13 Best Skateboard Backpacks for all your Essentials in 2021

13 Best Skateboard Backpacks in 2018

Skateboard backpacks are an absolute must for any skateboarder on the go. When you are riding around town, the last thing you want is to lose your balance due to juggling too many things at once – hence the importance of purchasing a skateboard backpack.

You basically want your backpack to be able to store your skateboard, electric skateboard, or maybe a foldable electric scooter, with ease. As well as this, it will need to store all of your other items.

They’re really good for skating, hiking, travelling and even fishing!

However, it can be difficult to choose the right option for you, especially since there are so many options and different skateboard brands on the market today.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview, comparing our favorite skateboard backpacks. Then, we will go into much more detail about each of our suggestions, including our thorough and honest review.

To wrap up, we will go over a few things to consider when purchasing a skateboard backpack.

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Best Skateboard Backpacks

Choosing the right backpack for you includes a myriad of different decisions to make. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, so we have broken down each of our favorite backpacks for you below.

1. The North Face

the north face

The North Face Backpack is very durable because it is made of 600D Polyester. Its laptop sleeve can fit 15″ laptops, and it features bungee system skateboard carry straps.

The sunglasses pocket is fleece-lined, which means that you won’t have to worry about scratching your lenses when you store them away.  The side pockets are secure since they are zippered. Additionally,  it has an Amazon rating of nearly 5 starts which makes it one of the best-rated skateboard travel bag.

This one is especially good for adventures and for going trekking, as it can easily fit your maps, compass and hiking boots!

2. Eastsport New Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack, Army Camo

Eastsport New Double Strap Skater Multipurpose Backpack Army Camo

The Eastsport Double Strap skate backpack has all the abilities to fit everything  in the front pockets along with an interior pocket for laptops.  The dual Velcro skate compacting strap helps to carry any board size secure. Main zip tech compartment pocket ( fits most 15” laptops)

There are two pockets where you can place your bottled water. The back panel has cushioned mesh to provide you more help and comfort.  This backpack measures 18″ by 12″ by 7. It has rubberised Handle bar, adjustable shoulder strap, durable polyester material and construction.

3. Volcom Young Men’s Roamer

Volcom Young Mens Roamer

The Volcom Roamer Backpack is 100% Polyester.  It has a zippered closure and can be hand washed. This backpack features a very spacious main compartment as well as a front outer pocket. Travel or everyday use fill fit the purpose for shore.

It has two adjustable shoulder straps plus a hanging loop strap.  It is made of high-quality materials. At the front has a cooler compartment which will keep your snacks fresh.

4.Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

best skateboard backpack

Ronyes skateboard backpack is a skate backpack used chiefly by teenagers who take their board to school. It is ideal since most of them are always running, this backpack with skateboard straps  can be easily  tighten for comfort and fitness.

It is loved especially due to the charging features that let you charge your phone while at go. But you need to have your charger to plug in the bag and charge your phone. If you want to charge from outside of the bag, you can use your portable charger only and enjoy using it while charging.

This bag comes with slots insides that allow you to have several items on board, including a whole laptop. This can also be used as a gift on different occasions and still makes people feel appreciated and loved. You will always get it in two colors- blue and black.

The brand gives you an insurance warranty on the bag you can buy at a relatively low price. The insurance warranty covers rips, zipper breaks, straps tear, among others. We recognize how rough skating can get, and so there is a need for an insurance warranty.

5. Pawsky Skateboard Anime Luminous Backpack

best skateboarding backpacks

This is another skateboard backpack made with a unique and exceptional design where it can glow in the dark, making it easy for people to see it at night. It is highly recommended by people who have used especially as a kids skateboard backpack and comes with a lot of room. It is common among young people due to its fashionable design, charging port, and lock for security purposes.

It is made with lightweight and high-quality material making it durable. The material used to make it is waterproof, assuring you that the items inside are safe even if it rains. Also, the material is easy to clean, and it is wear-resistant, anti-scratch playing a more extensive role in the durability of the bag.

Not only can this bag be used in skateboarding but also applicable in other activities, including camping, traveling, hiking, weekend outings, picnics, among others.

6. Eastsport Skater Backpack

Eastsport Best Skateboard Backpacks

The Eastsport Skater Backpack is made from high-quality materials. If you are looking for a durable and strong backpack that can withstand any abuse then this is the product for you. It is highly recommended by your skateboard peers.

You can use it as a longboard backpack or electric skateboard bag in fact any size skateboard bag it is ready to take upon any challenge.

7. Simbow Skateboard Backpack 

skateboard backpacks

If you want a fantastic, sturdy and durable bag that fits most of your items, the Simbow skateboard holder backpack is the real deal. The skateboard bag offers a perfect way to pack everything you may need so that you can walk to the skate part without any challenge.

