15 Best Heelies Shoes for Boys and Girls to Ride Safe (2021)

16 Awesome Heelies Shoes for Boys and Girls

Heelys, which is also known as Heelies, is actually a brand of roller shoes. These shoes have one or more detachable wheels inserted in the sole. This is quite similar to inline skates. A person who wore this type of shoes can walk, run or roll using the wheels. You can halt by lowering the back of your foot until the sole reaches the ground. In 1999, Heelys became a patent of Roger Adams.

Heelies Roller Shoes for Boys

1. Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe

Heelys Propel 2.0 Skate Shoe – Get it via Amazon

2. Heelys Launch Skate Shoe

Heelys For Men
Heelys Launch Skate Shoe – Get it via Amazon

3. Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe

Heelys For Boys
Heelys Motion Plus Skate Shoe –  Get it via Amazon

4. Heelys Straight Up Skate Shoe

Heelys For Girls
Heelys Straight Up Skate Shoe –  Get it via Amazon

5. Heelys Bolt Plus X2 Sneaker

How To Use Heelys
Heelys Bolt Plus X2 Sneaker – Get it via Amazon

6. Heelys Kids’ Velocity Sneaker

Heelys Amazon
Heelys Kids’ Velocity Sneaker –  Get it via Amazon

7. Heelys Boy’s Cruz x2

Where To Buy Heelys
Heelys Boy’s Cruz x2 – Get it via Amazon

8. Heelys Zoo Crew Skate Shoe

Cheap Heelys
Heelys Zoo Crew Skate Shoe – Get it via Amazon

9. Heelys Kids’ Tornado x2 Sneaker

Heelys Meme
Heelys Kids’ Tornado x2 Sneaker –  Get it via Amazon

10. Heelys Dual Up Skate Shoe

Argos Heelies
Heelys Dual Up Skate Shoe –  Get it via Amazon

 6 Heelies Roller Shoes for Girls

1. Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe

Heelies Shoes
Heelys Split Chrome Skate Shoe –  Get it via Amazon

2. Heelys Dual Up X2 PU Sneaker

Heelies Shoes For Girl
Heelys Dual Up X2 PU Sneaker –  Get it via Amazon

3. Heelys Kids’ Launch Sneaker

Heelies Shoes Near Me
Heelys Kids’ Launch Sneaker – Get it via Amazon

4. Heelys Kids’ Split Sneaker

Heelies Shoes Mens
Heelys Kids’ Split Sneaker –  Get it via Amazon

5. Heelys Kids’ Twister X2 Sneaker

Heelies Shoes Amazon
Heelys Kids’ Twister X2 Sneaker – Get it via Amazon

6. Heelys High Tail Skate Shoe

Heelies Shoes Ebay
Heelys High Tail Skate Shoe –  Get it via Amazon

How To Use Heelys

Have you ever seen a kid wearing a pair of Heelys? If so then you’ve probably wondered how he did it without breaking his neck. By lifting your front foot you can easily glide around using the wheels at the back. Proficient users can do it effortlessly.

If you’ve used skateboards, roller skates or roller blades before then perhaps you’ll be having an easier time with heelies. On the other hand, if you have not tried any of these activities, then you’ll apparently end up on your backside a few times before getting the hang of it.

Experts can easily pull off tricks and maneuvers at skateparks. It’s like their using rollerblades or skateboards. However, you don’t have to get yourself so involved with it if your purpose is to use them for cruising around. But keep in mind that you have the choice to move to the next level.

Of course, you don’t want to get hurt while cruising so it’s best to wear some padding for protection. Wearing a helmet would be exaggerating, however, elbow pads and gloves are good enough in case you take a fall. Making a stop is not too difficult since all you need to do is to press your heels.

Does Heelies Actually Work?

It was Roger Adams who started it all. He placed wheels on the heels of the shoes. However, his invention may have gone in two different ways. If consumers tried them out and disliked them then it would have been an enormous flop. Nevertheless, the evidence that they actually work is quite palpable every time you see a kid cruising on a pair of heelies as if he was floating. It really looks elegant every time you see it in action, however, keep in mind that it requires a lot of practice especially if you have never worn it before.

A few years back, people are getting excited over them. Now, heelies are hype since it is much the same as skating. It also got viral every time you see a user wearing them, it makes you want to try it too. This is why it’s a success.

Heelies come in a range of styles with distinct features. For instance, some have only one wheel while others have two wheels. If you prefer the ones with advanced features and styles then you’ll have to pay more for it. A typical style that comes with the standard features may cost between $50 to $60 which is more costly than having the standard pair of shoes. Nonetheless, this is less costly than having a pair of rollerblades.

Buying your Heelies

Heelies may not be appealing to parents due to unavoidable accidents. But for kids, it is a way of integrating fun into their day to day tasks. Going to the grocery store is more fun if you roll along their covered aisles. It’s less tiresome if you can glide in going to school. For some kids, it’s a manner of keeping up with their friends who already have a pair.

Heelys are the original creator of these roller shoes. Obviously, there are imitations out there but if you want a quality product and a genuine experience then you should buy the legitimate one.  Heelies can be a lot of fun if you’ll take some time to practice and avoid injuries.

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