7 Best Bike Lock Reviews to never Lose your Bike (2021)

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A few months ago we got ourselves a new high-end mountain bike to record awesome mountain trail videos for you guys. Being super excited as we are we couldn’t wait to get started, only to be hugely disappointed… our bikes got stolen from a bike rack which we locked them too! We had decent locks and luckily insurance, but we vouched to never let this happen again.

The secret is choosing a lock that is easy-to-use and secure enough to protect all types of bikes. Whether your priority is the best bike protection or something small and affordable, we made sure to find the best selection of bikes locks for your review! After getting one of these, stolen bikes are something of the past!

Best Bike Locks Compared

We ordered the 7 best bikes locks from Amazon and got started with cutting, chopping, sawing and breaking them open, to find the best bike lock for you to use.

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In-depth Reviews of the Best Bike Locks

We ordered and tested over 20 different bike locks, below we selected our favorite ones keeping in mind everybody’s budget and needs so you don’t have to do the dirty work.

1) Kryptonite Heavy Duty Bicycle U-Lock

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2) Sigtuna 16mm Heavy Duty U-Lock

[amazon box=”B016GZWRY4″ /]

3) Kryptonite Chain and Disc 14mm Bike Lock

[amazon box=”B001SMUB7G” /]

4) Amazer Combination 12mm Bike U-Lock

[amazon box=”B01I9X9WNU” /]

5) Titanker 3.3ft Heavy Duty 8mm Bike Lock

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6) Igtuna Folding Heavy Duty Bike Lock

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Types of Bike Locks

Before we proceed with the bike lock reviews, let us guide you with the various types of bike locks available in the market.

U-Locks and D-Locks

Best Bicycle Lock

The most commonly used bike lock is the U-locks or D-locks. This type of lock already exists since the 1970s and is an atypically large horseshoe-shaped padlock. In general, U-locks are available in different sizes so whether you own a road bike or an e-bike is not an issue.

If you look closely, with its tough design, U-locks are a nifty visual deterrent to thieves. Besides that, with its sturdy locking mechanism, it can withstand bolt cutters, chisels, hammers, etc. The target is to lessen the area in which a robber can slip in a lever or a crowbar to dismantle it. Surprisingly, with its robust design, it is still lighter compared to a number of chain locks. Thus, if you are searching for a portable lock to use on your bike daily on the street the best choice for you is a U-lock.

In spite of these benefits, of course, there are likewise drawbacks to this product. For one, the regular-sized U-lock will ordinarily suit street signs and common bike racks. Unfortunately, this can’t hold true with lamp posts or other various broad street equipment. Furthermore, while this lock is portable sometimes it gets muddy and dirty which means it can be uncomfortable to place in your bag.

best bike cycling locks reviews

Chain Bike Locks

Meanwhile, a chain bicycle lock includes a chain link that can withstand chisels or hacksaws. You will discover a whole lot of links and chains available in a variety of weight and size. Similarly, there are links protected with a plastic sleeve to shield both your bike and chain. This type of lock is incredibly tough and you can simply wrap it around any sort of bicycle. You can even use it to secure one or two bikes. Moreover, since the links are flexible and movable it will be tricky for a thief to get rid of it with a power cutting tool.

Kryptonite Lock

On the other hand, here are a few downsides of chain locks. While this lock is movable, it can be thick and heavy. Thus, it will be difficult to carry and will surely drag you down while you are biking. Likewise, there are low-quality chain locks that thieves can destroy with bolt croppers.

Indeed, it is best to determine the quality of the product before purchasing it. Additionally, if you opt for a chain lock without a plastic sleeve this can result in the links damaging your bicycle’s paint.

Lastly, when you do invest in chain locks see to it that you also purchase a tough padlock. While it is possible thieves can have a challenging time cutting through a robust chain, they can swiftly destroy a flimsy padlock. Having said that, with its bulky size and weight, this lock is ideal for home or stationary use.

