9 Best Helmet Cameras for Extreme Durability Review (2021)

7 Best Helmet Camera Reviews for Extreme Use

A helmet camera is also known by other names such as micro video camera, lipstick camera, or bullet camera.  It is defined as an action camera, which is typically a closed-circuit television camera, that is being connected to a helmet.  In this manner, a person can create a visual recording right from their own point […]

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Trekking: The Best Gear, Equipment and National Parks 2021

trekking vs hiking and trekking gear guide

Trekking and Hiking are some of the best ways to stay fit and active, whilst also getting out in Nature. Although the difference – which we will explain below – is very marginal, trekking and hiking have some distinctive features. The best gear for trekking and/or hiking can be different, for instance. Also, sometimes the […]

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13 Best Skateboard Backpacks for all your Essentials in 2021

13 Best Skateboard Backpacks in 2018

Skateboard backpacks are an absolute must for any skateboarder on the go. When you are riding around town, the last thing you want is to lose your balance due to juggling too many things at once – hence the importance of purchasing a skateboard backpack. You basically want your backpack to be able to store […]

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9 Best Ski Helmets to Keep your Head Safe in 2021 (Reviews)

best ski helmets reviews

Which ski helmet should you trust? As their popularity has increased, so as the different models that are available in the market. Here we’ve put together reviews of all the best ski helmets so far this year. These models vary greatly in construction.  Some are designed for massive impacts while others are created for lower impacts. […]

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