One feature that customers didn’t like is the zipper that appears to be of low quality. This may challenge you as you minimize using it for fear of breaking. We have users who recommend this backpack as a perfect gift for different occasions like Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. Like any other skateboard backpack, it has straps for holding your deck on your back. This has improved comfort while on the move.

The side net bag makes it ideal for holding a water bottle, a smaller umbrella, and other small items you may need to carry. The back pocket is there to ensure you don’t lose your belongings.

Another thing that people value in this backpack: if you are not satisfied with the bag, you can always reach out to customer care support for your issues to be solved.

8. Burton Skateboard Backpacks

Burton, Best Skateboard Backpacks

The Burton Skateboarder Backpacks even tough has compartment for laptops.  It measures 7in x 19in x 11in. It is also have additional sleeve for your tablet for example.  

This backpack can carry a skate through its front webbing. The huge main compartment has an internal organization.  There are numerous external accessory pockets for your belongings.  The most trusted product check for availability !

9. Eggboards Skateboard Backpack

waterproof skateboard backpack

Best skateboard backpack that connects the exterior and interior design together . The gigantic classic front zip pocket comes in handy when you have small items and want them hidden. This skateboard carry bag creates easy access to your board if already stored, and other things you might be having.

It is made of excellent and high-quality material. It is waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about the safety in the event of rain.

For the skaters who like carrying items with them, this bag offers them a reason to smile. They have a chance to include items like laptops, keys, wallet, cash, food, and smoothies containers, and are more enabled by the ample space created by the bag..

10. GoRide elite electric Skateboard Backpack

skateboard carrying backpack goride

GoRide elite skateboard backpack is the best electric skateboard backpack for travel and skating.  If you have been on the lookout for a skateboard backpack that can carry all your necessary items as you skate, then your research ends here.

Best skateboard travel bag. The quality of the backpack is assured with the padded backpack handle and shoulder strap. You can carry many items among them, including pads, boards, shoes, cruiser wheel, tools, among others.  The fact that you can adjust zippers boils down to the exact size you need.

This feature also comes in handy when you have a laptop onboard. You are sure that with the hidden laptop compartment, your computer is secure. Additionally, with the adjustment feature, it doesn’t matter the size of your board. You can adjust it up to the extent you want for enhanced comfort and fit while at go.

The backpack also features a sternum strap for even weight distribution and reliable support when you have heavy items in it. The bag has a large pocket for storage with an internal helmet strap and two large front pockets that skaters confess helpful to them.

11. 187 Killer Pads- ‘The Standard Issue’ Skateboard Backpack

187 Killer Pads, Best Skateboard Backpacks

Durability and simplicity are the main words we can use to describe one of the best skateboard bag. You are assured of a free walk with your board strapped on your gear with heavy-duty straps.  The durability of this bag is at its best with the ballistic abrasion-resistant 1000 D. It is also made with a double handle that is resistant to wear and tear.

Not only will this skateboard backpack ensure you don’t walk with your board in hand, but it also lets you carry water in the elastic mesh water pocket. Of course, there are other things a must to take, like your phone. 

If you like taking your laptop with you, this backpack comes with a neoprene pocket for that. This bag lets you carry such items with you. They are meant to be zipped on and off regularly, and for this reason, it has heavy-duty zip that guarantees you service for long regardless of how often you keep zipping and unzipping.

This bag comes with an easy top stash pocket ideal for keeping small items like keys, license, knife, and many more.  However, users didn’t like the bag because you need to have it packed full for the board to sit comfortably.

12. I WONDER Electric Skateboard Backpack Regular Skateboard Bag

iwonder electric skateboard backpack

This skateboard carry bag from IWONDER works excellent, especially with the electric skateboards and  longboards,. Like most of the backpacks we have reviewed before, it has adjustable straps that most people term it as perfect for holding your board behind you closely and securely.  Skaters prefer it over others, following its Velcro design that keeps the bold tighter even while on the run. It falls in to a class of small skateboard backpack.

You no longer have to worry about that phone, wallet, keys, among other small things you usually carry with you. This bag has made it easier to commute with ease knowing you got everything with your secure, including your board.

However, there is one thing customers had to complain about. You need to buy extra padding. You need extra padding for the strap and park mat to ensure you don’t get hurt by the straps due to the weight of the content on your backpack.

Another thing that irritates is the board keeps hitting your head if you get the longboard. Otherwise, it is excellent, especially with the color. Comparing its price with the previous one, this one is pocket-friendly.

13. GoRide Electric Skateboard or Regular Skateboard Longboard Backpack Bag 

GoRide Tech Electric Best Skateboard Backpacks

GoRide as the brand has mastered the art of producing adjustable best longboard backpack and electric skateboard backpack, In fact can fit almost every other skateboard out there. Not only is this helpful in ensuring the board is well fitted, but it all plays a role in the comfort of the board while on your back. This has been further enhanced by a detailed design with padded straps and breathable mesh without forgetting the sternum straps that facilitate weight distribution and reliable support even when carrying heavy items.

