17 Best Cheap Electric Skateboard Reviewed 2021

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All of a sudden, with our current technology, we find ourselves confronted with an electric skateboard.

If you are not yet familiar with this particular ride-able technology, just imagine a regular push skateboard reinforce it with a motor, battery, and remote control, and there you now have an electric skateboard.

If you’re looking for something just as easy to ride, but without a motor, check out our article on cruiser skateboards. If you want to know more about skateboard brands themselves, check out our article.

While you see a lot of individuals taking an ordinary skateboard traveling around town or transporting them to and from school or work, you need to realize that in time the effort needed in pushing will eventually wear you out. Read on to learn more about this fun and efficient latest technology.

Best Electric Skateboards Reviewed

To help you decide on which skateboard suits you, here is our round-up of the 17 best electric skateboards available in the market today.

1. Teamgee H8 31″ Electric Skateboard

teamgee cheap electric skateboard

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To start with, the Teamgee Electric Skateboard is suitable for youths who are roughly 130 lbs. In creating this skateboard, the top components considered are dependability and safety of the skateboard owner.

Additionally, it uses lithium-ion batteries that are completely charged in two hours. It approximately weighs 7.7 pounds allowing the rider to conveniently carry the skateboard to school, work, and home. This product offers a six-month limited warranty.


  • Suitable for youths
  • Dependable materials
  • Lithium-ion batteries with short charge time
  • Lightweight


  • More expensive than others

2. BLITZART Huracane 38″

blitzart electric skateboard 1

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With the ability to attain speeds of 26mph and range of 31 miles, the BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard offers four riding modes. Choose between Slow, Eco, Fast, or GT mode to get you to your destination.

Its deck is highly dependable and robust made from a combination of seven-ply maple hardwood and two-ply bamboo.  In addition to that, you can monitor your status with its brand new Evolve Series Remote.


  • Multiple riding modes
  • Highly dependable materials
  • Features a functional remote


  • Only one design

3. Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard

teamgee best electric skateboard

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The Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard features a colorful deck which is also durable to withstand tremor and shock. It showcases trucks that are of Calibre II 50 degree kind that delivers a steady performance even during travelling at high speed.

You’ll find that this product is low-maintenance since its motors and tires are fully replaceable.


  • High calibre trucks
  • Low maintenance
  • Colorful deck


  • Parts sometimes need replacing quickly

4. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

razor electric cruiser skateboard

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Not everyone is handy with tools and constructing something from scratch, however, the RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard will be shipped to you thoroughly assembled. No need to waste hours of constructing the skateboard, just open the box and start riding!

At the same time, while the product is affordable it comes with a rugged deck composed of five-ply maple wood and two-layers of bamboo. It is likewise equipped with superior grip tape to ensure the rider’s feet are securely in place on the board.

The RazorX Mini Skateboard can carry a load up to 250 lbs.


  • Affordable
  • Maple-wood deck
  • Rider-ready on delivery
  • Superior grip-tape


  • Quite small for larger riders

5. Hiboy Electric Skateboard

hiboy electric skateboards

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In the meantime, if you are searching for an affordable electric skateboard that doesn’t go extremely fast and is a safe gift for your kid, then consider the Hiboy Electric Skateboard.

It has a speed of 12mph and a range of 8 miles. Not to mention that its remote control is convenient to hold or in case you don’t want to carry it you can attach it to its wrist strap.


  • Very affordable
  • Good range
  • Safe gift for children
  • Remote controlled
  • Portable


  • Cheaper materials than other brands

6. RazorX Electric Skateboard

razorx electric skateboard 1

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With a skateboard deck constructed from premium Carbon Fiber and Kevlar, how can one go wrong? This electric skateboard is formidable to bring to your every journey even to a 25% grade hill.

It boasts of a 3000W motor, digital screen remote, four-speed settings, and trip function. In a completely charged battery, you can travel up to 31 miles and attain the speed of 26mph.


