3 Safest and Best Mini Segway Hoverboard Reviews

3 Safest and Best Mini Segway Hoverboard Reviews

The story of the founder of the real Segway company is pretty astounding. He started the company all the way back in 1999, and Dean Kamen is considered a modern hero. His inventions, mostly medical devices, help people in need and ease suffering. However, he became famous after the Segway hit the market, but unfortunately never really took off the way people hoped.

In 2017, more than 17 years later the popularity of the mini Segway has been rising in sales month-over-month under many different brand names and prices. Some people call them self-balancing boards, hoverboards, or two-wheel smart electric scooters. However you name it, it is based on the first invention of the Segway scooter and has taken over the world of personal transportation. It has been the newest “cool and exciting” invention to date. The Mini Segway without handles is nothing short of a fad. This electronic mini scooter is not some slow and boring toy that you need to steer with your hands, times have progressed, and now hands are not needed at all! Far smaller and lighter than a Segway, it is still designed to move you around even though you are standing. It’s a fun and durable piece of machinery that anybody above age eight can ride.

There have been some problems with bad manufacturers of the mini Segway, and there is a huge difference in the quality, durability and price of these scooters. In this article, we will discuss the various features and the costs associated with the electric hoverboard mini Segway.

Best Mini Segway Reviews

There are many different important features that make each mini segway unique than the other, think of battery life, speed, mileage and any additional features like music or Bluetooth. As the mini-Segways below are all safe and certified it really boils down to price, design and mileage options. Here a quick comparison on those featured, as well as a more thorough review of the three best mini Segways below.

For a more in-depth review of the top 3 best mini Segways hoverboards from Amazon,  find more information below.

1. Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing

hover 1 titan electric self balancing scooter
Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing – Get it via Amazon

Speed: 12 km/h

Range: 20 km

Load Capacity: 120 kgs

Charging Time: 1 to 2 hrs.

Although, Hover-1 is a recent brand yet they have come up with different awesome models of self-balancing scooters. Each model is much better than the previous one. Undeniably, Hover-1 Titan is the best mini segway that they have produced so far and our absolute favorite mini segway!. This cool and trendy hoverboard has been tried and tested by various hoverboard enthusiasts. It comes with spectacular features, which is why it truly has a spot in this industry.

Pros of Skque X1 Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing

Safe to use since it is UL 2272 certified. It has enhanced motherboard, shell, and chassis. This mini segway is available in 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. Ideal for riding in condensed spaces since it has a zero turning radius. This mini segway utilizes two powerful motors of 350 watts each. There are different options for LED lights and Bluetooth.

Cons of Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing

It has lights at the front but does not have any at the back. Requires valve stem extension adaptor for pumping air. Rubber foot mats do not exist at the edges of the furthermost sides.

Hover-1 has continually been enhancing their hoverboards in order to provide its users with great satisfaction. The Titan comes with an improved charging system and motherboard. Also, it includes some of the best features including LED lights and Bluetooth speakers. Most of all, it has UL 2272 Certification to guarantee that it is safe to use.Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing gives you the best value for your money. Pick your color and size. Order now to enjoy the Amazon discount.

2. Swagtron Mini Segway

Self Balancing Scooter Mini Segway
Swagtron Mini Segway – Get it via Amazon

Speed:  10 km/h

Range: 10 miles – 16 km

Available colors: Black – Blue – Red – White

This mini segway hoverboard has smooth and simple acceleration and is our second favorite choice.  It can drift from corners with ease. Just lean forward or back to go forward or reverse, and lean side to side to master cornering at high speeds. Its maximum capacity is 220 lbs.

Pros of the Swagtron Mini Segway

The Swagtron mini segway can ride 10 miles in just on one charge and the battery reaches its full charge in less than an hour. It has an onboard battery level indicator which keeps you informed of your current charge. In less than 5 minutes you’ll be up and be riding around. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is shipped from the USA. Because it is sold by a USA company, the user will benefit from fast shipping if you can’t wait for your new hoverboard.

Cons of the Swagtron Mini Segway

The Swagtron is being imitated by different companies and being sold as the real thing. This has caused quite a stir among online buyers because the fake hoverboards look exactly the same in pictures, making it hard to tell whether or not they are actually buying the real thing. Only purchase from authorized Swagtron dealers to avoid getting a fake item.

Overall, the Swagtron is a great, easy to use and durable product. We highly recommend it for those expert drivers who are looking for a quality mini segway scooter that goes a little faster than your average hoverboard. Get the Powerboard here.

3.Razor Mini Segway

Razor Self-Balancing Mini Segway Scooter
Razor Mini Segway –  Get it via Amazon

Speed:  8+ mph

Range: 11.5 miles – 18.5 km

Colors: Blue – Red

You can step into the future of riding with this most innovative self-balancing scooter, and our third favorite mini Segway.  This product features silent, dual hub motors with gyro sensor technology for a super smooth, hover-board-like ride.  It reaches speeds up to 6 mph with a run time of up to 115 minutes of continuous use.  Likewise, it has an anti-slip foot platform and foot controlled with seamless maneuvering steering. It is ideal for ages 13 and up and has a max rider weight of 220 lbs. The razor two-wheel scooter is backed by a manufacturer warranty.