This skateboard bag hits all the requirements of a best skate backpack, and you can’t go wrong with it. This bag is designed with bottle holder pockets that allow you to carry water and any other drink at a go to quench your thirst in the skate park.

Skateboard Backpacks Buying Guide

So, now you know all about our favorite skateboard backpacks, but how do you choose the option that’s best for you? There are several things you should consider when shopping for your new bag.

Choosing the Right Size

There are so many different sizes and shapes of skateboard backpacks! Consequently, you should always consider the size of the item before you buy it. This is normally really easy to do, just check the dimensions on whatever site you’re buying from.

woman skate backpack 1

While you’re brainstorming about this, consider how you will be using your backpack.. Do you do a lot of travelling that requires you to bring personal items along with you?

If you must carry your laptop around with you, for instance, you will need to find a backpack that will accommodate a laptop of that size. If you’re packing a skateboard, the backpack needs the right straps.

It’s also important that your skateboard backpack is lightweight. When choosing a backpack that is large in size, make sure that it is not too heavy. Think about how much the items you will store in it might weigh when you’re making this decision.

Considering Pockets and Other Organization

If you intend to carry small things around with you, zipper pockets are definitely something you need to look for. This is because you will need a place to safely store items that could be easily misplaced or lost.

These pockets are great for skateboarders, perfect places to store your bearings, grip-tape and other tools. Other storage places like bungee pockets, clips for your keys, and pencil pouches might also be a great thing to look out for, especially if you are a student.

We found the video below really great for talking about some skate essentials for your new backpack.

Organization options might also come in the form of extra bags that come with the purchase of the main backpack. These include storage areas for your personal items like identification cards, money, and credit cards.

Many people find that when they purchase a skateboard backpack, it tends to go with them almost everywhere they travel, so if having matching accessories is important to you, this is something that you may want to keep an eye out for.

Get your trainers, hat and jumper from the same brand to achieve maximum coordination!

Shopping for Durability

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when you’re on the market for a new skateboard backpack is durability. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a backpack that will last a long time, and also comes at an good price.

A great option for those on a budget is to find a skateboard backpack that you like, and wait until a sale to buy it. Some websites and stores also offer last year’s designs at a discounted rate. Don’t be afraid to browse the clearance section when you’re working with a limited amount of cash.

When facing the choice between cheap and high-quality, always remember that you get what you pay for. In other words, spending more money now will likely save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to spend unnecessary money replacing poor quality backpacks.

Frequently Asked Skateboard Backpacks Questions

If you have lingering questions, there is no need to fret. We have compiled a few of our most commonly asked questions for you here.

How much are skateboard backpacks?

The price of a skateboard backpack depends on the quality and brand that you choose. Consequently, pricing can range anywhere from $20-$200 or more. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a pack! Their prices largely depend on the manufacturer and the brand. Manufacturers and brands fond of producing high quality,outstanding features and versatile backpacks sell at high prices compared to their counterpart making substandard backpacks.

Who wears skateboard backpacks?

Some of the most popular famous skateboarders wear backpacks. They love them because they are versatile, which makes travelling with a skateboard a breeze. The best thing is there are options for both men and women on the market.

What is the best way to carry a skateboard?

The best way to carry a skateboard is on skateboard backpacks. They are a great option for any skateboarder because they allow you to be hands-free. They also help carry your essential items with you anywhere you go!

Where should a backpack sit on your back?

Your backpack should sit near the middle of the body. It ensures your hips carry most of the weight and not any other part that would result in pulling in different directions. Carry your backpack with both straps on to avoid shoulder pain.

Are one strap backpacks bad for my back?

One strap backpack is associated with back pain and muscle spasms. This is caused by weight being on one side of your back.

How do I keep my backpack from sagging?

To keep your backpack from sagging ensures you have wide padded straps as well as a padded back. Ensure you have both straps on and tighten them to fit under your arms. Let your backpack not go beyond your waist and keep it comfortable in the middle of your back.

What color should my backpack be?

One think that can influence the color of your skateboard backpack is the color of your clothes. Consider the color of most of your clothes and start from there. Go for the backpack with the color of 90% of your clothes. If you have a wardrobe with majority color as white,grey,blue and black, we recommend opting for black and navy blue backpack. It can be ideal for you.

Are skateboards allowed on planes?

Yes, they are allowed on board as checked baggage and subjected to standard policies. If it can fit under the seat, there is no need to cover it. Ensure you place it with wheels up to avoid rolling. Otherwise, it has to be a checked bag.

Skateboard Backpacks: Final Verdict

So, you have decided to buy a skateboard backpack. Now, you should be armed with all the information you need to move forward and make the right decision.

Always remember to take all your needs into account when choosing a skateboard backpack. Do this, and you will be able to find a bag that works for you, your lifestyle, and makes bringing your items with you on your skateboard a breeze.

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