9 Best Mini BMX Bike Brands Reviewed (2021)

10 Best Mini BMX Bike Brands Reviewed [2018]

When it comes to hunting for the coolest Mini BMX, you will discover that bike specification nowadays are not that different from one another. At the same time, while you will find some models tailored for kids, many of these bikes are likewise designed for adults.

Additionally, take note that the Mini BMX differs from pro scooters. The reason behind this is that these bikes have pedals, bigger wheels, and rubber tires.

What is common though between the two is that kids and adults can enjoy performing tricks with both models. Before heading out to purchase your own Mini BMX, continue reading this blog to figure out your best options when buying this type of bike.

Best Mini BMX Bike Brands: Comparison Table

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Mini BMX Bikes Reviewed

We have personally tested the majority of these bikes, and one thing is guaranteed, they are so much fun! Our reviews are based on agility, durability, comfort, speed, and a little must-have design!

1. Fatboy Mini BMX Pro Model (X-Pro Series)

Fatboy Mini Bmx

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Specs and Features

  • Hi-Ten steel frame
  • 3-piece/25T Crankset
  • 10″ Cro-Mo handlebars
  • Top Load system
  • 9T Wildcat Freewheel
  • 10″ Steel 5 bolt wheels

The number one model that tops our list is the Fatboy Mini BMX Pro Model. In a recent BMX clinic, athlete Victor Salazar uses the Pro Series bike while performing a few stunts.

Though there are other users that say the bike is on the heavy side, still with its size it can execute what a regular 20″ BMX bike can do.

2. Mongoose Legion L10

mongoose legion l10 mini bmx

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Specs and Features

  • Hi ten steel frame
  • Removable brake mounts
  • 20.25 inch top tube length
  • L20’s drivetrain features 170mm one piece forged steel cranks with a 25T alloy chainring and American loose ball bottom bracket
  • The wheelset Features 20” x 2.3” tires mounted on aluminum single wall 36H rims

The Mongoose Legion L10 in fifth place is a great find that comes at a bargain price compared to other known brands. While it comes at an affordable cost, it still boasts of Kevlar and top load saddle, BMX trick pedals, and Hi-ten steel tig weld.

Although it has favorable reviews, others experience adjusting the pedal system before being able to use the bike properly. It’s similar to the Mongoose Title Mini because it functions more like a literal small BMX, rather than a mini.

3. Kobe Mini BMX

kobe mini bmx

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Specs and Features

  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame
  • Threadless Forks
  • Top Load Aluminum Stem
  • Padded Kevlar Seat
  • Freestyle 4 piece “Big Boy” Handle Bars
  • 3 Piece Bottom Bracket/Crankset(colored)
  • 10-Inch Rubber Tire
  • 25T Colored Chain-Ring

Kobe is a prominent brand known for manufacturing BMX bikes over the years. Thus, for our seventh entry, we have another Kobe bike in place.

The Kobe is not only fit for performing stunts but also suitable for rough terrains as well. Like the other dependable Kobe bikes it features BMX trick pedals, handlebars, and flat pedals.

4. Fatboy Mini BMX Freestyle Bike Wulf A4

fatboy mini bmx pro

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Specs and Features

  • 26″ Handlebars
  • BMX trick pedals
  • Kevlar stem: Top load stem & rear brake
  • Includes: Front pegs

The Wulf A4 from Fatboy is a level up to its Stunt model bike. Available in different variants, this bike likewise comes in a wrapped Camo design. It offers Kevlar saddle, BMX trick pedals, and a 3-piece crankset.

5. Fatboy Mini BMX Stunt Model

Mini Bmx Bikes

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Specs and Features

  • Hi Ten Steel Tag Weld
  • 26″ Handlebars
  • Crank: 1-Piece, Pedals: BMX trick pedals
  • Ratio: 25T x12T Includes: Front Pegs & Rear Brake
  • Tires: 6 ply Red 10.5″

Another entry from the Fatboy brand is the third model on our list. The Fatboy Stunt Model is ideal for skatepark riding. It has massive capabilities such as strong welds and robust frames that can take on heavier riders.

This model offers BMX trick pedals, soft Trick BMX handlebars, and 6 ply red tires. While it received great reviews, some bikers experience needing to tighten the handlebars with frequent use.

6. 10″ Mini BMX Red

red mini bmx bike

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Specs and Features

  • Fully Welded Steel Frame
  • Reinforcement Gussets
  • Micro Heavy Duty Dropout

This is for the adventurous who want to try something new. Due to the materials of this bike, it will not fold under pressure, and you can really give it some abuse going down the track.

7. Rocker Mini BMX

rocker mini bmx

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Specs and Features

  • New Lighter steel frame, bars & fork
  • Front load stem with forged face plate
  • 10″ x 28″ bars, plastic pedals with hitman grips
  • No brakes!

What is Rocker? They are mini versions of 20” BMX bikes created to handle huge amount of adult sized rough treatment. Fat tyres, huge bars, top load stems every bit is incredible.

8. FatBoy Mini BMX Stunt Model Freestyle Bicycle

fatboy mini bmx freestyle

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Specs and Features

  • Hi ten steel tig weld
  • 26″ Handlebars
  • Bmx trick pedals
  • Bmx front load stem and rear brake
  • 6 ply 10.5″in.X4.10/3.50-4 tires
  • Steel ball bearings

This latest update has a reinforced weld frame to handle rugged terrain and epic box tricks.