  • Premium carbon fiber
  • Can move up 25% hill gradients
  • 3000W motor
  • Digital remote
  • Good range


  • None come to mind

7. Voyager Electric Skateboard

voyager cheap electric skateboard

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If you find it inconvenient to handle a remote control while riding your electric skateboard, you need to get wind of the  Voyager 32″ Electric Skateboard. It is a self-balancing gyroscope skateboard with a string of sensors and algorithms.

Basically, the control boards and gyroscope accepts required details from the interior of the wheels and in return, it transmits information to the primary logic board.

With this kind of innovation, the user doesn’t need to carry and operate a remote control while riding. This product offers a 1-year warranty which includes motor and electric parts, plus labor.


  • Wireless remote control
  • Great new tech
  • 1-Year warranty


  • Slightly more expensive

8. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Maxfind Dual Motor Electric Skateboard

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Compared to other skateboards, the Alouette Dual Motorized Electric Skateboard features an eight-layer of maple wood deck that is not only durable but also sound-absorbing as well.

Packed with a 36V Lithium battery that can be completely charged in 2 hours, this skateboard is able to travel within 9 to 12.5 miles and attain the speed of 22mph. It can likewise carry a weight of up to 220lbs.


  • 36V lithium battery
  • Short charge time
  • Good range
  • Lightweight


  • Not particularly weather resistant

9. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard

Evolve Electric Skateboard

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Another entry from the brand Skatebolt, the 2nd Generation Electric Skateboard is also a tough product you can count on. 

With a top speed of 22mph, this sturdy skateboard showcases a deck constructed from a combination of seven-ply maple hardwood and two-ply bamboo.

Additionally, it features 306mm and 12-inches wide Black GT Super Carve trucks, 83mm wheels, and LCD wireless remote control.


  • Tough and durable product
  • High top speed
  • High quality deck
  • Good trucks
  • Wireless remote


  • Expensive

10. Elifine Electric Skateboard

[amazon fields=”B08FHRKC4H” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Elifine Electric Skateboard” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B08FHRKC4H” value=”button”]

Whether you are looking for an electric skateboard you can use for cruising your neighborhood, running quick errands, or commuting to school or work, the Elifine Electric Skateboard delivers a seamless performance even with its modest proportions.

It allows the rider to choose from three riding modes and has a charge time of 2 hours.


  • Multiple riding modes
  • Very short charge time
  • Good for commuting
  • Cheap but durable


  • It doesn’t do well on rougher roads.

11. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

boosted mini x electric skateboard 1

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Indeed, the Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard is a skateboard compatible with newbies or seasoned riders. It features four-speed modes that offer various speed and braking functions.

Moreover, enclosed within the wheel is its motor which is sufficiently sealed and water-proof. In case you find yourself with a drained battery, you can still use your skateboard as an ordinary push board.


  • Motor is sealed and waterproof
  • Good as a normal push board
  • Four speed modes
  • Braking functions


  • None come to mind

12. Teamgee H9 Electric Skateboard

teamgee new electric skateboard

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With its economical price, you will find the Teamgee H9 surprisingly reliable.  It provides two riding modes which are the Advance and Normal mode function.

Furthermore, it includes a 36V and 5.5 mah lithium battery that you can charge in approximately 2-3 hours. This skateboard comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


  • Money back guarantee
  • Two riding modes
  • Economical price


  • Not as good as other Teamgee models

13. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Mini

[amazon fields=”B079JXH9BX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_alt=”Liftboard Single Motor Electric Skateboard” image_align=”center”]

[amazon fields=”B079JXH9BX” value=”button”]

In particular, the Skatebolt Mini Skateboard is UL Certified. It can travel as fast as 16mph and has a range of 16 miles. And in case your power runs out, you can easily recharge its batteries.


  • 250W hub motor
  • Replaceable wheels
  • Small but Durable
  • Unique remote control
  • Lightweight


  • Quite small for larger riders

14. Maxfind Electric Skateboard

Maxfind Electric Skateboard

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The Maxfind Skateboard impressively has a deck built from fiberglass. With this resilient material, it can carry weight up to 265lbs. In addition to that, in just a single charge it can reach a range of 16.2 miles.


