3 Best Freeboard Skateboards (Reviews)

3 Best Freeboard Skateboards Reviewed

Freeboards are created to replicate snowboard’s actual feel and shape as well as the snowboarding experience on a paved surface. A freeboard has two wheels that are mounted underneath along the centerline of the board.

Extended beyond the side tracks of the deck are four wheels mounted on wide tracks. The special functions and placement of the wheels allow the skater to spin, drift, carve, stop or slide as you can do on a snowy mountain.

This snowboard-like experience is made probable by the two additional wheels on the underpart of the board.

The Freeboard has customized trucks that look like those present on a longboard, but just inside the trucks on the middle line are a pair of thinner wheels (they appear like inline skate wheels) that revolve and spin 360 degrees.

A freeboard is performed either “freeride” or “freestyle”. If a skater rides with only a little or no tricks usually consists of sliding and carving, it is called a freeride or downhill. For a downhill freeboard or free ride, a bigger board is used because it allows you to go faster and gives a better balance.

For freestyle, a lighter board is used to make it easier to jump with and perform the different tricks.

The Best Freeboard: Editors Choice

Before jumping into our reviews, we thought we’d reveal our editors choice for those of you who are in a rush.

Drumroll please!

Core Freeboards

core freeboard editors choice
Originally posted by corefreeboards.eu

In our view, Core Freeboards produce some of the best freeboards on the market today.

Besides being of superb quality and safety, they are also sold at a really affordable price!

The Best Freeboard Skateboards Reviewed

So let’s jump right into the reviews.

Below are the 3 best freeboards on the market today, with some brief reviews.

1. Freebord


Freebord continues to be one of the leading producers of freeboards worldwide. By the year 2000, the Freebord company had sold 4000 boards.

In the year 2005, the Freebord company made a deal to distribute their products in Europe targeting snowboarding enthusiasts.

The company is continuing to produce and certainly market freeboards under the Freebord trademark.

Most of Freebord’s products can be picked up for between $200 and $300.

2. Gravitis

Originally posted by gravitis.net

In 2004, Gravitis was born as a gravity sports magazine. Banshee Bungees was known to make their freeboards.

These boards can sometimes be picked up for as little as $200!

3. Core

Originally posted by corefreeboards.eu

Core freeboard functions a lot like a snowboard you’ll be able to brake or slow down anytime you like. You actually have full control over its acceleration and speed.

You can go fast, however, if you want to ride slow, you can simply control the speed with sliding – you certainly will go really as fast as you wish. Much like on a snowboard!

These boards normally cost around $224

Free boarding vs. Longboarding

Longboards are made for a smooth and quiet ride, intentionally made for stable cruising rather than performing tricks that are associated with conventional skateboards.

freeboard anatomy

On the other hand, a freeboard allows a rider to execute some tricks and tricks common to winter snowboarding. Both these boards got their different capabilities and respective designs as well as additional equipment.

Difference between Freeboarding and Longboarding

  • Unlike longboarding, free boarding allows you to be more versatile with tricks such as carvings and 360 spins.
  • The freeboard has six wheels while the longboard has four.
  • Freeboard comes with foot bindings wherein you can stick your feet under.
  • A longboard is a bit more versatile, and certainly much easier to learn. Free boarding can be something of a combination within carving, sliding, downhill — real fun!
  • A freeboard is incredibly much the same in the way it responds to stimuli, however, it requires a certain area to use, even if a longboard can be utilized in very dynamic areas, just about anywhere.
  • In contrast to longboards, all freeboards probably have bindings attached like conventional snowboard bindings. These are vertically and rotationally movable to comply with a person’s rider’s stance, then they will differ from snowboard bindings in that they don’t lock the rider’s feet into the deck.

How to Ride a Freeboard

It may look easy but riding a freeboard is not as easy as you think it is. Keep in mind the idea that you are snowboarding and not skateboarding ob the pavement. It may take several weeks or days to learn, just like a snowboard.

Expect to fall down sometimes, but be patient. Soon enough, you will rip off all the hard work.

Safety Equipment for Freeboarding

When you go freeboarding, make sure you pick up a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and any other safety equipment you need.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best freeboarding equipment on the market.

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Choose from some of these options, and always remember to wear the right equipment in order to stay safe and well!

Alternatives to Freeboarding

Freeboarding isn’t for everyone, and it can be quite difficult to pick up at first. So, below are some alternatives to freeboarding you can try instead.


If you don’t feel like picking up freeboarding just yet, and want to improve your boarding skills, maybe pick up a longboard?

Longboarding is a bit easier than regular skateboarding and takes less time to pick up.

They’re excellent for bombing down hills, or just for casual cruising.

Check out some of the best options below.

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Recently we’ve been hearing tales about a new kind of ‘snowboarding simulator’ called Slopedeck.

This little board takes it to the next level.

REMEMBER! This board is just for use on snow, so don’t try taking this down to your local skate park. Bad idea.

However, if you’re around a decent amount of snow, bring this board with you and get the perfect skate/surf feel on powder!

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Last Words on Freeboards

There you have it, The 3 Best Freeboard Skateboards Reviewed. Regardless of where and whenever snow is hard to find (a lot more places than usual this year, because of the mild winter) a tool such as a freeboard is a suitable diversion for anyone yearning some downhill carving.

However, the learning curve is basically a steep one. Whether or not you have spent many years on snowboards and as well as skateboards, it definitely still takes a week or three to work up the legs and of course the guts to go full-on using one of these.

And still the sensation is nearest to riding a snowboard, the Freeboard can be something totally unique, which have different rules and certainly different dangers. However, if you’re a board sports enthusiast, it’s one thing you shouldn’t miss.

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