This is new Stunt series from FatBoy mini BMX bikes. 6 ply tires, huge steel bars, and front load stem makes any stunt unbelievable. 

9. Mayhem Riot BMX

mayhem riot mini bmx

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Specs and Features

  • Hi ten steel Tig weld frame
  • 26″ Handlebars with grips
  • BMX trick pedals
  • Kevlar and top-load saddle

Chunky scaled down mini versions of 20” BMX’s designed to take a serious amount of adult sized abuse. Although this is a Mini BMX, its pretty hardy, and can handle the weight of a heavy adult.

This bike features a Lighter Hi tensile steel frame, forks & bars, with a front loaded stem and a forged face plate.

What is a Mini BMX?

Legend has it, Mini BMX bikes come from the remote corners of the Islands of East Indonesia. Some locals tried to create a small bicycle using scrap cartwheels and somehow invented the first ever BMX bike!

These tiny bikes resurfaced in 2011 when some Indonesians started posting Youtube videos of themselves doing sick tricks at a skate park with these miniature bikes.

In terms of dimension, the Mini BMX is, as its name suggests, smaller compared to other regular BMX bikes. Be that as it may, don’t get fooled by its stature because this bike can unquestionably handle whatever stunts or tricks an adult performs with it.

The thing about Mini BMX’s is that they take a long time to get good at for adults, but when you do, they’re a lot of fun and you can perform really sweet tricks on them.

The beauty of this is that, if you get good enough at riding, it will really look like an impressive feat to others if you can pull of even some simple tricks on one of these bikes.

Mini Bmx Bikes For Sale

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Nowadays, manufacturers are introducing spring-loaded suspension to newer bike models. With this addition, it will boost the bounce and air of this bike when it performs tricks in skate parks.

Another set of latest additions to the market are Mini BMX bikes with a premium finish. You will now see these types of bikes available in neochrome, camo, and several graphics wrapped designs.

Things to consider before buying a Mini BMX

Below you’ll find the most important things to consider when buying a new BMX, whether a beginner or professional rider, you’ll want to check out this BMX buying guide.

What And Who Are Mini BMX Bikes For?

Despite it being called a mini BMX, this bike is suitable for both young and adult riders. With this in mind, double-check the bike specification if the model you are eyeing is fit for a kid or for adult use.

bounce mini bmx

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Moreover, most of these bikes come without brakes since it is a BMX bike for stunts and tricks, however, there are still brands that offer this model which you can use also for cruising around your neighborhood.

mini bmx bike tricks

Remember, BMX riding isn’t even for everyone. These bikes are designed specifically for people who want to perform stunts. Because they’re so small, they also require a fairly high level of riding skill, making them perfect for extreme athletes.

Price & Warranty

A quality Mini BMX will approximately cost you $170 to $400. The cost will depend on your preferred model, color scheme, and if you opt to upgrade any components. When it comes to warranty if you are buying from a bike shop make sure to clarify with the seller if they offer this.

It’s very common that these bikes will be a lot cheaper than regular BMX bikes. If you buy one online, or secondhand, you can often find a mini BMX bike for under $100.

Also, if you are purchasing online most sellers offer a warranty, just the same verify with the online seller if they provide this. A warranty is very important when you’re ordering something like this online, just in case it is not to your liking.

pro bike tool

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Another way to feel more secure is to purchase one of these high-quality bike repair tools, and that way, if anything goes wrong, you can more easily fix your bike yourself.

bike utility repair tool

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In your search, you will find that the quality of parts and assembly will differ greatly between the different bike models.

You’ll find lots of bikes with a really poor set up and lots of parts made out of poor quality plastic and steel. Good quality bikes will have an aluminium alloy frame and nylon turbo wheels!

Safety & Mastery Level

Riding a Mini BMX is not at all different from riding any other bikes. When riding always remember to wear proper BMX helmets, gloves, padding, appropriate long pants, and closed shoes with laces concealed.

These safety measures should really be followed whether you are an entry-level rider or a pro-level. We know that sometimes it’s easy to forget, but its definitely better to be safe than sorry.

As you can tell from the video above, there a lots of different tricks that one can perform on a Mini BMX. These sort of tricks take a long time to learn on a normal-size BMX, let alone on one that’s half the size.

However, as always with this sport, patience is key. Just get back up, and try again!

Availability of Parts

Some manufacturers and sellers provide BMX parts to their customers. Otherwise, if you want to upgrade or replace some components of your bike and your manufacturer doesn’t provide this service you can always visit your local bike shop.

Of course, in doing this it comes the added cost of buying specialised parts from a dealer.

Final Thoughts on Mini BMX Bikes

All things considered, the topmost factors when buying your Mini BMX bike are quality, cost, color, and finish. While our list can guide you to the best products in the market, you need to weigh in which element is your priority then move on with choosing the right bike for you.

Knowing your priority and having a list to assist you is best to ensure a quality purchase. As a result, you will be able to prevent wasting your time, unwanted purchase or worse injuring yourself by purchasing the wrong bike for you.

So, we recommend that you make a list of the bikes which we’ve described to you above, head over to Amazon and compare them. We hope that in some way we’ve helped you make your choice. As always, happy riding!

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