15 Best Free Skateboard Games Reviewed (2021)

15 Best Free Skateboard Games Reviewed [2018]

Trying tricks and retards is now possible with online skateboarding games. As a result, online skateboarding game has become a popular sporty activity in the United States. There are tons of websites that offer free skateboarding games.

This is a great way of showing off your skateboarding skills in the virtual world. Each of these skateboarding games has its own unique plots. However, the main concept stays the same, which is trying out different skateboarding abilities.

Skateboard Games Online

With modern technology, gamers from different parts of the world can now connect with each other through a network. With the use of the internet, anyone can play online games on their PC, tablets, or smartphones.

There are lots of options that are available. The popularity of multi-player online games has also increased. Some of the most popular online games are car racing, sword fighting as well as skateboard games.

Free skateboard games are also available on numerous websites. Stunt Skateboard 3D is one of the most popular skateboard games being played online.

Stunt Skateboard 3D

Stunt Skateboard 3D is a cool online skateboard game that will take you to the skatepark. You can show off incredible flips, grinds, and other tricks. The graphics are so realistic and the gameplay is magnificent. You have full control over your character as well as the skateboard. This means that you can perform a wide range of cool tricks.

Once you have familiarized the basic controls, you can begin performing backflips, kickflips, nose manuals, feel flips, rail grinds, and other amazing tricks. For each trick you’ve completed successfully, you’ll be rewarded with a score.

For the most tricks that you’ve accomplished without falling, you’ll obtain a multiplier. In case your character falls then eventually he will get hurt or break his bones. Therefore, you must be very careful in doing these tricks.

You’ll be given a chance to replay each level as much as you want so you can obtain a greater score. So, what are you waiting for, get on your skateboard now and do your tricks!

How to play

Use arrow keys to move. X is used for jumping, flipping in midair, and grabbing sidewalk. For nose manual, press up arrow key two times and hold. For the backside manual, press down the arrow key two times and hold. In case you want to restart a certain level, just press R. You must use Adobe Flash Player 11 for the 3D features.

Skateboard Games Unblocked

Are you feeling bored at school or at work? If so, then you should play skateboard games unblocked for your enjoyment. These are the games that can be played wherever and whenever you want without any issues at all.

Sometimes you can only be effective at your work once you have taken short breaks from it. This is why you need skateboard unblocked games.  An example of this type of game is Skateboard City 2.

Skateboard City 2

Skateboard City 2 lets you perform those terrific stunts while cruising across the city! You can gather lots of points when choosing arcade and freestyle modes. Do some kickflip, ollie, or simply keep your balance on your board. You can also perform realistic grinds on rails!

This is one of the best extreme sports ever created. In this game, you can choose whether you want to be a male or as a female skater. Grab your board and execute as many tricks and stunts as you can.

How To Play:

Use space for jumping. Combine space, X, and C for performing special tricks. When sliding and balancing, use up/down arrow and X. Finally, for flipping use space and left/right arrow.

15 Free Skateboard Games

Simple Skateboard Games

Skateboard Games

If you want a simple skateboard game then Kickflip is the best option. Here, you can skate anywhere you want, you can skate to the left or right. You can do an ollie, kicks, flips, grinds, and other cool tricks in the skate park.

Aim for a high score and advance to the next level. It has excellent graphics and there are tons of tricks that you can try.  You can use the arrow keys for controlling your movements. When jumping over obstacles, use space. Use A for a flip, S for a shuvit and D for a grind.

Skateboard Games for Kids

Skateboard Games Online

This game has a resemblance to the old Atari game known as Pitfall. The only difference is that you are the guy riding a skateboard! It is a fun game and includes 8-bit style music. Skatefall is very easy to play and very addicting too.

All you have to do is press the right/left arrow key to move. Continue pressing the button until you gain some speed. If you want to jump, simply press the spacebar. Being a tribute, Skatefall is very effective and dependable. It has superior graphics and sounds. The difficulty level is just pertinent.

Classic Skateboard Games

Skateboard Games Pc

Street Sesh is one of the best skateboard games available online. It has millions of fans all over the world. It features some excellent 3D practical graphics to let you try sober retards and tricks. Read the game instructions and hints thoroughly. Skaters should ensure they don’t crash or lose balance to avoid any chance of the character getting hurt.

Use the arrows keys to move. For the tricks, Z is for KickFlip, X is for 360 Flip, and Space is for Ollie. Street Sesh is a fun game. It’s also challenging since you’ll be skating down a street filled with lots of cars, buses, and ramps.

Free Skateboard Games

Skateboard Games Y8

While playing with his ball, this hooligan accidentally hits a window. In order to escape from the policeman who chases him, he used his skateboard. He rides through narrow streets filled with traffic and several objects.

The goal is to avoid any obstacles or else the game is over. Gather coins as you go along and use them for purchasing new skateboards, upgrades, and new characters! Have fun!

