru Hybrid

[amazon fields=”B07S6CW43P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”Giant Road Bikes” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B07S6CW43P” value=”button”]

While a lot of road bikes you see on the streets are for racing, another type of product is the comfortable road bike.

Compared to racing road bikes this kind of road bike features a more elevated handlebar resulting in minimal strain on the rider’s back.

Likewise, since the frames are at a friendlier angle it lessens the rider’s reach to the bar allowing for a more comfortable ride and upright riding position.

Aside from this benefit, this Raleigh Merit 3 Endurance Road Bike offers a compact aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork, and a limited lifetime frame warranty.


  • Comes with warranty
  • Elevated handlebars mean less strain
  • Really solid, durable construction


  • None

7. Eurobike Speed Road Bike

[amazon fields=”B0796PT97L” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”Road Bikes For Sale” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B0796PT97L” value=”button”]

Not all road bikes are high-priced; there are still products like the Eurobike Speed Road Bike that are surprisingly reasonably priced.

It boasts of a 21 Speed Shifting system and dual disc brake. This bike is weighs 35 lbs.


  • Extremely reasonable price with free shipping
  • Durable construction


  • Heavyweight

8. Schwinn Fastback Carbon

Road Bikes Frame

[amazon fields=”B07BDPTRKZ” value=”button”]

The popular brand Schwinn is memorable for its Cruiser Bikes.

Currently, Schwinn has another product to be proud of which is the Schwinn Fastback Carbon Road Bike.

This bike is ideal for weekend rides, uphill riding, or even competitive riding. It features 22-speed full Shimano 105 drivetrain, Schwinn Black Label Carbon frame, and Schwinn S1 road stem and bar.


  • Ideal for cruising as well as long rides and races
  • Ideal for weekend rides
  • Still great on hills
  • Great construction


  • None

9. Schwinn Phocus Road Bike

schwinn phocus road bike

[amazon fields=”B0183SF2XU” value=”button”]

A racing road bike with a complete carbon fiber frame and fork, the Schwinn Phocus is a remarkable product to own.

With its reasonable price, you will get a bike that is lightweight, but still sturdy with its aluminium stem, seat post, and handlebars.

Aside from that it likewise features the Phocus brakes to offer you that incredible stopping force.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Good stopping force


  • None

10. Savadeck Phantom 2.0 

Road Bikes Wheels

[amazon fields=”B075KGNDQ4″ value=”button”]

When you purchase the Savadeck Phantom 2.0, all the assembly you need to do is attach your seat post, front wheel, pedals and you are ready to ride!

This road bike showcases Shimano Ultegra 8000 front derailleur, 22-speed shift lever, and a rear derailleur that delivers you one impressive and seamless ride.


  • Shimano components are good quality
  • Great value-for-money
  • Easy assembly


  • Quite heavy for a road bike

11. Diamondback Century 3

Diamondback Road Bikes

[amazon fields=”B084CY6X4H” value=”button”]

As mentioned earlier, Endurance bikes differ from the regular racing road bikes.

This holds true with the Diamondback Century 3 which offers an Enhanced Performance Geometry that relieves stress from your back and neck and allows for a smooth ride.

Not only that, but you will also find this bike with robust HED Flanders C2+ disc wheels that assist with your rapid acceleration and Diamondback Century 700x28c tires for your added security.


  • Unique design
  • Enhanced structure makes for good posture
  • Secure tires


  • Tricky assembly

8 Road Bikes under $1000

This list contains road bikes for under $1000, which are great beginner bikes of great quality and good performance.

12. Tommaso Imola Endurance

Amazon Road Bikes

[amazon fields=”B01ACEYH8O” value=”button”]

Returning cyclists do not need to purchase entry-level bicycles, what they need is the economical Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike.

While the price is affordable, you still get a quality road bike that features Shimano gears, robust aluminum frame, and lightweight road bike tires.


  • Extremely robust frame
  • Lightweight tires
  • Affordable


  • Slightly awkward handlebars for posture

13. Diamondback Haanjo 2

Best Road Bikes

[amazon fields=”B084D5DPL5″ value=”button”]

While Diamondback is a popular bicycle brand, not all of its products are on the costly side.

The brand likewise offers its customers with a low-priced line of bicycles like this Diamondback Haanjo 2 Gravel Adventure Road Bike.

Surprisingly, the Haanjo 2 includes an endurance geometry found typically with Endurance Bikes. This feature offers riders resilience as well as riding convenience.