  • Fiberglass deck
  • Resilient against bad weather
  • Tough for heavier riders
  • Good range


  • Quite small for taller riders

15. E-ASUM AS01 Electric Skateboard

e asum cheap electric skateboard

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Perfect for the young beginner riders, the E-ASUM AS01 Electric Skateboard is suitable for those seeking a medium speed ride. It has a top speed of  22mph and a range of 13 miles.

This product comes with a Sanyo battery that is fully charged in two hours. In case you encounter problems with your purchased skateboard, simply call the company which is popular for its remarkable after-sales service.


  • Good for young riders
  • Quick charge
  • Great customer service


  • Not good for heavier riders or rain

16. Swagskate Electric Skateboard

swagskate cheap electric skateboard

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In purchasing this Swagskate Skateboard, you’ll receive the product fully assembled. And whether you are a seasoned or a newbie rider, there is an available riding mode that fits you. In detail, the NG2 38” has a speed of 17mph and a range of 6 to 8 miles when completely charged.


  • Full-featured remote control
  • Built for Flexibility & Strength
  • World-class service
  • One of the fastest e-boards on the market
  • Affordable


  • None come to mind

17. Off Road Electric Skateboard

off road electric skateboard

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A 1600W Off-Road Skateboard, the MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard has a maximum speed of 18.6 mph. It uses an LG Lithium battery that completely charges within 3 hours.

Moreover, it boasts of pneumatic tires for a stronger grip, braking, and acceleration. What makes it different from the other skateboards is its sturdy 10 ply maple deck that can hold weight up to 130kg.


  • Moto Tec 1600W dirt Electric skateboard dual motor
  • LG Lithium Battery
  • Good max speed
  • Good for heavier riders


  • Pricey for a small board

How Much Does an Electric Skateboard Cost?

Categorized as a personal transporter, selecting your electric skateboard can be both complex and arduous for the reason that there are already various products available in the market.

Nonetheless, these skateboards approximately cost $199 – $2000. There are even branded electric skateboards that cost more than $2000.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

With any riding technology that goes fast, the issue of safety is unfailingly questioned. However, take note that these products undergo a comprehensive safety clearance check before it even enters the market.

Moreover, though it is natural to check the security of the product, of course, it is likewise the responsibility of the rider to ensure his safety while riding.

Thus, it is essential that a rider puts on a complete protective gear such as shoulder, knees, and elbow pads plus a quality helmet.

And whether you are riding a self-balancing scooter, electric skateboard, or a hoverboard you will need lots of practice prior to riding.

Electric Skateboard Kit

On the other hand, if the electric skateboard you want is over your budget and you currently own a regular push skateboard, then you can opt to purchase an electric skateboard kit.

Although understandably not everyone is an expert builder, however, building your own skateboard has its own benefits. For one, some quality conversion kits are cheaper compared to purchasing your skateboard from pricey prominent brands.

Typically, electric skateboard kits approximately range from $400 to $3000. If you want to build your own premium board, then, by all means, go for the high-priced ones.

Second, since you are converting your own skateboard, in effect, you are transforming your regular board into one formidable ride!

DIY Electric Skateboard

The materials and parts used in the above video were the following:

  • Bamboo longboard deck
  • Samsung 25R 10S 2P battery
  • (2) 800W motor hub
  • standard 90mm longboard wheels
  • Rear and front trucks
  • A dual electronic speed controller
  • Remote

As we have mentioned earlier, not everyone is an expert builder, however, with the right instructions and guidance, a difficult project becomes a fairly uncomplicated one.

This instructional video clearly showed how to build your own electronic skateboard.

It likewise showed how you can cleverly conceal the exposed components. In the end, the finished product looks like a skateboard bought from a store and not a DIY one!

Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Skateboards

We get a lot of questions on electric skateboarders, which we summarize and try to answer here so everybody can read and learn from it.

