44 Most Unique Vans Shoes Ever Made

44 Most Unique Vans Shoes Ever Made

A lot of people of any age enjoy the style, design, and comfort of tenis vans sneakers. All of these great sneakers are offered in a large selection of styles, different colors, patterns, and sizes. Vans sneakers possess a design all their own, and commonly feature canvas uppers and basically thick, rubber soles. Several other design features include contrast stitching and of course the Vans logo tag on the side. Below you will find a list with the most awesome authentic Vans shoes ever made, from watermelon to fries Vans!

History of Vans Shoes

Skateboarders those just like Van’s rugged makeup in addition to sticky sole seems to be spotted sporting Vans throughout Southern California back in the early 1970s. During 1975, the Vans #95, now known to be Era was designed by Stacy Peralta & Tony Alva. With the use of a padded collar and basically different color mixtures, the Era turns out to be the shoe of options for a bunch of skateboarders. The skateboarding world has evolved a lot in fashion, men’s hairstyles, gear, shoes, and skateboards.

During 1979, the #44 shoe was launch, with the assistance of BMX riders as well as skateboarders. The Vans Slip-On grew to become all the rage in Southern California. During the end of the 1970s, Vans had 70 stores in California and moreover sells through dealers both across the country and globally.
As the 1980s came around, Paul Van Doren perked up and began to have fewer parts in the companies’ activities. Over this era, Vans began to create shoes for a wide range of sports from basketball, baseball and sometimes wrestling to skydiving to help compete with huge athletic shoe companies.

Vans has started producing footwear internationally in 1994, providing creating of great new shoe styles, and large expansion happens. Vans after that have begun producing the world’s top action sports series having the sponsorship of one’s first Triple Crown of skateboarding, which in turn evolves into the Vans Triple Crown series which involves events in BMX, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, motocross as well as supercross.

The 44 Most Awesome Tenis Vans Ever Made

1. Vans Authentic “Zebra”

Originally posted by eukicks

Be animalistic with these Tenis Vans sneakers printed with Zebra stripes.

2. Watermelon


Feel fresh and cool with this watermelon design sneakers.

3. Volkswagen

Originally posted by etsy.com

Drive everyone crazy with this cool Volkswagen design tenis vans.

4. Vintage


Get back to the past with this cool vintage-inspired design.

5. Van Dora Era

Originally posted by shop.vans.com

A colorful design called Van Dora Era.

6. Tie-Dye

Originally posted by Gabby Stoetzner

A festive tie dye design, cool and perfect for summer!

7. Studded


Girls rock with this cute studded vans!

8.  Spray Painted

Originally posted by mop$

Colorful tenis vans painted with the use of spray paints.

9. Sparkling Purple


Standout with this sparkling purple sneakers!

10. Sequins Tenis Vans

Originally posted by i.imgur.com

Rock the party with this sequins vans!

11. Red Galaxy


An amazing red galaxy design great for everyone!

12.  Ethnic Yellow and Red Combination

Originally posted by Hisashi Hamada

Feel the ethnicity with this ethnic vans!

13. Rasta


Drop a reggae beat with this Rasta color tenis vans!

14. Pooh


Get back to your childhood days with this cute POOH design.

15. Polynesian

Originally posted by etsy.com

A cool Polynesian inspired design.

16. Assorted Pastel Colors


Pastel color designs. great for cool ladies.

17. Peacock


A colorful peacock inspired Vans design.

18. Camouflage


Military camouflage design tenis vans.

19. Marvel Comics


Feel like a superhero with this cool Marvel superheroes design.

20. Liberty

Originally posted by artwalk.com.br

A colorful design named as liberty.

21. Leopard Fall


A colorful leopard inspired print.

22. Leopard


Leopard inspired print vans sneakers.

23. Kenzo Green and Orange


A combination of green and orange color designed from Kenzo.

24. Kenzo Orange and Green Leopard Print


Another work from Kenzo, a green and orange combination leopard print.

25. Ice Cream


This design looks delicious!

26. Hello Kitty


For Hello Kitty lovers out there, this is perfect for you!

27. Hand Painted

Originally posted by Gabby Stoetzner

This hand-painted design looks really personalized.

28. Gold with Bling


Rock everyone with this unique gold and bling design!

29. Galaxy

Originally posted by Angela Marlowe

Be lost with this amazing galaxy vans design!

30. French Fries

Originally posted by Hisashi Hamadam

This french fries design looks delicious! How cool was that?

31. Ferris Lo Pro Boxie Plaid

Tenis Vans | Ferris Lo Pro Boxie Plaid

A cool purple checkered vans design.

32.  Elmo

Originally posted by verybadthing.deviantart.com

Everyone who loves sesame street loves Elmo. This is design is so cool.

33. Custom Painted Design


Another custom-made design. Personalized designs look great.

34. Cartoon Characters


Feel like a child with this awesome mixture of cartoon characters design.

35. Cali Tribal

Originally posted by hypebeast.com

This tribal design looks really cool.

36. Blink 182


A cool design called Blink182 by Vans.

37. Black and Pink Tribal


Another Tribal design by Vans.

38. Bananas


A cute banana design with pink color.

39. American Flag


A great American flag design.

40. Abstract

Originally posted by quoteko.com

A colorful abstract design.

41. Colorful snake design


Love this colorful snake design.



VANS ERA VAN DOREN design sneakers.

42. Love


Love design tenis vans.

These 44 Awesome Tenis Vans are the most epic ones ever made. Select Vans Tenis shoes when trying to find a pair of sneakers that are fun, stylish and durable. With lots of different varieties to choose from, searching for the best pair is easy. By having valuable rubber soles, each of these authentic Vans shoes has sufficient grip to enable you to play hard without ever losing grip. Some people even get spray paint cans to color their own custom pair of vans! Which one do you love!?

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