  • Endurance geometry for posture and comfort
  • Great for many surfaces (no gravel of course)
  • Low price


  • None

14. Tommaso Monza Endurance

Affordable Road Bikes

[amazon fields=”B01GKDTKOM” value=”button”]

In purchasing the Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike, you’ll have a premium bicycle you can customize with the accessory you require.

A product produced with an aluminum frame, the Tommaso Monza is a neat bike you can rely on for your daily travels or weekend-long rides.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Great for casual riders
  • Very affordable


  • Not as high-performance as other road bikes

15. Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 3

Road Bikes Pedals

[amazon fields=”B084D5DPL5″ value=”button”]

Lighter than the Haanjo 2 is the Diamondback Haanjo 3 Gravel Adventure Road Bike.

Though it also boasts of the Endurance Geometry like the  Haanjo 2, the Haanjo 3 is a bike you can ride anywhere and with any type of road accessible to you.

This road bike can give you more than just your ordinary city riding! When you ride the Haanjo 3 you will discover a whole new level of road biking.


  • Great for posture
  • Comfortable seat
  • High performance
  • Great for city riding


  • Slightly more expensive

16. Diamondback Haanjo 1 

Road Bikes Best

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What is great about the Diamondback Haanjo 1 is that it will bring you the best of both worlds, this product is a half mountain bike and a half road bike.

As a result, you can ride anywhere you want whether it’s commuting or strolling around the city or if you feel like challenging yourself and riding on unpaved roads, the Haanjo 1 is your reliable partner.

Showcasing flat handlebars, this road bike allows for a geometrical riding position.


  • Flat handlebars are convenient
  • Great for city riding and unpaved roads
  • Versatile
  • Very fast


  • Tricky assembly

17. Raleigh Bikes Merit 2

Good Road Bikes

[amazon fields=”B0845JL4VV” value=”button”]

There are riders out there who are not advocates of the latest road bikes with their accompanying bells and whistles.

Nowadays, you can still find riders who prefer dependable classic road bikes like the Raleigh Bikes Merit 2.

Looking forward to attending your first-ever century ride? The Merit 2 will be your perfect companion with its wide tires, Shimano Claris speed shifters, and lightweight aluminum frame.


  • Classic aesthetic
  • Wide tires
  • Excellent speed shifters
  • Sturdy frame


  • None

18. Raleigh Willard 2

Best Road Bikes 2017

[amazon fields=”B07S9H7KQH” value=”button”]

What makes the Raleigh Willard 2 All-Road Bike distinct from all the other bikes?

Aside from its reasonable price, the Willard 2 features anti-shock seat post and stem to lessen road tremors, excellent disc brakes which you can rely on in any weather conditions, and a durable all road 6061 aluminum frame which is truly dependable.


  • Great suspension
  • High quality
  • High performance
  • Dependable


  • Tricky assembly

19. Raleigh Revere 2 

Ladies Road Bikes

[amazon fields=”B01NCZDJ3B” value=”button”]

Those who are not expert builders will find it easy to assemble the Raleigh Revere 2 Women’s Endurance Road Bike.

A product designed specifically with women in mind, this road bike is suitable for training, fitness, and endurance rides.


  • Great for women
  • Comfortable
  • High performance for a good price


  • Not suitable for men

Road Bikes under $500

If you just want to get your feet wet and begin with cycling, these two road bikes under $500 are a great starting point.

20. Kent GZR700

Giant Bikes 2018

[amazon fields=”B01CUUWXTI” value=”button”]

If you are working on a tight budget, take a look at the Kent GZR700 Road Bike. Suitable for your day-to-day commute or if you are searching for your weekend bike, this low-priced bike is definitely what you need!


  • Great cheap bike for commuting


  • Not good performance for racing
  • Heavy

21. Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

[amazon fields=”B01GKD6JB4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” imagealt=”Giant Bikes Reviews” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B01GKD6JB4″ value=”button”]

Newbie riders will want to begin their road cycling journey with the Tommaso Forcella Road Bike. At its low-cost price, you’ll get a bike perfect for your daily travels, fitness, and group rides.


  • Great beginners road bike


    Is a Road Bike Worth It?

    A lot of people ask us: Is it actually worth it to buy a road bike?

    A lot of other bikes, such as mountain bikes, are much cheaper and you can use them on any kind of terrain.

    However, there are some serious benefits to buying a road bike which we will discuss below.