The Razor Hovertrax Mini Segway Board features a quick-charge lithium-ion 36V battery, a battery power indicator, a charger, up to 115 minutes of continuous use, a shatter-resistant polymer frame, silent, dual hub 250W motors with gyro-sensor technology, foot-controlled, seamless maneuvering steering anti-slip foot platforms.

Pros of the Razor Mini Segway

The Razor Hovertrax Hover Board is scratch-resistant, mainly because high-quality plastics were used with shatter-resistant polymers. This scooter is also very quiet, so much so, that users often can’t tell if it’s on or not based on sound. The dual smart motors keep the hoverboard in constant balance.

Cons of the Razor Mini Segway

The main thing that needs a bit of improvement in the Razor Hovertrax Hover Board is its speed. Topping off at 6mph makes this hoverboard one of the slowest on the market, while also being the most expensive in the market. It is a great hoverboard for children because of this but for a more experienced driver on a budget, you might want to consider the other two brands. Another thing that is lacking is the maximum distance covered in one charge. A quick-charging battery is enough to overlook this, but users note that the Hovertrax can take up to three hours to charge. Overall, we feel this board is overcharged for its features and therefore, placed 3rd in our reviews. Get the Razor here.

What comes with these mini Segways?

Generally, the basic versions of mini segway come with a remote power button, charging port and lights. Higher-end models provide Bluetooth and wireless speakers among its accessories or generally have bigger tires. You can pair the Bluetooth to your phone, allowing you to listen to music. These models usually are pricier or the accessories, such as its own backpack used to carry the model when not in use, are an additional and separate cost.

Just beware of the cheap knockoffs that are coming from China. While these models cost less, there are concerns over how they are manufactured. As already discussed, hoverboards have been prone to catching fire. Most seem to come from the cheap, generic side that is quickly made in China.

Safety Tips for Mini Segways

Mini Segway Hoverboard

Make sure the Segway has all certifications. Buy from the above selection as the boards need to be certified. Getting a cheap self-balancing scooter is not worth it as the risk is too high for problems along the way. For more advice on this, reach out to us in the comments.

Drive safe and considerate of other people. Mini Segways, also called self-balancing electric scooters or hoverboards, are usually powered by two motors of 250 watts each. You can, however, find mini Segways with higher power motors that will usually be a little more expensive. We will not deny that the faster you can go the more fun it can be, but keep in mind that you are floating on your hoverboard with nothing to hold on to should anything go wrong. Especially in areas where a lot of people walk around you.

Be very careful when charging. Due to the threat of fire, the CPSC and Consumer Reports both advise you to monitor boards carefully when recharging the battery. Do not do leave them plugged into an outlet overnight or when you’re away from home. However, not all fires have started while the devices were being charged—in several instances, boards reportedly ignited while they were being ridden.

What is a Mini Segway?

Mini Segway Board Riding Instructions

A mini Segway is an automatic self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter that you can control with your feet. The technology on which these scooters is based on is borrowed from the modern Segway company, except that these scooters are smaller and can be carried over your shoulder, making them very convenient, portable, and affordable.

Some mini Segways can reach a top speed of up to 15 miles per hour and are ruggedly built. They are capable of withstanding plenty of hits and crashes. To accelerate, apply pressure on the front of your feet and to decelerate you stop applying pressure. There are a couple of driver motors within the wheels that are controlled by the feet, which allow for quick and easy turns, smooth braking, rotation, besides acceleration. These scooters weigh around 22 pounds, and are not light, but can be carried over the shoulder in a mini Segway bag.

These mini Segways have been featured by all major media outlets and are the vehicle of choice by YouTube celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber. They are considered hip, modern and cool and guaranteed to get you plenty of attention, should you choose to ride it to work or school.

Mini Segway prices and cost

The prices for a mini segway range anywhere from $400-$1,000. On average, the typical self-balancing electric scooter usually is around $500-650 as you will see in the reviews below. By comparison, the original segway usually costs between $6,000-$8,000. This makes these products very good value as they already are easier to carry and store. Now, they come at a fraction of the cost with the main difference between the lack of handlebars.

The lower-end mini Segways come from the same factories in China. These mini-Segways have long shipping times and no warranty attached to them. We have ensured that all our mini segway reviews are from products that have at least a 1-year warranty and are certified. It has been known that some of the lithium-ion batteries end up becoming faulty. Also, in an alarming trend, there have been many reports of the boards catching on fire while charging. Therefore, we can’t stress enough that you do your research and buy from a reliable source.

Here you can watch some pretty intense hoverboard fails of 2021 that will make you want to ride your mini-segway with safety and caution.

Have you decided which mini segway fits your needs? Or do you prefer the self balancing scooter? Let us know your pick!

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