Skate Hooligans can be played on any device like a laptop, pc, tablet, and smartphone. Be sure to use a modern browser that is compatible with HTML5. Use the arrow keys to move. For skaters playing on their phones or tablets can swipe using their fingers or mouse.

Play Skateboard Games

Skateboard Games Apk

Stickman Skate is an interesting skateboard game that is liked by hundreds of players. You’ll have complete control of the stickman. Let him execute awesome stunts to avoid any obstacles. This game requires some abilities. Good luck and enjoy it! Just use the arrow keys to play. This is an HTML5 game so you need a modern browser for this.

This skateboarder is going through the most challenging routes in the city. He needs to execute lots of amazing tricks so he can make it to the finish line. You could perform an ollie so you can avoid the cactuses.

Cool Skateboard Games

Skateboard Games For Android

Want to live the life of an Extreme Skater? If so, then you should be able to drive through the forest terrain at alarming speeds while executing dangerous stunts like grinds, slides, and aerials. This is one of the most thrilling skateboard games ever created by Miniclip. Do you consider yourself an extreme skater or a couch potato?

Collect coins as you go along. Do some Tony Hawk-like maneuvers to help you finish each level. You will receive extra bonuses for every successful performance like having the perfect landings or effectively playing a certain level from start to finish while avoiding death. The question marks that you encounter along the way will provide you with extra tips.

For the controls, use the up arrow key for jumping and L/R key for turning or balancing. In performing the stunts, use Z, X, or C.

Skateboard Games 3D

Skateboard Games 3D

Don’t want to step away from your board? In Skatelander, you can drive wherever you want since the whole world is all yours. You don’t have any limits or boundaries. The game will never end. This means that you can play as long as you want!

Always avoid obstacles and roadblocks while going through various landscapes and cityscapes. You could also collect money as you go. How far can you go on your skateboard in this Minecraft styled runner game?

Free Online Skateboard Games

Skateboard Games For Pc Free Download

Skate Mania is one of the most exciting skateboard games inspired by Street Sesh. Get on your skateboard so you can execute cool tricks. Try to score as many points as you can. Consider yourself as the new Tony Hawk! You’d better land perfectly so you can avoid eating that dirt. Use the Up/Down arrow keys for Forward/Reverse, Left/Right for Balancing, and Left/Right Space for Jumping.

Skateboard Games For PC Free Download

Skateboard Games Ps4

Crazy Skater is a fast-paced type of skateboard game. Get to try some retards and trick like the tony hawk by selecting a skateboard and gathering money. Are you crazy enough to do that? Use the arrows for moving/leaning and the spacebar for jumping. Crazy Skater is totally free, so you don’t have to register!

Do some flips while driving your board and be sure to reach the finish line without hurting yourself! Take your skating stunts to a new level. In this game, Dennis, the freestyle skater along with his board will guide you in this wonderful skating world. Discover a whole new world with fascinating maps and skates. Collect money so you can upgrade your character.

Y8 Skateboard Games

Skateboard Games Unblocked

Ride your board and perform some tricks. Simply use the arrow keys and the spacebar. For changing direction and speed, use the arrow right/left. Arrow up/down can be used when you’re on the ground and while in mid-air. It will move you up or down.

The Space Bar is used for jumping while you’re on the ground or when you’re grinding. Also, the Space Bar can be in mid-air if you want to perform some tricks and stunts. It can instantly give you points. You need to gather 3000 points within 60 seconds so you can win the Sewer Skater game.

Free Online Skateboard Games

Skateboard Games Xbox One

Want to go skateboarding on this hot summer day? Grab your skateboard and help this cool skater collect those golden coins as he strolls around the city. Be sure to avoid obstacles and always stay on your skateboard. Go through different levels.

Skater Kid is an excellent skill game. Show off your abilities with your skateboard. This is the perfect game for people who love sports and skateboarding! Always jump at the right time so you can avoid obstacles and execute your tricks. Once you’ve missed, the game is over. It features numerous skateboards and has 40 levels.

Skateboard Games PC

Free Skateboard Games

Hey dude, grab your skateboard and enjoy sliding down the hill. Enjoy this great challenge with a streetsmart attitude! Be wary of obstacles along the way. Simply jump right over them and continue racing along the streets.

Go faster so you can avoid those mad security officers. Enjoy collecting those power-ups while skating your own way. Skater Dude is a very challenging game since the more you play the harder it gets!

Stunt Skateboard Games

Play Skateboard Games

Try to keep up with this skater girl as you race across the rooftops. Keep in mind that she’s one of the fastest skaters in town. Stay away from impediments such as mailboxes and trash cans. Remember that once you bumped into an obstacle, your speed will slow down. You can also gather tons of coins as you go along.

In Skater Rush, you can show off your skills on skateboarding and practice new stunts and tricks. This is the best way to become an awesome skater boy! You must jump at the right moment so you can avoid falling into gaps. Go faster!

