4 Best Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooters Reviewed

4 Best Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooters Reviewed

The self-balancing unicycle can let you cruise around just using a single wheel!  Isn’t that awesome?  It eliminates those unnecessary things such as the handlebars and the pedals.  It uses advanced technology for your ultimate fun ride.  Whether you’re cruising in your neighborhood or going to your workplace, the self-balancing unicycle is the precise transportation that can do the job.

It’s very easy to ride on a self-balancing unicycle.  All you have to do is to place your feet on the platform of the wheel.  You need to balance your body.  If you want to speed up then you should lean your body forward.  However, if you want to slow down then you should move your body backward.  If you are a beginner then you could probably learn it in about three hours.  However, if you have strong coordination then you can learn quickly in just a matter of 15 minutes.

The Best Self Balancing Unicycle Electric Scooters

If the look of these doesn’t get you excited you have a problem. Read our unicycle scooter reviews to acquire your own awesome self-balancing unicycle.

1. Superride Electric Unicycle

Self Balancing Unicycle Electric
Superride Electric Unicycle – Get it via Amazon

The Superride Electric Unicycle is our favorite choice. It’s simple to use just angle forward to speed up or angle backward to slow down. It gives you the best value for your money.

Speed: 22 m/hr

2. Hoverclub Solo Electric Unicycle

hoverclub solo electric unicycle
Hoverclub Solo Electric Unicycle – Get it via Amazon

This self-balancing unicycle is not only smart but also safe.  It can travel at a maximum speed of 18 km/h.  It has a training wheel that could help beginners.

Speed: 18 km/hr

Range: 20 km

3. InMotion V5F – Solowheel Glide 2

inmotion v5f solowheel glide 2
InMotion V5F – Solowheel Glide 2 – Get it via Amazon

The InMotion V5F – Solowheel Glide 2 can be easily carried around on the bus or subway, making it a helpful tool in commuting. InMotions V5F is lightweight making it convenient to commute.  It is also powerful.

Speed: 25 km/hr

Range: 35 km

4. Inmotion V10

Self Balancing Unicycle Review
Inmotion V10 – Get it via Amazon

Surprisingly, the Inmotion V10 only weighs 45.4 pounds. It is a budget-friendly self-balancing unicycle that can take you 43 miles before it runs out of power.

Inmotion V8 is an amazing entry-level model. The battery can quickly charge to 80% in just an hour.

Speed: 25 km/hr

Range: 43 miles

Recommended Additional Accessories

JBM Protective Gear

Self Balancing Unicycle Accessory
JBM Protective Gear – Price: $21.98 – Get it via Amazon

As mentioned earlier, you can ride your unicycle to your office, cruise around your neighborhood, or just simply have a fun time with a friend. Nonetheless, as with other outdoor activities always prioritize your safety. Having said that, it is crucial that you wear protection like the JBM Protective Gear shown above.

The self-balancing unicycle is the most convenient means of transportation which you can take to your office.  You can ride it anywhere you go whenever you want to.  But what if there is a shortage of electricity,  can you still ride your electric unicycles, hoverboards, and electric scooters?  Will it be possible if solar energy is used instead of electricity?

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