13 Cute and Talented Skateboard Girls

13 Cute and Talented Skateboard Girls

In the last couple of years many very talented skateboard girls outgrown many of their male counterparts. They have actually helped of bringing attention to the undeniable fact that this is not only a sport for males to take part in. Regardless of the fact that that gender has dominated it for so long, the fact that girls are obtaining their foot in the door is awesome. 

They are actually brilliant role models for girls also since it shows them that skateboarding is definitely a sport they will be able to get into. Make sure to watch the video of the youngest skateboarder girl in the short documentary: Gnarly in Pink.

Famous Skateboard Girls

Below our list of our favorite and most popular female skateboarders, vetted and approved by…us!

1. Paula Costales – @Paula-Costales-Skateboarding


This Argentine skateboard girl is awesome in doing a frontside flip.

2. Mimi Knoop – @mimiknoop

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This pretty X-Games medalist is the amazing Mimi Knoop. She is an X Games medalist that would’ve been fun to grow up with. She mastered her vert as well as bowl skills skating vacant pools in Cuba as a child. Find her on twitter here.

3. Lyn-Z Hawkins – @lynzskate

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The great reason why Mr. Double Backflip, Travis Pastrana loves this skateboard girl is her guts. A great X Games gold medalist that crosses trains simply by dirt biking, snowboarding and basically who was the 1st female to try the DC Mega Ramp. Oh, and also 8 time X Games medalist (3Gold, 4Silver, 1Bronze) and 2009 ISF World Champion.

4. Leticia Bufoni – @leticiabufoni


X Games gold medalist and a Brazilian skateboarder girl, Leticia Bufoni has accomplished a lot more in her twenty years than lots of her elders ever will.

5. Jessica Florencio


Another Brazilian skateboarder girl Jessico Florencio. Her favorite trick is Freebles.

6. Jen Obrien


When you talk about skateboarding, Jen Obrien is a royalty. Prior to her separation with vert ramp legend Bob Burnquist, she was the first girl to skate in X Games.

7. Holly Lyons

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Holly Lyons is well known for making the most of all her native California provides. She also works as a stunt woman if she’s doesn’t have a competition.

8. Heather Christensen


Heather Christensen is not only a Playboy model who poses along with skateboards as a prop in addition to dating pro skaters, but she could also in fact hold her own on a half pipe.

9. Ellen O’neal

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Ellen O’Neal happens to be the godmother of female pro skateboarding who turned out that skaters aren’t only a group of delinquents who live in Venice Beach and certainly helped move the sport into the mainstream by skating on the Wonder Woman TV show.

10. Eliana Sosco – @elianasosco


Eliana Sosco is actually a Brazilian supermodel with extraordinary skateboarding skills. Sadly for you, she’s already married with a child.

11. Anne Sophie Julien – @Anne-Sophie-Julien


The French pro skater appears something like a classic Parisian actress other than she can pull off a conventional extreme sports athlete.

12. Allysha Bergado – @AllyshaBergado


Allysha Bergado, presently living in LA County, California and she was born on June 25th, 1996. She got a real love for skateboarding, photography, and music. Allysha is accomplishing her goals in school as well as in skateboarding.

13. Alana Smith – @alanasmithskate


Alana Smith is no question definitely going to build a name for herself in skateboarding, and not only in boarding, apparently, she’s also the queen of the tarot spreads. Currently, she places among best in all guy contests, be it street, vert or perhaps even bowl.

At only 12 years old she had become the first girl in documented history to actually land a 540 McTwist in competition, and a Silver medalist at X Games Barcelona, and right now she holds the Guinness World Record as Youngest Athlete Ever to Medal at X Games.

Gnarly in Pink | Op-Docs

This short film celebrates the “Pink Helmet Posse,” three 6-year-old girls who share an unusual passion: skateboarding. The good news is more and more girls are getting into skateboarding, and which boy doesn’t that? Many of them have cute outfits, awesome piercings, talented skills, and sick skateboards. Now which one is your favorite?

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