How Much is a Boosted Board?

The brand Boosted has been in the industry for several years. While the product is on the costly side, its skateboards are known for its superior quality.

A few of its popular skateboards are Boosted Mini, which is part of our list and costs $999, the Boosted Board Plus that costs $1,399, and the Boosted Board Mini S which costs $799.

What is the Fastest Electric Skateboard?

Now while we have discussed the electric skateboard as a dependable personal transporter, you may be wondering can it go extremely fast? The answer to that question is yes!

According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest speed reached on an electric skateboard is 95.83 km/h or 59.55 mph.

electric skateboards in the rain 1

This impressive feat was achieved by a 32-year-old dare-devil named Mischo Erban using a Nextboard built by Next Generation Vehicles. He used a customized electric longboard that is propelled by Scorpion motors and Tattu batteries.

The skateboard also takes 1.5 hours to completely charge and has a proximate range of 10 to 15 km. or 6 to 9 miles.

Can I Use My Electric Skateboard in the Rain?

Some e-boards can be used in the rain, whilst others most certainly can not. When you’re buying, look for an IP55 waterproof rating in the product description.

If boards have this rating, it means they are more resistant to rain. But they will never be fully waterproof, and you should always keep it dry when possible. This will stop your board getting damaged and extent it’s life!

Can I Take My Electric Skateboard on a Plane?

Always ask before you buy: is my board air-travel friendly?

There are many e-boards which are built with air-travel in mind, however, with some brands this is not the case.

So what makes a board air travel-friendly?

Any board with a battery 99Wh or lower is definitely OK for air-travel.

But there is an exception to this rule.

If the battery cannot be separated from the board, then you might have a problem.

Just check before you buy to avoid problems.

Electric Skateboarding Tips

Whether you are preparing to purchase a branded electric skateboard or buying a conversion kit, here are a few tips you can consider before getting one of your own.

Purpose of the board

Are you planning to use the skateboard for fun or do you intend to use it for your daily travels? Knowing your purpose will guide in deciding which type of skateboard is best for you.

Price of the board

Keep in mind that boards with greater range and speed will be more expensive while those with reduced speeds are much cheaper. Thus, it is best to list down your requirements and research the perfect product compatible with you.

best electric skateboard for sale 1

The range of the board

If you need a skateboard for your daily commute, take note to purchase one that has a range that is adequate to bring you to and from your destination. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a drained battery.

Incline capability

This is an essential factor to consider especially if you reside in an area with uphill or angled slopes. Before buying, ask what is the hill grade of the board you are eyeing. Skateboards feature various hill grades that pertain to how steep it can travel.

Quality of Wheels

Wheels are an obvious feature of the board to think about.

There are two types of wheels:

  • Generic
  • Clone wheels

Generic are normally branded wheels from the manufacturer, whereas clone wheels are not branded.

Clone wheels are naturally lower-quality.

Clone wheels reduce mileage, they chip, flake and fall apart.

So it’s naturally best to go with generic wheels when possible.

Battery Cell Quality

Speed and mileage with e-boards depend entirely on battery cell quality.

Don’t be confused by complicated numbers and algorithms!

You just need to know: which will last longer.

Electric skateboard brands with great quality batteries will always go to lengths to tell you about it.

So always look for this when buying.


No skateboard is immune from connectivity issues, but some will be more so than others.


Always check customer reviews.

Join relevant communities and forums to find out more potential issues your board could have.

This will help you assess problems you might have, and problems you’re having after you buy.

Buying an Electric Skateboard

You may be wondering, why do I need to shift to an electric skateboard when I already have a traditional skateboard?

Interestingly, a 2014 research indicated that in contrast to individuals who drive, folks who actively travel such as biking or skateboarding demonstrate stronger mental wellness.

Besides this, traveling by an electric skateboard is not only sensible but also environmentally friendly as well. It will likewise lessen your daily stress of commuting since you will be dodging the rush hour traffic.

Furthermore, this new technology will speed up your travel in case you need to go uphill.

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