    Road Bike Benefits

    There are numerous benefits to buying a road bike.

    The first is the high quality disc brakes included in all road bikes.

    Disk Brakes

    Since about five years ago, disk brakes have been becoming incredibly popular in road bikes.

    It’s now difficult to find an endurance style road bike which doesn’t have disc brakes.

    Older road bikes which first generation disc brakes were a harsher ride, and were much heavier, than modern road bikes.

    Nowadays, any of the road bikes you’ll find in this blog feature amazing control, consistent performance, versatility in adverse conditions, no evolving tire problems, and few potential accidents.

    Tire Clearance

    Most modern road bikes never used medium or long reach brakes, but used a lightr and stiffer short reach brake.

    best road bikes

    When using disk brakes, road bikes have a tire clearance of more than 32mm on most racing road bikes.


    Aerodynamics are, of course, extremely important for cycling with road bikes.

    Road bikes nowadays are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible.

    Thousands of hours of computer modelling and tests have gone in to creating road bikes which produce the best results.

    This ultimately makes the ride easier, and more enjoyable.

    Road Bikes Prices

    There are various road bikes available in the market today. From affordable brands to high-quality expensive ones, there is a bicycle that will suit your budget.

    In general, road bike approximate costs start at a budget price of  $100 up to $10,000.

    Of course, if you are looking for a premium road bike you will have to shell out a considerable amount.

    On the other hand, if you are searching for an affordable entry-level bike there are a variety of options you can choose from.

    Road Bike Sizes

    On the right side, you can see a simple chart showing the appropriate size of road bike suitable for you based on your height. While you may know your precise height, it is always best to cross-check the manufacturer’s dimensions as well. 

    Road Bikes Sizing Charts

    Furthermore, if you are a woman hunting for a road bike, keep in mind that there are other brands that produce bikes that are highly compatible with the ladies thus, suited for modest hands and shorter reach.

    Although, that is not to say that women can’t opt for a male bike or a unisex bike for that matter.

    To ensure if the bike really fits you well, always go for a test ride if possible; on the other hand, if you are purchasing your road bike online make sure to communicate clearly all your concerns with the seller.

    Road Bike Frames and Materials

    Essentially, the two materials used for road bike frames are carbon fiber and aluminum.

    best road bikes for men 1

    If your motivation in purchasing your bike is for fitness purposes or to enjoy some long weekend rides without any interest in your speed, then you can go for an aluminum frame.

    These frames while more affordable also offer riders a seamless ride.  On the other hand, if your priority is to have a lightweight but sturdy frame that can help you achieve a fast and comfortable ride then opt for the premium carbon fiber material.

    Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Road Bike

    While generally, some individuals just go for the most expensive brand or on the one hand the cheapest road bikes without much planning on their purchase, in doing this you’ll wind up spending more money than you intend to.

    Thus, it is advisable to consider the following factors before engaging in any transactions.

    Road Bike Use

    Aside of course from your budget, another factor you must consider in choosing your bicycle is to know exactly how you intend to use your bike.

    When you have genuinely identified what you want, it will be simple for you to determine the type of bike frame and components you need.

    Road Bike Frame Size

    Besides the factors earlier mentioned, the frame size is likewise a crucial component you must consider.

    best road bikes on a budget 1

    If you will make your purchase at the bike shop, it is important that you test ride the bike that you are considering to buy.

    However, if you are planning to purchase online see to it to communicate all your questions to the seller.

    It’s important to realize is that when you choose the wrong bike frame, you will end up riding with a terrible body angle, position, and reach which will always result in an awful and painful ride.

    Road Bike Accessories

    Below are some of the best road bike accessories on the market today.

    These are overall pretty great for just improving your cycling experience, and customizing your road bike.

    [amazon box=”B06Y1X3JD3,B010B7Q40G,B01EUQ7ZQG,B00MTYQT64,B07H9HCYQ5,B01AVHQB22″ template=”list”]

    Follow the links above if you want to find out more about road bike accessories!

    Final Thoughts on Road Bikes

    There you have it, our picks for the best road bikes of 2021.

    We’ve brought together reviews of 21 different road bikes available on the market. We’ve compared them, and given useful pros and cons for each one.

    Hopefully, all of this will help you make your decision on which road bike is the best one for you.

    We’ve tried to include options for all levels of cycling ability, and for all budgets.

    Do you think there’s anything we’ve missed?

    Let us know in the comments!

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