Best Skateboard Games

Y8 Skateboard Games

Swifty Simon is all about finding treasure in the trash as well as making sure that the goods are properly delivered! Use Left/Right arrow for moving, Up arrow for jumping and Down arrow/Space for throwing. Once you hear the whistle, get ready and quickly throw the bag to the next customer.

However, be wary of the obstacles that you’ll meet along the way. Avoid bumping into things since it can lower down your energy bar. In order to replenish your energy bar, you should gather money for points.

Cool Skateboard Games For Kids

Cool Skateboard Games

Launch your rocket skateboard and start doing all those sick stunts. Do as many power-up landings as you can while keeping up with the speed. Avoid obstacles since it can ruin your ride. So be very careful when riding your skateboard. Rocket Skateboard only requires two buttons, arrows for moving and space for rocket boost.

Bonus List: Skateboard Video Games

Skateboard Games for PS4

Any Skateboarding Games For Ps4

OlliOlli consists of more than 120 tricks and grinds. You can play across 50 crafty levels with 250 challenges. Also, it includes Spots Mode and Daily Grind.

New Skateboarding Games For Ps4

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 features different levels with real-world locations. Each level is quite challenging since it includes various missions, objectives, obstacles, and gaps. You can play it in a single-player or in multiplayer mode.

Skateboard Games Fur Ps4

Olliolli 2 features new Ramps and Epic Hills with multi-route levels. Its combo system has been upgraded. Now you can do Manuals, Revert Manuals, Reverts, as well as Grind Switching so you can gain more control.

Skateboard Games for PS3

Skateboard Games For Ps3

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground gives you the chance to play your way. You can create your own character, story, and style right from the beginning until the end.

2 Player Skateboard Games For Ps3

EA Skate 3 is an improvement of Skate and Skate 2. It has the same gameplay, yet even better and more fun. This game is not too risky, yet it’s smooth and easy to play.

List Of Skateboard Games For Ps3

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 challenges players to experience the ferocity and tension of skating against some of the top skaters around the world. It features new gameplay with awesome, detailed character animations. This game lets you transfer ramps and rails all over the city.

Skateboard Games for PC

Skateboard Games For Pc Free Download

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 allows the player to take on the role of legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. You can skate through multiple free-roaming levels. There are 190 harder goals that you can choose from. Learn various skills so you can execute 14 of the best skateboarding stunts.

Skateboard Games For Pc List

Tony Hawk’s Underground has a similarity to the previous Tony Hawk’s games. The player can explore different levels by completing its goals while executing stunts and tricks. This game allows the player to create his own custom character instead of choosing a professional skater.

Skateboard Games For Pc Free

Shaun White Skateboarding is a game created in collaboration with super-athlete, Shaun White. Players can transform a boring city into an amazing skating paradise. As you play, you can extend handrails, carve alleys and transform streets into ramps. You can skate anyway you like and push your limits.

Skateboard Games for Xbox 360

Best Skateboard Games For Xbox 360

In Skate 2, players are given the chance to create their own character and execute amazing tricks and stunts in order to earn points. To complete the challenges, you have to do some tricks. The money that you’ve earned can be used in buying clothes, properties, or for betting on events. This is a multiplayer game that can be played by up to four players.

Top Skateboard Games For Xbox 360

American Wasteland is the first game in the series wherein players can play in one huge level through the story mode. It can link to different levels without any loading times in between. In this game, the player can execute freestyle BMX techniques.

New Skateboarding Games For Xbox 360

Skate features innovative controls, genuine cameras as well as an amazing reactive skateboarding city. You’ll get a chance to play like pro skaters such as Danny Way and PJ Ladd.

Skateboard Games for Xbox One

Skateboard Games For Xbox One

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 features a Career mode that is entirely different from the previous three games. However, it is more similar to the Free Skate mode wherein you don’t have any time limit in exploring the level. The goals are provided by the characters, once the player talks to them.

Best Skateboard Games For Xbox One

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 includes enormous levels with lots of people, traffic, and several interactive environments. It has excellent animations and newly enhanced tricks so you can play like a pro. The career mode has been upgraded, permitting custom characters to be more robust.

Skateboard Video Games For Xbox One

In Pro Skater 2, the player can play like a professional skateboarder. He must complete several tasks, so he can enjoy cash rewards. The money that you’ve earned can be used for buying skill improvements, excellent tricks, and skateboards. This is the first game that uses the manual, a certain trick that requires the player to keep his balance on two wheels.

Are you feeling bored at school or at work? If so, then you should play skateboard games unblocked for your enjoyment. These are the games that can be played wherever and whenever you want without any issues at all.

Skateboard games are fun. Players can ride on their boards or perform different types of crazy stunts on their boards. Playing skateboard games is very entertaining, at the same time, it’s also a great stress buster. 

When you play skateboard games free online, the time passes way quicker! Some players want to play with their friends in a multiplayer environment while others prefer to play alone.

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