Folding Bicycle Locks

Another popular choice when it comes to securing your bike is folding bicycle locks. This lock is composed of a string of metal plates linked by rivets. The rivets are the ones that permit the plates to adjust so you can properly shape it to where you want to lock your bike or just fold it for storing.

What are the advantages of choosing a folding bike lock over the other locks? Well, for one this type of bike lock is rather a little lighter than the other U-locks which are providing the same internal space and security.

Identically, folding bike locks are lighter than the bulky chain locks. And as we have mentioned earlier, with this lock being adjustable and flexible you can secure your bicycle in areas that are not accessible with a U-lock. In addition to this, what is good about folding locks is that you can tuck it in a remarkably compact bundle that is convenient to carry on your bicycle.

Normally, it comes with a holster you can attach or screw on your bike frame. In case you opt to place your folding lock inside your bag, its slim shape will only take up a small space compared to a U-lock.

Nonetheless, while there are benefits or advantages to products, there are also known disadvantages. For example, with the complex construction of this lock, it will be a bit hard to extend, unfold, and then position it on the bicycle wherever you are locking it. Also, since folding locks are relatively new in the market, you have limited options because there are only a few manufacturers offering it.

Cable Locks

Bike Lock Cable

In this case, if you are looking for an extra lock you can use in combination with your primary bike lock then cable locks are a great choice. You can choose from cable locks with keys, combination locks, or padlocks.

Similar to a chain lock, a cable lock is likewise flexible and you can use it to secure your bicycle to various places. This type of lock is also lightweight and you can carry it around with less hassle.

Then again, since these merely are cables the level of security is lesser compared to thick chains and links. A bolt cutter can basically cut through this lock. Hence, it is suitable for low risk or low-crime areas.

Bike Lock Buying Guide

Bike Lock Images

Any skilled thief with just the right tools can defeat any bike lock in 5 minutes, but that doesn’t mean all bike locks are created equal! Below some of the most important points to consider when getting a new bike lock.

Which type of bike lock is the most secure?

Granted that there are myriad factors to consider when deciding on the type of bike lock suited for you, however, one can never go wrong in choosing a U-lock, padlock, and a chain. It is important to realize that there is no such thing as an indestructible bike lock.

Again, with the right tool, a skilled thief can steal your bicycle if he really wants to. Your lock just helps you buy time before a thief can get away with it. Remember, the stronger the bike lock, the longer the time you will have.

Also, with thieves or organized gangs having access to bolt cutters it is best that you determine the right lock size and thickness Ideal for your bicycle.

What size bike lock do I need?

Bike Lock Sale

In selecting the ideal U-lock, you need to decide the right size for your bike. When we say size we refer to space or area within the lock. And the smaller the U-lock you choose, there’s a tinnier chance a thief can slip in a tool to destroy your lock.

With that said, make sure you opt for a U-lock or a chain that will firmly suit your wheel, frame, and the area where you will secure your bicycle. Take note though, in choosing a small lock it will reduce the place you can secure your bikes such as broad signposts, wide lamp posts, or railings. Thus, it is best you smartly plan where you will secure your bicycle.

How thick should my bike lock be?

As mentioned earlier, bolt cutters are a popular tool among thieves. For this reason, it is advisable that you opt for thicker locks. A U-lock or chain with diameters less than 13 mm can be dismantled by thieves with medium-sized bolt cutters. While huge bolt cutters can cut through locks that fall between diameters of 13 to 15 mm. Now, if you have locks that are at 16 mm thick, then those are tough to destroy with a manual bolt cutter.

best locks for bikes

Generally speaking, when thieves are determined to steal your precious bicycle, they will take all steps to eliminate your bike lock. Your role then as the owner is to ensure that thieves will have a challenging time breaking your locks.

Keep in mind, locks can’t secure everything, hence, if it can’t be locked then bring it with you. In like manner, remember to choose a place or an object to secure your bike that is safe and sturdy, otherwise, thieves can steal both your bicycle and lock. Under those circumstances, it is preferable to practice securing your bicycle with two different types of locks.

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